People Who Decided To DESTROY Their Fat (20 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       9 Sep 2019       3281
People Who Decided To DESTROY Their Fat

Ice Bowl To Remove Extra Fat From The Dish (VIDEO) ?

Posted in VIDEO       6 Feb 2019       2783
Ice Bowl To Remove Extra Fat From The Dish

He Went From Neglected Body To Losing Half His Weight (13 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       22 Nov 2018       5388
He Went From Neglected Body To Losing Half His Weight

People Who Absolutely Crushed Their Battle Against Fat (46 pics)

Posted in PICDUMPS       15 Nov 2018       3448
People Who Absolutely Crushed Their Battle Against Fat

Men Who Challenged Fat And Won (23 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       27 Nov 2017       4175
Men Who Challenged Fat And Won

poor digital camera

Posted in BLOGS       16 Jun 2015       1205
poor digital camera

What Your Favorite Celebs would Look Like Fat (18 pics)

Posted in PHOTOSHOP       4 Mar 2015       39343

David Lopera is a 20 year old Spanish artist who has used photoshop to turn popular stars into fatter versions of themselves. His idea is that the project will help to promote a healthier view of beauty but others say he is just making fun of fat people. What do you think?


What Your Favorite Celebs would Look Like Fat

Somebody Should Tell Her to Get a More Appropriated Car ?

Posted in VIDEO       10 Feb 2015       7523

A motorized cart for example...


This Is Why You Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover (VIDEO)

Posted in       16 Dec 2014       11579

Nailed it!


This 330lb Fat Guy Is a Pretty Solid Skateboarder (VIDEO) ?

Posted in VIDEO       2 Dec 2014       21537

Proof you can skateboard or simply do physical activities even if you're overweight or obese.


Things Got Weird at a NHL Game (VIDEO) ?

Posted in VIDEO       17 Oct 2014       5059

A Columbus Blue Jackets ice hockey fan gives everything he has to the music 'Turn Down for What'.


Cat's Too Fat to Jump Straight on the Counter, but Knows a Way Around (VIDEO) ?

Posted in VIDEO       5 Feb 2014       3327

This Fat Korean Is Way Too Happy about Eating ?

Posted in VIDEO       24 May 2013       14007

I dare you not to laugh!


Fat Guy’s Got Mad Skills

Posted in       26 Mar 2013       6193

Never Seen a Fat Dude Dance so Graciously ?

Posted in VIDEO       5 Mar 2013       9221

This guy is hilarious


Local News Anchor Loses It over a Fat Cat That Likes to Swim ?

Posted in VIDEO       1 Mar 2013       6440

Warning: her laugh is contagious.

And to her defense, a fat cat in life jacket is hilarious


From “Fatboy” to “Fitboy” (40 pics)

Posted in PICDUMPS       30 Nov 2012       26119

Fat Guy Shows Incredible Martial Art Move ?

Posted in VIDEO       22 Aug 2012       11377

The Fattest Cat in an American Animal Shelter (16 pics)

Posted in ANIMALS       5 Jun 2012       10803

Meet Garfield, a giant red pudgeball that weighs 18 kg (40 lbs.). It was brought by neighbors to the animal shelter in New York after his owner had died. If the relatives of the owner don’t adopt the cat, the shelter will place it for public adoption.


The Fattest Cat in an American Animal Shelter

I…Must…Eat (22 pics + 2 gifs)

Posted in PICTURES       10 May 2012       14782

OMG. Fat Kid’s Got Talent!

Posted in       16 Feb 2012       10125

I’ve not been that impressed for a long time. Anyway, not your typical ninja!


Picture of the Day

Posted in PICTURES       27 Dec 2011       5417

This guy was considered so fat in 1885, that he was in a freak show.


Picture of the Day

What If Victoria’s Secret Models Weighed Another 100lbs? (11 pics)

Posted in PHOTOSHOP       9 Dec 2011       25748

Imagine if your favorite Victoria’s Secret model suddenly put on an extra 100 pounds, and all you could see was her neck! These disturbing images may permanently change the way you see these models from here on out.


Rosie Huntington

What If Victoria’s Secret Models Weighed Another 100lbs?

This Is Far Beyond the Call of Duty! ?

Posted in VIDEO       1 Dec 2011       8296

This guy takes his job way too seriously



Don't tell PETA! (100 pics)

Posted in ANIMALS       22 Jan 2011       20974

Are chubby animals cute, funny, or just sad? Everybody loves rubbing a cute little chubby puppy tummy, but does that translates well into a fat crocodile being cute? He just looks like he ate the puppy. How on earth does a squirrel get fat? Is he eating styrofoam peanuts? Do you think the other animals in their species make fun of them?



