Gender Reveal Parties Are FUN… (VIDEO)

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Becky 1 month ago
Does purple mean non-binary anti-patriarchal raise it to be gender dysmorphic?
Deborah 1 month ago
Ode 1 month ago

This was quite the sh#tty comeback. You really should work on your smarm and sarcasm. Better take a beginner course on insults as well.
Deborah 1 month ago

Not as sh#tty as the original comment. Because all it says about him and you that you cannot accept things are changing. You cannot accept more and more people do not feel the need to define themselves as purely male or female. You so desperately want everyone and everything to be defined by simple, primitive borders that you have to hate on people and things you'll never even meet.

Because you don't know anyone like that don't you?

You probably rage at pride parades too even though you don't live anywhere near one. You wouldn't even see things like that unless you actively go out and see them on tv or whatever, which you do just to see and confirm how much you hate it.

I am pro all these things and live in a pretty big city in a liberal free country and I hardly ever even see two men or women holding hands and the occasional rainbow flag. That's it.

No one is waving their purple, non-binary, anti-patriarchal, gender dysmorphic status in your face. You just see small things like a news article about an LGBTQ matter which you focus on and start raging about.

OR, as I said before, you actively seek it out.
I mean, you are probably the kind of person that doesn't think too highly about gender reveal parties either, but you obviously watched the video nonetheless...
And it's usually people like you that say that if you don't like it, you shouldn't watch it or you should get out.

The world is changing.
You won't change it back.
Just accept not everyone has to live like you, live your own life how you like, and be happy.
Or end up like one of those angry, lonely, racist grampas still angry they took away racial segregation and how people of different races can legally get married.
Edwin 1 month ago
Deborah, no one will need to change it back. Cultures that embrace the debauchery you describe don’t last long - it will be the same for our culture. Initially, the crazies support it, the moderates tolerate it, and the conservatives oppose it and as the culture fails the crazies will be blamed and everyone will turn on you and you will be eliminated and sent back to the closet. Nothing is different now - it’s just a matter of where we are on the timeline. Interesting how you used the racial slander - just FYI, that doesn’t work any more - it’s like the little boy that cried wolf - we’ve heard it so many times it’s just meaningless now.
Deborah 1 month ago

Well, you are right about one thing; Nothing is different now. Because people that feel like this have always existed and WILL always exist. As evidenced throughout history.
Which is kinda my point. If these people just exist, how is it unnatural or bad? Seems logical that this is just how a large percentage of humans are.

And you and others have a nasty habit of ignoring the points I make and come up with faulty reasoning which I refute every time.

As I said you don't see much of these people if at all if you are not friends with them. So what does it matter to you?
Well, I probably won't get an answer again and if I do, it will probably boil down to a variation of "people should not be this way, everyone not enough like me is crazy, etc."

Like I said before things are obviously changing. And people saying white people should be allowed to marry black people were thought of as crazy 80 years ago too.

We both know where we'll be in a few decades.
You on a porch alone jammering angrily about how things are not as they should be while two people that love each other in one form or another walk by.
Meanwhile most people will just accept them for who they are.

Those two or even more people walk on leaving you behind, crazy in love.

Love and freedom always win in the end.
Barbara 1 month ago

"as the culture fails the crazies will be blamed and everyone will turn on you and you will be eliminated"
Interesting fantasy you have there mate...
A certain out group gets blamed without real reason besides that they are different. Xenophobia at it's finest.
Where do we know this scenario you hope will happen from?
Can't quite put my finger on it.....
Something in Germany I think......
Estella 1 month ago
Barbara, Rome - they fell specifically because the lunatics took over. Society can’t function with lunatics running the asylum
Barbara 1 month ago
You know damn well what I meant.


And Rome didn't fall because a few crazies were in charge.


Firstly during most of the Roman era when Rome was expanding under Julius Ceasar they didn't even have a clear definition of gay or straight


It was completely normal to have some fun with a kitchen boy slave while you were married in all classes for example. And Rome fell because of a very complex mix of reasons including but not limited to invasion by barbarian tribes economic troubles and over reliance on slave labor, overexpansion internal governmental corruption and the rise of the eastern roman empire because many historians argue that the roman empire never fell just the western part which is more known to us. And they are not wrong.
So no. It wasn't because of a few crazies that believed you didn't have to be strictly male or female were in charge...
Bit sad that you have to claim that if we accept people for what they are and let them choose to be something else if they feel like it, that will lead to the collapse of civilisation.
Uriah 1 month ago
Great one more idiot coming to join
Louise 1 month ago
Tibbie 1 month ago
A tight dress on a pregnant woman is about as sexy as lipstick on a pig.
Jeremiah 1 month ago
Tibbie, You've obviously never been with a pregnant woman....
Gabe 1 month ago
Jeremiah, vomit
Morris 1 month ago
Allan 1 month ago
Gender Reveal Parties Are RETARTED.

fixed it for you....
Aaron 1 month ago

I think you mean retarDed.
Barney 1 month ago
I thought this was a humor site?!?

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