Ivan 1 weeks ago
A lot of this is selfish cr#p but there is some good in there, if you pick through carefully.

My advice? Focus outside yourself. Do good to others. Help people in need in your community. Spend more time with your grandparents while you are able. Do not neglect your spiritual life.
Virdie 1 weeks ago

Wow, I found your advice garbage too. I did exactly that, volunteered, cared for grandparents, and gave all to spiritual life in my teens and 20's, followed everybrule/law, and didn't drink or party, only to be ignored, lied to, cheated on by non-profits, family and friends.
Anne 1 weeks ago
#8 Yeah, but you could still move that mailbox a little closer to your house. (Credit - Rowan & Martin.)
Virdie 1 weeks ago
I gave up halfway... every bit of advice is meaningless to 40 and under... saving money and living in your means is hard when you can't make enough to buy food and rent because THEY OWN EVERYTHING.
Exercise is good, but excessive and injurious practices only increases future pain. There is NO WAY to know if you picked a partner who will be compatible win 5-50 years, people change with life. And finally, the ONLY advice of any value is CREATE YOUR OWN BUSINESS. That's right, pick something and make a business, then fail and try again, and again, and again, until you do it better than the businesses the older generations built and push them out of the industries. Make it better then they did!
Sandy 1 weeks ago
My advice to the 55+ generation: shut up and die.
Jerry 1 weeks ago

When I find you, that’s what will happen to you.
Virdie 1 weeks ago
Only good advice... learn as much as you can as fast as you can and don't let anyone or anything make you stop. Don't just do "research", do it properly by finding as much on both sides, pros-cons, history on it, and modern theory, but make sure you are finding provable facts, not opinions or personal views.
Thirza 1 weeks ago
I'm gonna give mine too. Go hard at everything. I'll remember for the rest of my life those waves I surfed, those fights I had (sparring not street fights- that's stupid), max bench presses, backpack hikes, periodic dangers... awesome
George 1 weeks ago
Don't share your credit cards, especially with family. Don't give them access to accounts that are linked to your credit cards (Such as Amazon). My parents have well paying jobs but often live above their means, and when I was sick with a chronic health condition I still have to this day (but it's better controlled now), they would charge things to my cards with the promise to pay me back. Years later, I'm digging myself out of their over spending because they never paid anything back other than minimum payments.

I didn't report it or anything because it's easier and less drama to just drift away then burn the house down on the way out.
Derrick 1 weeks ago
Don't believe politicians
Stay away from take away
Enjoy the little things that make you happy
Don't love your employer, you're just a tool to it
Don't smoke
You are not responsible for what other people think you say or mean
Ronnie 1 weeks ago
There are some simple platitudes here that work, but are common knowledge. the disinformation is about work, but maybe that is work vs. a profession/a bliss. Figure out where you feel best living and move there when you can.
Thursa 1 weeks ago
it's the whole Fightclub speech:

You are not your job. you are not how much many you have in the bank. you are not your f-ing kakis
Wisdom Beyond Years: Life Lessons From The 55+ Generation To The Under 25s