Heavy Duty Doggie (3 pics)

Posted in ANIMALS       23 Nov 2010       9982

Meet the world’s heaviest pug named Jia Bio. This heavy weight doggie weighs in at a hefty 46.2 pounds. He outweighs the previous record holder by an amazing 9 pounds. He is cute but I assume he’s not all that healthy.


Heavy Duty Doggie

When celebrities get fat (20 pics)

Posted in BLOGS       5 Nov 2010       6533

Photoshop是一个功能强大的工具,但有时候,也许是太强大...看看这些照片上完成的人! 好吧,也许这些照片给你一个想法如何使一个人笑话...

When celebrities get fat

Such Fat Cops! (25 pics)

Posted in PICDUMPS       6 Aug 2010       62898

These cops are just so fat. I wonder if they are actually able to chase bad guys. They surely eat too many hamburgers and donuts for lunch.


Such Fat Cops!

The Fattiest Meals in the USA (50 pics)

Posted in       2 Aug 2010       34687

These are the fattiest food you can find in the USA. Everything looks so calorie-rich and pudgy, but all these meals are traditional American fare.


Michigan: BLT

The Fattiest Meals in the USA (50 pics)


The Life of Fat People (10 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       9 Jul 2010       27646

This is a unique project devoted to the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA), a non-profit organization that is trying to improve the quality of life for overweight Americans. Well-known photographer Zed Nelson once visited the party of this Association. He always thought that everything he captured with his camera would be funny and even hilarious. But after spending a week with fat people, Nelson understood that they have a kind heart and a big soul and that other people laugh at them and treat them the wrong way. NAAFA allows overweight members to have a week of “self-empowerment and support”, and in 2010 it announced the $1 thousand fashion scholarship to encourage designers to create trendy plus-size clothing. The winner will be announced on August 5-9, during 2010 NAAFA Convention.


The Life of Fat People (10 pics)


Woman Decides to become the world’s Fattiest. Part 2 (18 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       14 Jun 2010       12384

Donna Simpson, who’s the World’s fattest mother continues her quest at ballooning and becoming the World’s fattest mother aiming to reach 1,000 pounds. She says "she is as hungry for attention as she is for calorie-rich food."

I hope her child won’t follow her example.


Woman Decides to become the world’s Fattiest. Part 2 (18 pics)


Fatty Cats (62 pics)

Posted in ANIMALS       8 Apr 2010       15271

Do you think your cat is fat? Then look at these chunky animals. Some of them seem to hardly move they are so overweight!

Fatty Cats (62 pics)

Woman Decides to Become the World’s Fattiest (6 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       16 Mar 2010       16420

Although Donna Simpson already weighs over 600 lbs., she has set her goal at becoming the world’s fattest and ballooning to 1000 lbs. To do so, she is eating 12,000 calories per day, which is 6 times more than an average woman needs.

The only problem is that food is not free and she quickly felt that she would run out of money quickly if she continues to eat like this. So she opened her website where people can watch, after paying, how she is eating huge amounts of pizzas, hamburgers cakes and crisps. This gives
her about 2,000 dollars of net earnings per month, almost covering her expenditure on food. 

She already holds the Guinness Book of World Record at being the World’s fattest mother, all the while insisting she is healthy.

Woman Decides to Become the World’s Fattiest (6 pics)

Fat Humor (20 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       5 Mar 2010       12351
I like when fat people are optimistic and have a good sense of humor. Maybe they can’t lose extra weight, but they can make you laugh not being ashamed of their looks.
See more photos of “big bodies” wearing spandex after the break.

Fat Humor (20 pics)

This Is Why You Are Fat (53 pics)

Posted in       8 Feb 2010       10717
So you say you just don’t know why you are so fat. Well, there may be some clues in these photos. It just could be all those delicious burgers, and sweet treats that come afterwards. All those doughnuts and chocolate goodies don’t help matters any either. Sure, they all taste wonderful but they are the reasons why you are fat.

This Is Why You Are Fat (53 pics)

Amazingly Slimming Down 3 (10 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       16 Dec 2009       21753
This is another story of a fat guy who became slim because he truly wanted to change and made efforts to get back in shape.
Kudos to him even if it would have been better not to get that extra weight first…

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Amazing transformation of body in 5 years (89 pics)
Amazingly slimming down 2 (9 pics)

Amazingly Slimming Down 3 (10 pics)

The fattest child in the world (6 pics + 1 video)

Posted in PICTURES       23 Jul 2009       52849
Dzhambik Khatokhov, 9, weighs about 150 kilos, which is 4 times more than the average weight of children his age.
And despite a serious threat to his health, his parents take no action. They won’t even try to put him on a diet.
And what will happen to him over the years?

The fattest child in the world (6 pics + 1 video)
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