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Furious Tank - You are on a mission to kill the all the enemies who are trying to enter your country. Go find the enemies using minimap and kill them before they attack you. Earn points and money by killing the enemies in the given time, Also you can buy new upgrades with the earned money. Arrow Keys Or W,A,S,D to move. Shoot with the mouse. Press Space bar to swap weapons.
Furious Tank

Raceday - In this game you are a real Jockey. Train your own horse so that he becomes strong and fast enough to win the race together with you. For every race you win, you get a goblet and a moneyprize, with this money you can buy better food and vitamines for your horse which can result in you winning the next races as well. After every race you won, you get to do a harder race. Fly around the world and collect all the goblets. Play this horserace game with your mouse. Use arrow keys to move the horse during the race.

Slip 'n Slide Plus is an expansion to the original game with 20 new stages, 4 new achievements, 14 skins to choose and unlock and hard mode unlocked from the beginning plus the even more difficult ultra hard mode! In each stage there's a key and a door, get the key first and the door to the next stage will open. You can collect coins for bonus points and an achievement. There is a total of 50 stages, but it doesn't end there; you can create your own levels with the included level editor and share them with your friends. Controls: Arrow keys to move.
Slip N Slide Plus

Starlight 2 - There's only you and a night sky full of stars. Turn your imagination on and find out what pictures are hidden between the stars! Starlight 2 is here, with almost twice more levels that in original game. Two new gameplay modes are there to satisfy those who aren't looking for easy ways. And now you can create your own constellations too! Use your mouse to rotate the stars.
Starlight 2

Here are some genius tips and ideas on how you can succeed. We are sure you will laugh! Besides, you might come up with your unique plan on how to create something as cool as these things! ;)

Tips of Success (100 pics)
Tips of Success (100 pics)
This is very strange. A woman named Jodi was doing something called Extreme Aerial Bow fishing which involves literally shooting jumping carp out of the air. As these photos show, while she was Bow fishing, she certainly didn’t expect this one.

Bow Fishing Goes Wrong… (9 pics)
These photos show a 6-year-old Chinese boy who was born with 16 toes and 15 fingers. He will soon undergo surgery to have the extras digits removed. The boy has a total of 31 toes and fingers and has beaten the previous record of 25. The excessive number of toes and fingers is the result of gene mutation.

Too Many Digits (12 pics)

Gorgeous women make about 20 % of modern military in the USA. Other countries have similar statistics. To my mind women in military uniform look especially beautiful! Do you also think so?



Women In Military (48 pics)
This post was sent to us by Izismile reader Raymond Bell. Thanks a lot Raymond!
Everybody makes mistakes, but when you drive a 13,500-ton and 315ft high machine, you’d better not make one!
Though, this is exactly what the driver of this huge bucket-wheel excavator did, a big mistake!
See what happened inside the post..

This Is What Can Happen When You’re Not Attentive (19 pics)

This is Steve Jobs' cheese head if you haven’t guessed. It looks pretty realistic, might even be used in some horror movies : ). The first picture was in our daily picdump before, but its sense wasn’t quiet understood. But thanks to the link sent by Ken A. we can see that this cheese head is a real food carving! Inside this post you can see the whole process of how it was cooked. Thanks Ken for sharing this cool cooking idea with us!

Make Your Own Steve Jobs

Inside this post you can find photos of extreme drought that hit China in the end of March. The ponds are dried-up. People have to stay in long lines to get water, and there are many other problems that the country is facing today.


Record Drought in China (25 pics)
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Joe Petersburger’s first prize in the World Press Photo contest is deserved as these unbelievable snapshots reveal the ideal fisher who is the quickest, funniest and the most dexterous. This fisher wouldn’t miss a single fish because he has to feed his little ones, trust me! Did you guess who I am talking about?

Perfect and Very Unique Fisher! (17 pics)

Have you heard about infrared thermography? Thermal images allow you “seeing” the heat that is given off by different objects. Let’s count the heat of everyday objects that are used in every household. How do we count the heat? Temperature is shown by colors. The warmest color is white. Then goes yellow, orange, red and purple. The coldest color is black.

A tea bag is lifted out of a hot cup of tea.

Counting The Heat of Household Objects (23 pics)

Chinese people can even feel dust in the air. It’s difficult to breeze, so tourists and local citizens go out hiding their faces in scarves. Dust storms are seasonal phenomenon in Asia, and right now China is covered with “sand powder”. At the same time this orange dust makes photos exclusive, even close to retro style. I bet photographers have much work to do on open air :)


Retro-China in Orange Dust (39 pics)

This interesting animal lives in the forests of Himalayas. The Red Panda’s taxonomic name is “shining cat”. Look at this funny animal! It is a little larger than a domestic cat; has reddish-brown fur, shorter front legs and a long tail. Red Panda loves eating bamboo. It is active from dusk to dawn. And it looks so cute on these pictures!


Exotic Red Panda or “Shining Cat” (21 pics)
‘The Simpsons’ is one of the most famous cartoons in the world and the fact that there are already 21 seasons tells a lot about its success!
There is a huge fanbase across the world and some of the fans are creative and talented enough to make good fanart pictures.
And that’s what you’ll find here - some of the best pictures inspired by the famous Simpson family.

Great Simpsons Fanart Collection (85 pics)

Cluesweeper - Minesweeper meets Clue in this murder mystery puzzle game. Uncover important clues and identify the correct killer! Use the mouse to play.

Coffee Shop - Run your own Coffee Shop! You have a limited number of days, so make sure to maximize cash, save inventory, and if your reputation gets high enough you might even get a visit from a special guest. :D Can you become the next Starbucks?
Coffee Shop