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Robbery Physics

Posted by in Games » Physics 30 Nov 2011   / 3820 views

Use physics during your robbery! Carefully remove wooden boxes so the electronics and appliances do not break. Good luck!Use your Mouse. Left-Click to remove boxes and see the outcome.

Robbery Physics

Yer Spot On (52 pics + 1 gif)

Posted in Picdumps » Funny 30 Nov 2011   / 17226 views

These awesome, yet absurd pictures hit the nail on the head.


Yer Spot On

Daily Picdump (90 pics)

Posted in Picdumps » Daily 30 Nov 2011   / 43766 views

Don't forget to look the Morning Picdump.


Daily Picdump
Daily Picdump
Daily Picdump

Fantasy vs Reality: Retouching Photos (17 pics)

Posted in Funny » Photoshop 30 Nov 2011   / 21956 views

Photoshop proves to be a miraculous device for photo retouching. Look how it can change the reality.


Fantasy vs Reality: Retouching Photos

Daily Gifdump (10 gifs)

Posted in Picdumps » Gifdump 30 Nov 2011   / 17293 views

What Would You Rather Do? (9 pics)

Posted in Funny » Humor 30 Nov 2011   / 19772 views

Some choices are easy in life, but these image-inspired options might prove a bit more difficult. Have some fun trying to decide which of the two options you would rather do.


What Would You Rather Do?

Mind Jolting Out of Place Images From Behind the Scenes (11 pics)

Posted in Random » Awesome 30 Nov 2011   / 16065 views

While movies try extremely hard to create uniquely compelling worlds, the actual actors don’t want to give up their present day amenities. See some of the harsh contrasts that show up on movie and TV sets as different eras and worlds collide.


The Lord of the Rings

Mind Jolting Out of Place Images From Behind the Scenes

Illegal Street Racing Cars (26 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Cars 30 Nov 2011   / 42054 views

These are cars that belonged to 13 young street racers busted in Vancouver, Canada.


Illegal Street Racing Cars

Funny Drunk Dancing Fail

Posted in Videos » Fail 30 Nov 2011   / 4049 views


Meet the ‘Rollerman’

Posted in Videos » Awesome 30 Nov 2011   / 3858 views


How Many Balls Can You See?

Posted in Videos » Science 30 Nov 2011   / 3603 views


Fantastic Football Catch

Posted in Videos » Win 30 Nov 2011   / 3817 views


Dogs Are Cool, but They Can’t Do That!

Posted in Videos » Cute 30 Nov 2011   / 4010 views


Kid Breaks Wine Glass with His Voice

Posted in Videos » Talent 30 Nov 2011   / 3740 views

WTF! Do they own a raptor?


Exploding Car at 1,000fps. Wow!

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 30 Nov 2011   / 4180 views


Baseball in Space Seems like a Lot of Fun

Posted in Videos » Awesome 30 Nov 2011   / 3036 views


What Happens When You Run Faster than You Can

Posted in Videos » Fail 30 Nov 2011   / 3841 views


What a Lucky Basta…!

Posted in Videos » Win 30 Nov 2011   / 5152 views


These Funny Animals (33 pics)

Posted in Picdumps » Funny animals 30 Nov 2011   / 5791 views

Amalgamation: Visual Eye Candy (14 gifs)

Posted in Gifs 30 Nov 2011   / 11075 views

French animator Micael Reynaud created this collection of mind bending meshed together images called Amalgamation. These motion designs twirl, expand and evolve so rapidly that you might feel as if you have been launched into another dimension. Prepare to be blown away.


Amalgamation: Visual Eye Candy

Ridiculously Amazing Speed Boat Catch

Posted in Videos » Win 30 Nov 2011   / 6570 views

One of the most amazing catches you will ever see. The jumping part being not planned makes it even more amazing.



Advertising Rip-Off Cases (74 pics)

Posted in Arts » Advertisement 30 Nov 2011   / 13789 views

Surely, it could just be a coincidence. Still it is difficult to believe that well-known advertising agencies come up with the same visual images at different times. These are examples of rip-off cases in the world of ads.


Schick Razor 2005 / Gillette 2009

Advertising Rip-Off Cases

Robot Sees Its Reflection in the Mirror for the First Time

Posted in Videos » Technologies 30 Nov 2011   / 30963 views

Epic reaction. Awesome little robot. I want one.



Proof That Injecting Cement Into A Face Is a Bad Idea (4 pics)

Posted in Random » Weird 30 Nov 2011   / 10755 views

The same Florida doctor who injected cement into a woman’s rear end has been exposed again, but this time he injected cement into a transgendered person’s face. This new victim brings a whole new literal meaning to the term “stone faced.” Remember that what you are about to see is not pleasant.


Proof That Injecting Cement Into A Face Is a Bad Idea

Poopblaster! OMG!

Posted in Videos » Funny 30 Nov 2011   / 7226 views

Every time you go to the WC, you will fail compared to this guy’s skills. Click play, see the latest trend for shitting.



Picture of the Day

Posted in Random » POTD 30 Nov 2011   / 4945 views

What does it look like?

See inside the post.


Picture of the Day

Funny Picdump (26 pics)

Posted in Picdumps » Funny 30 Nov 2011   / 10195 views

Self-Portraits Created on Drugs (8 pics)

Posted in Arts » Drawings 30 Nov 2011   / 12428 views

Some people take drugs to devise experiments. Artist Bryan Lewis Saunders, for example, takes drugs to draw himself under the influence. Even though he periodically suffers mild brain damage and becomes lethargic, he still continues his experiments and takes drugs that are given to him. See how his perception of the self changes in his drawings.


Self-Portraits Created on Drugs
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