Sometimes, animals kill humans, sometimes they save their lives. Here, it’s the latter. This Beluga whale named Mila was not playing and not hurting the diver, it just came to recue her.
Here is the story: Yang Yun, 26, was participating in a free diving contest (without breathing equipment) among whales when she suffered from cramps because of the freezing cold. Fortunately, Mila took the diver’s leg in its mouth and took her to the surface. And happily, the Beluga whale has small teeth so the diver was not injured.
Well, just another beautiful story with humans and animals :))
Take a look on those amazing pics after the jump.

Beluga whale saved the life of a diver (3 pics)
The guys have found a rusty abandoned Toyota Celica 1984 and restored it to its original form.
They have made a huge work, it shows that guys are not only the real masters but that they also love doing it wink

Masters of car tuning (65 pics)
What could get in a can of Pepsi?
The can has a tiny hole. Now imagine how an American couple was surprised when they found something alive in the can with their favorite drink!
Or rather, something that is no longer alive. Young people say it is a mouse.
At this time, an expertise of content is taking place. It seems that there will be a lawsuit.
Not for faint-hearted. The photos are not very pleasant to see ;)

Bad surprise in a can of Pepsi (9 pics)
It’s finally the last working day. Cheers! Are you glad? I know I am!
Another tough week came to an end.
It's time to make plans for the evening. I'll go to a bar to drink a beer )
Good weekend to you. Rest well.
See you on Monday

Celebrities like to have some beer too ;)
Brad Pitt
Curiosities and bonus pictures Curiosities and bonus pictures
And Emma Watson
Curiosities and bonus pictures

Meat business card. New trend? I wouldn’t risk to have one )
Curiosities and bonus pictures

Funny gif animations:

Now an ash urn can be ordered in the form of ... a person’s face or any other part of body.
Therefore, don’t behave like an ass or otherwise, your ashes could be kept right in there ;))
Curiosities and bonus pictures

Curiosities and bonus pictures

Nice ad ))
Curiosities and bonus pictures

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Curiosities and bonus pictures
Tara Reid in bikini (7 pics)

Curiosities and bonus pictures
Beach pictures of Elisabetta Canalis (8 pics)

Curiosities and bonus pictures
Rihanna in the national outfit? (7 pics)

Curiosities and bonus pictures
Cars of the near future (16 pics)

Curiosities and bonus pictures
Conceptual shoes (42 pics)

Curiosities and bonus pictures
Creative hairstyles (23 pics)

Hot pics with Miss Maxim 2009 in Russia. Many beautiful girls. Don’t miss it ;)

Curiosities and bonus pictures
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To take these photos, thousands of soldiers and officers of the U.S. army had to participate.
The main aim of these works was to restore the old image of national identity at a time when the United States entered the First World War. It is just a great view.
Authors: Arthur S Mole English and American colleague John D. Thomas.

The living photos (14 pics)
Unusual bike!
Their skin is used for purses, boots and lots of different stuff and now there’s this!
I don’t know actually if I’m impressed or if I’m disgusted…
Look at the other pics inside the post.

Unusual bike! (3 pics)
And here goes another selection of traditional wallpapers. I think fresh wallpapers will be of a good use to you ;)
Well, don’t forget, the whole picture will appear after clicking on it.

But today, we’ve got also one wallpaper that has been sent to us by one of our users Arnaud, who made it himself. Thanks a lot Arnaud!
If you have something made by yourself, send it to us using this form. We will gladly post all interesting pictures and videos ))

Selection of wallpapers (57 pics)

Toxie Radd - Combining zombies, gatling guns, and convicts is probably a bad idea. Controls: Use Mouse. Kindly read more instructions in the game. Good luck!
Toxie Radd

Mystic Emporium - Players take on the role of a witch who has saved for years to chase her dream of opening her own magic shop. After finally saving enough money to buy a location, she finds herself in a run-down shop with just a single cauldron, a handful of potion recipes and just a few customers. It’s up to the players to take her new magic shop and turn it into something magical! 1. Click on each customer to see his/her order. 2. Select the correct reagents to make the requested potion. 3. Bring said customer his/her order: the faster you complete this, the higher the resulting tip. 4. Use the money earned during each level to outfit your store and buy upgrades.
Mystic Emporium

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