Online Dating Tips for Shy Men: How to Become Confident

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Online Dating Tips for Shy Men: How to Become Confident

Confident men can easily win the heart of any woman, as girls feel that special energy. Does it mean that shy guys have no chance to create a happy connection with the girl they like? Of course they have. Right now, you can learn how to become confident, and enjoy the positive outcomes of using digital realm.


Before you step into the world of online dating, it is crucial to choose a reliable dating site with a large pool of potential matches. Even though the market is full of dating platforms, selecting the best one may be a real challenge. It is better to pay attention to experienced sites like, which have a good reputation among users. Using such websites will let you feel more confident when talking with women. 


Once you have selected a trustworthy dating service with a responsive support system, it is high time to start your online experience. Do you feel shy? These tips will let you become more confident and lucky with the ladies online. 

  1. Create a Catchy Profile

A detailed, well-written profile can double your chances for success. But be ready to spend some time creating an engaging personal page. It should reveal your personality well. Remember to choose the right picture and add a few good photos. Mention your hobbies, dating goals, and place some curious phrases at the very end. Women should understand who you are and who you are looking for. Often, shy guys decide to keep silent, and prefer not to add many details to their profiles. But it is a big mistake. Let the woman know more about yourself. After all, who on Earth would like to get in touch with the owner of an empty profile.

  1. Get Rid of High Expectations

Shy guys often demand too much from themselves. It may negatively affect a dating experience. When looking at the profiles of other men, they start to find numerous drawbacks about themselves. It is important to breathe and get rid of all those expectations. You are just a human, and you shouldn’t accuse yourself of not being a macho man or something like that.  There is surely a girl who would like to start communicating with you, and build relationship.

  1. Learn to Listen Attentively

Most girls are quite talkative, and it is a well-known fact, especially when it comes to Ukrainian women, for example. So, you are recommended to exercise active listening. Engage in conversation with the girl you like. Ask questions and be attentive when the lady is answering. It will show your interest, and give you pause when she is talking. Let’s face the truth - shy guys do not like saying a lot. So active listening comes with a few advantages for you. Mind that all sincere conversations are a great way to establish a deep connection with your lady. 

  1. Leave Your Zone of Comfort

It’s evident that dealing with an issue of shyness is associated with leaving a zone of comfort. You need to take risks to achieve good results. Use every chance to push yourself forward. Let it be a smooth process, do it step by step. For example, you can initiate a video chat instead of exchanging messages with the lady you like. Surely, you will need to take initiative and be firm about your decisions. I believe that soon you will feel more confident and be able to open up.

  1. Share Your Situation with Friends and Relatives

Probably you have some close people in your life who can help you overcome your shyness. You may approach them and ask for assistance or some kind of encouragement. These people know you well. They can easily mention your strong and weak sides. Moreover, your friends may come up with a few ideas on how to become more confident. After all, having someone who really cares about you and want to help is important.

  1. Stay Positive and Calm

You need to clearly understand that there are no guarantees that you will find your perfect match at once. You may face disappointments or even rejections. Still, please stay positive and take it as part of your experience. After all, only taking this path will let you better understand your own desires, expectations from a woman, and become a good ground for getting a better version of yourself. 

  1. Focus on Self-improvement

It is simply impossible to become confident within a single night. Getting rid of shyness is a long process that requires a lot of effort. So focus on your self-improvement. It may be new hobbies, sport, educational courses, diet, etc. You should do everything possible to feel comfortable and satisfied with yourself. Soon, you will be impressed with how important your self-esteem is for dating success. If you feel like you can’t do it on your own, feel free to get in touch with a specialist and ask for professional help. For example, a coach at the gym to get a better body shape or a dermatologist to improve your skin.

  1. Remember Who You Are

Self-improvement surely matters. But you should remember who you are. When trying to become more confident and successful with women, it is important not to lose yourself. Trust your instincts and avoid doing things that make you feel even more depressed. You should stay honest, as it is the only way to build a real relationship full of trust, support, and care. Otherwise, you may create a positive image in the girl’s eye, but it will be ruined as a sandcastle once she gets to know you better.


Lucky are those guys who are confident, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t be among them. Yes, the process of overcoming shyness is long and quite challenging. You should take the necessary steps every day while staying calm and positive. Remaining true to yourself and remembering your goals are crucial. Undoubtedly, one day, after getting essential experience, you will see the first positive results when chatting with women on a dating site. At this moment, you will look back and understand that the game was worth it.





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