Why do Western men want to marry foreign women?

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Love is an international feeling. It can be said with confidence: today, more and more Western men are looking for love abroad. At first, Thai women were in trend, then hot Latina senoritas, and now Russian brides. But why? Are they anyhow better than American, Canadian, or Australian women? Let's try to clarify this subject together!

Why do Western men want to marry foreign women?


The study, conducted by a well-known international matchmaking platform UaDates, in cooperation with International Statistical Institute, is pretty concrete in its results. According to them, the number of men from the Western world who marry foreign ladies has tripled, compared with 1990. Most of them come from Latin America, the second place of this rate is by Slavic girls. And the third place belongs to Asian beauties. Perhaps, at this point, all skeptics have reached a verdict. It might seem obvious to them: rich guys from wealthy nations target poor females from regions in economic and social need. It goes without saying that this opinion is pretty popular.

Still, the general motivation is not so materialistic. The truth is much more harmless, by the way. Western males no longer find emancipated local women attractive. They are sick and tired of challenging relationships and the constant fight for leadership. Instead, these guys decided to look for female loyalty and gratitude abroad. It's not a secret, though - you can't change an adult person and her character.

There is another option here that sounds even ruder than the previous one. Some people think a man who is looking for foreign love is just a loser. He is a socially isolated and unattractive person who has to search for a spouse beyond the borders of his homeland. His stimulus is easy to understand - he cannot get one there (he is too unappealing). The scientific data in this regard, however, says something else. Sociologists are sure that international marriages more often choose successful guys. As a rule, they have at least one university degree, high status in society, and are generally good-looking. See: another stereotype is broken down. 

Are you ready to meet the additional research results? Scientists compared families that consist of rich Western men and poor foreign women with couples where both partners come from wealthy countries. The conclusions are pretty surprising once again. A man who goes to the registry office with a lady from a poorer country, as a rule, starts earning more money after the wedding! It is unclear why, so experts can only assume. In their opinion, it is rather about the extra motivation to give his spouse a better life. 

At this point, we want to talk about another category of males that deserves special attention. Namely, we talk about men in advanced age with a divorce experience in their background. As you probably know, Western girls are not really interested in them, and their value on the dating market is pretty low. What do they need to do, then? Forget about their desire to love and be loved again? Of course not! Why do these guys need to suffer from loneliness when there are foreign ladies who don't mind the age difference? Moreover, in many countries, it is pretty welcome. By choosing a bride abroad, a single in advanced age gets a partner younger, significantly more attractive, and - which is astonishing - even more educated than local females.

We hope our article helped you to understand the reasons why Western men search for love in different countries and stop dating local girls. As you now know, it is not always about money or other similar matters. It is about true love, instead. So what is wrong with trying it?




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