Fashion can be really weird sometimes. For example, Patrick Mohr thinks that his models don’t have to be sexual or good-looking. It is enough to just make them looking bald and add beard on their faces. This is what Mohr did for Berlin Fashion Week. It looks shocking.


Shocking Bald Models on the Catwalk (14 pics)


When Gustavo Villafane was 9 years old, he was hit by a train. The boy lost both his legs and one of his arms. Today he is one of the world’s best wheelchair basketball players. Now Gustavo and his Argentine teammates are preparing for the Paralympic Games that will be held in Venezuela this fall.


Basketball on the Wheels (22 pics)


I am so jealous of pilots and birds, as they can see such beauty every day, and I can’t. All these beautiful photographs were taken by George Steinmetz during his expeditions to different places around the world. He is well known for his exploration pictures of deserts, different cultures and mysteries. George has many awards for photography, and he is truly a genius photographer because he took these amazing and incredible pictures while piloting a motorized paraglider.


Incredible Photographs Taken from the Sky (79 pics)


These submarine caves, also called vertical caves, located in the Bahamas are amazingly beautiful.

Too bad they are so dangerous to explore, because they would make perfect diving spots.

I would have loved to dive in these caves but I guess I’ll have to leave it to professional divers…


The Magnificent Blue Holes of the Bahamas (23 pics)


Actually, some “nuts” started practicing rock-boarding long time ago, back in the 1990s. This sport is called the hardest one. It requires skis or snowboards that are used to ski a lope of rocks. It is very dangerous and extreme to downhill the rubble slope in a straight line, but there are many riders who love rock-boarding and can’t live without it anymore.


Extreme Rock-boarding (22 pics)


Since many dogs have long fur, their owners feel ok about giving their pets a haircut. Sadly, some of these dogs just cannot say, “Hey, please, noooooo!” before they start looking so funny or get the worst haircut ever.


Hilarious Dog Haircuts (49 pics)


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Sift Heads World Act 4: Cold Memories - Shorty goes all the way to Russia where her past will resurface and the guys will bring her reinforcement. This episode has the most action sequences to date and features awesome new game plays. Use the mouse to move around, interact with characters, activate action spots, pickup objects and to aim or shoot, spacebar to equip your weapon, R to reload and W, A, S, D keys in animation sequences.
Sift Heads World Act 4

Can you guess what happened to this yacht? I will just say that nobody was hurt here, but to understand what was going on you need to see the second photograph. This story took place near the shore of South Africa.


Unbelievable Sea Story (4 pics)


British TV presenter Clare Nasir went to the park to start training after she gave birth to her child. It is hard to bring yourself into a shape. Not every woman would be so comfortable to put on a bathing suit right after the childbirth, let alone to go workout in a park where everyone can see you.


One Must Sweat to Be Beautiful (7 pics)


The Google Earth satellite photos in this post are quite unusual. In the cities, the buildings look like they are leaning and in the country there is everything from crop circles to human figures. There are even people who put the strangest things on their roofs. They are unusual photos to say the least.


Cool Google Earth Satellite Photos (38 pics)


Yousuf Karsh is one of the most genius masters of 20th century photography. Looking at his works, you get the feeling that the human story is told in these amazing pictures. You can see extraordinary and unique portraits of outstanding people of the last century after the jump.


Brigitte Bardot

Genius Master of Photography (27 pics)


When lots of people tend to say that Avatar is nothing more than another Pocahontas, someone saw in the last Cameron’s movie lots of similarities with ‘Alien’.

Indeed, it seems those two movies have a lot in common, so let’s see in what they are the same.


Warning: those of you who haven’t seen these two blockbusters (if it’s possible…) should skip this post as it reveals some important aspects of the movies.


Avatar and Aliens Are Pretty Much the Same Movie (1 pic)


Many of the photos were all taken in the days before Pearl Harbor, during the great depression. It was a more innocent time when nearly half of all Americans still lived in small towns or on farms. Mothers still made all of their children’s clothes and color film wasn’t invented until the late 1930s. A very interesting glance at the history. 


The Days before Pearl Harbor (40 pics)