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More and more people are finding their mate through online dating services but what’s behind this trend?
How many people use such online services, what is their age, what is the percentage of marriages created thanks to those services…?
That’s what you’ll find out via diverse facts, figures and statistics presented in this big picture.
See the complete picture inside the post and click on it to enlarge it.

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Easter is coming! And different artists decorate eggs taking this cool tradition to a new level. John Lamouranne is a real American “egg man” :) Look at his incredible works! I can’t take my eyes of his minature celebrity models! They are truly unique and stunning!


Easter Egg Celebrities (20 pics)

The idea of this Alien Bar belongs to the Swiss artist H.R.Giger. He actually themed and modeled two Bars (they are also called Skeleton Bars) in Switzerland. The decorations in both bars are kind of creepy and mysterious. The environment reminds me of Aliens movies. Would you enjoy hanging out with your friends here?

Alien Bar (14 pics)

Looking at these pictures I can say, “Ewww! I wouldn’t like to live in this part of Seattle". For over 15 years people who were waiting for their tickets outside the Market Theater sticked their gums on this wall. Can you believe it was scraped clean twice?


Gum Wall – A Top Seattle Attraction (13 pics)

Bobulous - Help Captain Bobulous destroy waves of enemies who threaten to destroy the entire universe! Bobulous is an action game which requires fast reflexes and skill. You will take command of Captain Bobulous in a space station overrun by an infestation of aliens. Your mission is to eradicate them to save the universe. Bobulous can defeat and eat .. This game is played with mouse only.

Dictator Defense - Defend your precious homeland against evil dictators! Strategically arm your troops from an arsenal of electrifier rays, flame throwers & more! Plus, evolve your own Hero soldier level-by-level to create the ultimate combat weapon! Don’t let the enemies come to your base.
Dictator Defense

Sift Heads World: Act 1 - The new Sift Heads game lets you play as Vinnie, Kiro or Shorty, use over 14 weapons of choice, explore 2 huge cities, complete 10 main missions, 10 side missions, customize your character and much more!
Sift Heads World – Act 1

A Blobs Tale - You are the magical shadow land's last (and cutest) hope for containing the power of the falling star. Arrows = Move. Space = Interact.
A Blobs Tale

Amil - A gravity changing platform adventure. When Tony's pets fall down a deep hole, it's your job to rescue them. Navigate your way through strange underground caverns and make your way back to the surface again as a hero! Use the arrow keys to move and jump. Spacebar to interact with people. While underground use the WASD keys to change the direction of gravity. Use the password from the gameover screen to continue where you left off.

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Here’s the second collection of “young me – now me” pictures. These people tried their best to create identical shots. And though the backgrounds and poses are pretty much alike, the pictures look different and pretty cool.

While you are watching this collection, I’ll go and do something like this to my wacky photo found in one of the shoe boxes : )

 You can check out the first part here, if you missed it: One picture – a story of one life (32 pics)


One picture – a Story of One Life. Part 2 (68 pics)