How to Choose Quotes for Your Essay Assignment

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How to Choose Quotes for Your Essay Assignment


The most common method of including another person's viewpoint in your essay is through quotations. Quotes are used in college essays to make an argument, back up a thesis statement, or refute an opposing view.


The sort of assignment you are working on and the formatting style have a significant impact on the quantity of quotes and the types of quotes you use. To receive the highest grade, use the advice in this article to choose your quotes wisely and format them correctly in your essay.


If you're unsure of how to choose quotes for an essay, you should start by considering the subject, topic, and style of paper you're using. Also, while you are on this learning curve, you can have an expert who will write my essay for me. First of all, it's crucial to keep in mind that your work should primarily reflect your viewpoint and ideas; as a result, you shouldn't transform it into a list of quotations. The quotation you pick must be pertinent and make a strong point that you will discuss.


When working with sources, begin choosing quotations for your essay. Both primary and secondary sources are available. The ones that are most important are the original writings, texts, and witness statements.


The book, poem, or other piece of writing you are analyzing will be your main source for a literary essay. The secondary sources are articles that analyze the problem from many angles. When using primary sources, it's best to use direct quotes, but when using secondary sources, it's better to use indirect quotes. Choose quotes that best express a concept and convey a worthwhile message. If you decide to hire a paper helper to do your essay, make sure that the person you choose knows how to use quotes in essays correctly.


How to Add Quote in Essay in APA Style

When writing in APA style, which is most frequently used for social and behavioral sciences, it's critical to understand how to cite a source effectively. Whether you use a direct or indirect citation, an author's name in the narration, or numerous sources to illustrate a single notion depends on how you incorporate it.


Although it could appear confusing, there are clear guidelines to follow once you are aware of them. The basic rule of emphasizing the author's name, the year of publication, and the page number governs citations in APA papers.


There are numerous guidelines you must adhere to:

       You should provide a reference to each citation you use in a bibliography.
       Use the author's last name, the publication year, and the page number when quoting directly.
       Use the paragraph number rather than the page number when citing digital sources in essays.
       Use the author's last name and the year of publication when quoting the author's words.
       If the author's name appears in the narrative, follow it with the year of publication in brackets.


Students prefer to work with because they understand the concept of applying quotes in essays the right way.

Example of Using Quote in Essay

Here are a few examples of how to cite a source in an essay using APA formatting:

Direct quote:

The recent study showed that “generally children from divorced parents have troubles in academic performance in early ages” (Boyle, 2017, p. 76)


Indirect quote:

Recent research (Boyle, 2017) has found a link between a child's early academic performance and whether or not his or her parents are still together.


Author’s name in narration and indirect citation:

Boyle (2017) discovered that a parent's divorce had an impact on a child's intellectual development in the early years.


Author’s name in narration and direct citation:

Boyle (2017) has found that "generally, children from divorced parents have troubles in academic performance at early ages” (P.76).


Since each example of a quote is equally vital, pick the one that best suits your requirements.


How Many Quotes Should There Be in an Essay?

In general, there are no restrictions, but the number of quotes should be limited. It depends on the subject as well as your goals for college. For example, if you are writing an essay about literature, you must choose a quote for each point you make. It is preferable to use examples from a primary source while evaluating a narrative to support your points.


Why are there too many quotations? So, if the entire paper is made up of quotes, it is not a unique piece that demonstrates your writing and analytical abilities. The key objective is to present your viewpoint clearly. The use of citations is discretionary in a non-plagiarized essay.


Any statement that might be contested ought to be supported with references. For instance, if you list the dates of World War II, there is no room for doubt and no need for a reference. However, if you claim that "American society expected WWII to terminate fast," you must include a source in order to explain where you got that information. It need not always be a direct quote; it can also be a source reference.


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How to Recall Quotations in an Essay

Mark the quote you choose when conducting research or reading the source. When you are through studying the sources, it will be simpler to discover all the notes if you underline the sentences. It is best to have them marked even though not all of them will likely be used in the final work.


Write down all the citations you feel are important for your work rather than trying to recall them all; you may evaluate the list once your research is complete. Determine whether one of the many distinct sorts of quotations should be direct, indirect, paraphrased, or just referred to.


It's important to put the quote in context with your own thoughts and show how it fits into the overall theme of the paper. Never place it as the opening or closing sentence of a paragraph, and make sure you've covered its meaning.


Remember to choose the crucial citations from the primary sources and explain why they are crucial for your paper while choosing them. If you need help writing, formatting, or editing any kind of college assignment, you can use our professional writing services. Every challenge will be met by our accomplished writers!



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