7 Tips on How to Save Big Bucks on College Textbooks

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It is easy to forget the textbook budget when making a list of your college expenditures. We primarily focus on significant expenses like tuition and boarding fees, but the cost of textbooks can be equally high. Textbooks are not optional for students; thus, with the academic year just beginning, you will have a new list of textbooks needed for the new units you will be taking. Have a look at some ways to reduce your textbook budget.

Check If the Books Are in the Library


If the books are available in your local library, you will save a reasonable sum of money since you will not have to buy or rent them. However, before opting for the library, inquire whether the patrons allow individuals to borrow books from the library. If they allow it, ask about the duration you are allowed to keep the book and if there are fines in case you do not return the book on time. Borrowing books from the library can also be the best way to train yourself to finish assignments in time without looking for an essay writer online.

Identify the Textbooks You Will Need

You have to identify a suitable essay helper before your schoolwork piles. Similarly, before the new term begins, ensure you identify the units you will be taking and the textbooks required. Find out the specific details of the books, including the author’s name, edition, and the book’s title. Often, your instructors will give out the list of the required textbooks before the term begins. Identifying the course books helps prevent you from buying those you may not require.

Inquire From Friends If They Have the Books 

Retail stores have to make profits and, at the same time, raise warehouse rent and employee salaries, which is why they might be pricey. However, you can negotiate a better deal if you get the book from a friend, or they can be generous enough to give it to you for free if they do not need it anymore. Therefore, before purchasing in a bookshop or going online, ensure you first check with your friends if they have some of the books you might need. Also, you can look out for companies that conduct peer-to-peer trading.  

Buy Second-Hand Copies

If you cannot get the book from any of your friends, then the next best option is to look for a physical or online second-hand bookstore. Used books are always reasonably priced. For example, if a bubble wrap book costs $100, a used one may cost you $75, meaning you will save $25. However, it would help if you compare prices before buying one, just like how you would compare https://us.grademiners.com/ with other sites to know which offers the best deals.

Also, find out how much a new book costs, so you do not buy an old one at a slightly lower price. Noteworthy, if you are getting free shipping, be wary of any additional charges that include taxes and other costs since sometimes what looks cheap is, in the real sense, expensive.  

Opt for E-Books

Compared to print books, e-books are cheaper. If you buy several books, you will find that saving $5 from each book will be significant at the end of the purchase. Also, you will not need to spend much on a bookshelf if you get the electronic version of some textbooks. Furthermore, if you find the books in PDF format, you might not need to have an e-book reader.

Look Out for the Previous Edition


New editions are usually more expensive. And most times, new edition books do not exhibit much difference from the old ones. The difference might be in one or two pages. Therefore, if you go for the old edition, ensure you compare notes frequently with your friends who have the latest edition.

Watch Out for Back-To-School Discounts

You have to check out what paper writing service do students choose in 2021 - independent research to know which offers the best goodies. The same applies to shopping for books. During back-to-school season, some online and physical bookstores may have discounted prices on textbooks to give parents an easy time. Some bookstores may not advertise such discounts, but it is essential to ask if they have any student discounts. The discounts will especially be significant if you are buying several books.

The Take-Away

While college can be a great experience for most people, the headache comes from digging deep in your pockets to pay for your tuition, accommodation, upkeep, and textbooks. It is why most students find themselves trapped in student loans. Therefore, before beginning your semester, ensure you have a list of the required books to start sourcing for the best places to get them at affordable rates.


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