Great Custom Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

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Great Custom Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

After years of shopping for your mom for Mother's Day, it can be difficult figuring out something new to get her, some heartfelt present that signifies how much she means to you. There are many custom ideas you can consider giving that would make wonderful gifts for one or more fantastic moms on your Mother’s Day list.

Take a family photograph

Rather than taking a standard family photograph, consider a group family photo where everyone wears custom shirts. You can customize a number of tops, like the Bella + Canvas v-neck t-shirts wholesale, for all of the people in the photos, and have a saying or image printed on them that’s meaningful to your mom.

If there are several family members living across the country, think about sending a shirt to each person and having them take an individual photo while wearing it. Once they’ve done that, they can send it back to you to put all of the individual pictures together for a large collage of the most important people in your mom's life.

Make a bouquet of homemade paper flowers

Creating a paper flower bouquet will take time, especially if you’re not familiar with how to construct them. However, there are different paper flowers you can make that have varying degrees of difficulty and time investment. You could choose bouquets that your mom would love, and that you have enough time to make by Mother’s Day.

Write a book of memories

A sweet Mother’s Day gift could be to write a book of as many positive memories as you can recall that involve you and your mother. All that’s required is a beautiful notebook, a pen, and neat handwriting. Type up the list of memorable moments first, so that you know exactly what you want to write down for the final gift. Make adjustments as necessary, which may help prevent you from making any mistakes in the notebook.

Try to make the book of happy memories as detailed as possible. For example, don’t just write the memory; jot down a little summary about it – why it was memorable, and how it made you happy. Include pictures of these occasions, if they’re available.

Make a framed list of what you appreciate

Sometimes, one of the best gifts that you can give someone is to let them know how much you appreciate them. A great Mother’s Day present can be to write a list of what you appreciate most about your mom, and either print it out, have it professionally printed, or handwrite it neatly, then frame it. Consider putting a photo at the bottom if there’s enough space and one is available.

Create a personal indoor garden

Setting up an indoor garden for Mother’s Day can be an adorable gift for someone who loves plants. They will enjoy it beyond the holiday, even year-round. You can make it as big or small as you want, but try to include the types of greenery your mother likes. Put the plants in a large horizontal planter with stones on top of the soil, if you choose to add extra decor. You could even make up a small sign to stick into the dirt, and on the back of it, write “Mother’s Day 2023” to commemorate the occasion. If there are pets in the home, opt for plants that won’t cause problems for family animals. Add a finishing touch, like a big bow, to decorate the outside of the planter as an extra beautifying gesture.

Paint hobby implements

Many hobbies involve using implements, which is a great reason to paint some for a Mother’s Day gift. For example, you could paint kitchen utensils, gardening tools, knitting needles, or crochet hooks. It’s an excellent way to support their hobby, give them a useful gift, and put a special touch of customization on their present. Don’t forget to include a small complementary gift, such as seeds for gardening, yarn, or a cooking mix.

Make a “favorites” magnet collection

Making a custom magnets collection can be a cute way for your mom to display favorite photos on her refrigerator. Gather pictures of vacation landscapes, pets, family members, friends, and other significant images and print them out (or have them printed) so that you can turn them into magnets. There are several magnet types to consider.

Each craft typically doesn’t take much time to construct, making it one of the easier options if Mother's Day is getting closer and you don’t have a present planned.

Monthly present promises

Give you and your mother something to look forward to, by setting up a monthly excursion the two of you can do together. This also stretches Mother’s Day 2023 into the next year. One way to present this is to make a list for your mom that details each outing.

Another clever approach is to keep it a surprise until the month you’re planning on doing it, write down each activity on pieces of paper and put them in envelopes for her to open each month.

Tailor each outing to be something that she would like to do. You can even match it with a corresponding holiday in that month. For example, plan a Halloween night filled with candy, spooky movies, and pumpkin carving. If you celebrate Christmas, the both of you could drive around looking at Christmas lights, while listening to holiday music, eating cookies, and drinking hot chocolate or coffee.

Non-holiday ideas can include visiting a spa, going to the beach, hiking, taking a cooking or baking class, or spending the day seeing a town that the both of you have been wanting to visit, or just simply exploring where you both live.

There are many custom gift ideas at a range of price points to create for Mother's Day. Think about what your beloved mom would most want. Start coming up with ideas now, as well as a plan of how you can get the gift done by the big day. In 2023, Mother’s Day will take place on May 14th, so you still have plenty of time to put together the perfect gift.

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