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Fake Java Update

Posted by sym in Seriously 19 Mar 2014   / 4332 views

Hey guys, we've been having complaints from some of you about the redirects or popups to the fake java update website. Some people from our team have been having them too. So we're asking all of you who have been having this problem, please leave a message in the comments or vote so we know how many of you did have this issue.

We're making our investigation among our ad partners and trying to see where the problem is to handle it as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance.


Fake Java Update

Have a Great Labor Day, Folks!

Posted by admin3 in Seriously 2 Sep 2013   / 5409 views

Happy Labor Day to our fellow American visitors and ‘happy’ regular Monday to the others… yeah I know, Mondays suck… plus it’s September now meaning summer is almost over now… how depressing… ok, I’ll stop here… Humm… anyway, it’s a day off for Izismile today so the site won’t be renewed but things will get back to normal tomorrow with fresh updates. Until then you can kill time watching stuff you haven’t seen yet, just scroll down and turn pages, it’s all there…

Once again, happy Labor Day to those concerned and see you all tomorrow ;)

Have a Great Labor Day, Folks!

Advertisement Related Problems

Posted by sym in Seriously 25 Jun 2013   / 11748 views

Dear Izismilers,

It’s time to speak about serious stuff.

Like many other websites we place banner advertising to pay our expenses such as website hosting, the work of a programmer, content managers, and to have some money to live on. We have no other choice. Many advertisers buy the advertisement from us through an advertising agency. We physically cannot keep track of all the ads, we cannot review every banner displayed on izismile. Because of this, there are sometimes troubles with ads and you can stumble upon a video banner with automatic sound. And the worst thing is when the sound can’t be turned off. Is it bad? Of course it is bad! Every time this happens it's a state of emergency for the entire team. We promptly get in touch with the advertising agency trying to search for the "bad" banner and ban it on the site. If you suddenly see such a banner, don’t just write me angry emails accusing me of greed. We don’t  try to make money at any cost.

There is no and will never be advertising with sound on the site as well as pop-ups and pop-unders intentionally on our part. You will have to take my word for it. Now, how do you, the Izismile user, can help us deal with the "bad" ads? Click here for all instructions.


If you like Izismile but do not understand that for it to function properly you need to watch ads (no one forcing you to click on them) then download and install Adblock. You will not have advertising and we won’t have money to continue the work.



I would like you to go inside the post and vote whether the advertising is "good" or "bad" and write your opinion about the ads in the comments.

If all of you don’t like advertising, we will change the advertising agency and advertisers.

Take 1 minute of your time and help Izismile get better. Thank you.

Advertisement Related Problems

People Who Dress Up as Pokemon Characters (27 pics)

Posted in Seriously 12 Oct 2010   / 41956 views

I am not a big fan of Pokemon, but some of these costumes are really sexy and cute while others are too ordinary and not so eye-catching.


People Who Dress Up as Pokemon Characters (27 pics)

Beautiful Tree Houses (35 pics)

Posted in Seriously 12 Oct 2010   / 17495 views

A collection of beautiful, fantastic and fairy-tale-like tree houses. I wish I had one.


Beautiful Tree Houses (35 pics)

Kung Fu Bear (1 gif)

Posted by sym in Seriously 3 Jun 2010   / 5996 views

Kung Fu Bear is preparing to beat the crap out of Kung Fu Panda.

There can be only one…

The Kungfu Bear

Leashes Are for Dogs and Children (1 pic)

Posted by sym in Seriously 3 Jun 2010   / 1552 views

"But Mother, we don’t like being on these leashes".


Leashes Are for Dogs and Children (1 pic)

A McDonald's Cowboy (1 pic)

Posted by sym in Seriously 3 Jun 2010   / 1624 views

The chubby little boy in this photo is obviously infatuated with two things; McDonalds and ponies. But I guess most little boys do get excited about those things. He, however, seems to take it to the extreme.


A McDonald’s Cowboy (1 pic)