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TOP 20 Posts of the Week

Posted in TOP 29 Jan 2012   / 4609 views

TOP 30 Videos of the Week

Posted in TOP 29 Jan 2012   / 5618 views

TOP 10 Games of the Week

Posted in TOP 29 Jan 2012   / 2206 views

Amido Defense

Posted by in Games » Strategy Games 29 Jan 2012   / 697 views

Amido is a planet with various creatures like our earth. That's why it undergoes so many attacks from other planet invaders. Let's help them eliminate all the invaders!

Amido Defense

Mice Loves Rice

Posted by in Games » Brain Games 29 Jan 2012   / 817 views

Picking up rice is the mission of mice and you can enter the next level when all the rice is picked up. Try to escape all the barriers. Good luck!

Mice Loves Rice

Looking for Last Minute Gifts?

Posted in Sponsored 28 Jan 2012   / 7565 views

If you forget your girlfriend’s birthday or worse – your anniversary, give it a quick look here.

And maybe you’ll find something for yourself too. There is plenty of different stuff for any taste.


Looking for Last Minute Gifts?



Find All You Need Here

Spectacular Crash of the Day

Posted in Videos » Fail 28 Jan 2012   / 5949 views

Damn, that must have been painful, even on snow…


Nerd Kid Makes Out with Demi Moore

Posted in Videos » Celebs 28 Jan 2012   / 11212 views

I guess her cougar instincts are not that recent… Also, change the genders and that gets really creepy. That aside, damn, best birthday ever for a 15-year-old guy!


Because Stairs Are Way Too Mainstream

Posted in Videos » Fail 28 Jan 2012   / 7190 views


Insane Wrestling Flip

Posted in Videos » Win 28 Jan 2012   / 9962 views

Sickest wrestling move ever!


Photographing Animals for National Geographic (36 pics)

Posted in Animals 28 Jan 2012   / 8243 views

This job could be classified as the coolest job ever. Check out these beautiful and odd looking wild animals as they are put through their first photo sessions.


Photographing Animals for National Geographic

Awe-Inspiring Street Art (17 pics)

Posted in Arts » Beautiful 28 Jan 2012   / 10292 views

A talented street artist known as SmugOne created this beautiful and sometimes stunning graffiti art on various walls in Europe. Hopefully no one ever cleans off or knocks down his art.


Awe-Inspiring Street Art

Eye-Catching Photo Ads (26 pics)

Posted in Arts » Photography 28 Jan 2012   / 24055 views

Photographer Sean Dufrene uses his camera skills to create compelling images for ad campaigns. Check out his interesting juxtapositions in these original photo ads.


Eye-Catching Photo Ads

The Cars of The Simpsons (43 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Cars 28 Jan 2012   / 15628 views

If you are a long time The Simpsons fan, then you have no doubt seen the plethora of vehicles used in the show. See what many of these cartoon vehicles look like in real life with these photo comparisons.


The Cars of The Simpsons

Creepy Crawly Japanese Delicacies (9 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Food 28 Jan 2012   / 15360 views

If you are an adventurous eater, then you might want to consider visiting Japan for a host of bizarre and sometimes crunchy foods. These dishes are not for the faint of heart.


Creepy Crawly Japanese Delicacies

Famous Actors Never Nominated for an Oscar (8 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Celebs 28 Jan 2012   / 12602 views

You might be surprised to find out that these actors have not only never won an Oscar, but have never been nominated. Hollywood can be a cruel place sometimes.


Alan Rickman

Famous Actors Never Nominated for an Oscar

You Won’t Believe These Are Cakes (65 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Food 28 Jan 2012   / 14159 views

With all of the cake making shows on TV, it’s no wonder people are having all types of interesting cakes made for themselves. However, these unique cakes literally “take the cake.”


You Won’t Believe These Are Cakes

People’s Love for Volkswagen (23 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Body art 28 Jan 2012   / 8762 views

When companies talk about branding people it’s doubtful they had this in mind. However, these people are such huge fans of Volkswagens that they got the ink and make tattoos to prove their life long loyalty.


People’s Love for Volkswagen

Unique Cabins In the Woods (47 pics)

Posted in Arts » Design 28 Jan 2012   / 42215 views

While some of these structures are much larger than a cabin, most of them are tucked away in the woods, far away from modern life. Some of these houses were built in unique locations and many have original designs worth checking out.


Unique Cabins In the Woods

Daily picdump [WEEKEND EDITION] (76 pics)

Posted in Picdumps » Daily 28 Jan 2012   / 58148 views

You Don’t Want to Mess with This 64-Year-Old Woman!

Posted in Videos » WTF 27 Jan 2012   / 2150 views


Bollywood Is in the Air

Posted in Videos » Awesome 27 Jan 2012   / 1973 views


Is Swopping the New Planking?

Posted in Videos » Funny 27 Jan 2012   / 1899 views


Fat Tarzan Wannabe Jump Fail

Posted in Videos » Fail 27 Jan 2012   / 2182 views


Dogs at the Dog Park in Slow Motion

Posted in Videos » Cute 27 Jan 2012   / 1337 views


Ornithopter: Awesome RC Bird

Posted in Videos » Geek 27 Jan 2012   / 2595 views


Biking Down Stairs Painful Fail

Posted in Videos » Fail 27 Jan 2012   / 1587 views


How to Open a Beer with a Golf Club

Posted in Videos » Win 27 Jan 2012   / 1656 views


Leave It to the Professionals…

Posted in Videos » Fail 27 Jan 2012   / 2146 views

That's why you dont "play" with electricity

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