If you have ever parked your car in a parking lot, you might have met guys who park their cheap vehicles as if they cost several million dollars. This collection has many examples of bad guys who seem to ignore all parking rules and act like real assholes.


Parking Lot Idiots (56 pics)


This pure snow-white puffy kitten with amazing light-blue eyes is Hiro. He does look like a cute toy, doesn’t he? Hiro loves to hide and unexpectedly jump on you. He enjoys the-catch-and-run game a lot, and he teases you so you can’t really catch him. This amazing kitten is playful and fantastically sweet.


A Kitten That Looks like a Toy (8 pics)


If you ever wondered how you can create cool photos of waterdrops, this instruction is for you. Now you need a camera, a remote trigger, a wireless remote for your camera, a tray filled with water and, of course, much patience.


How to Shoot Amazing Waterdrops (10 pics)


The new beauty queen of Italy is a chubby woman who weights in at 170 kilograms (375 pounds) at the age of 33. Her name is Angela Scognamiglio. Being “Miss Chubby” feels “very moved”, Angela assures. This unusual beauty contest was held in the village of Forcoli, near Pisa.


Miss Chubby of Italy (25 pics)


This is the largest and most expensive water fountain in the world. It is built and set in Burj Dubai Lake. It is over 900 feet long and can spray jets up to 500 feet high. The fountain can spray as much as 22,000 gallons of water in the air. Over 6,000 super lights and 25 color projectors help to create amazing dancing water sculptures. Watch the video to see the real beauty of this water fountain.


Amazing Water Fountain (20 pics)


The wedding of Chelsea Clinton, the only daughter of the former US President Bill Clinton and current US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and her long-time boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky sent the town of Rhinebeck, NY into a bit of a frenzy. This historic wedding took place at Astor Courts on the Hudson River. Reportedly, its cost was between $3 million and $5 million.


Wedding of Chelsea Clinton (24 pics)


Designer Hugh Turvey has proved that flowers are as beautiful inside as they look on the outside. He created X-ray images of different flowers showing that they are captivating through and through.


A dozen roses

Charming XRays of Flowers (19 pics)


It’s popular to dive with belugas, beautiful toothed whales. You can meet these amazing creatures while swimming in the White Sea, Russia. They will help you swimming and entertain you as they are very friendly and love divers. This thrilling photo shoot with belugas was taken by photographer Andrey Nekrasov from Ukraine.


Diving with White Whales (15 pics)


Droste effect photos create illusion that can twist your mind. It all started with the Dutch company creating a well-known cocoa packaging in the origin of the name “Droste effect”. It showed a nurse on the package with a plate that shows a package on which there was the same package, etc, etc. This idea of photo manipulations and endless zoom animations quickly became very popular. Inside this post you can see a collection of droste effect photos that are impressive and very cool.


Cool and Impressive Droste Effect Photographs (31 pics)


Your castle is under attack... Protect your castle from incoming enemies, Destroy them and earn money to buy upgrades. Use arrow keys to select angle and space bar to fire your weapon... and dont forgot to upgrade for special force.
Protect The Castle

Every country used to have its own traditional wedding ceremony since the old times. But nowadays a lot has changed, and many couples today enjoy non-traditional weddings that can sometimes be shocking and unpredictable.


NonTraditional Weddings (43 pics)


Even though most people can’t imagine their life without internet any more, some companies and internet users still don’t understand why they should create a web site with user friendly interface. This is a collection of the worst sites ever.


The Worst Web Sites Ever (50 pics)


These are beautiful and thrilling natural formations that look as if they were created by men. Still they all were carved by natural forces and look fantastic no matter if it’s a geometrical face or sleeping giants.


Rainbow and Cracked Fairy Chimney

Unusual landscapes in central Turkey

Beautiful and Strange NatureDesigned Formations (17 pics)