Would You Do This without Hesitation?

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  1. Mr. Ree
    In a second. Then, hunt down the asshole(s) that locked the dog inside.
  2. Enter your name
    This is actually a very good commercial people would be surprised at the numbers of pets babies and the elderly who are left in cars while their "Owners" (yes i mean the elderly and babies are owned as they are incapable of caring for themselves) and suffer severe heatstroke
  3. mm
    Yes. I bet even owner(s) would thank me for doing it.
  4. MrTroll
    I know how to break into a car without breaking any windows ^^
  5. itrollu
    Problem is you can only break into older cars
  6. Mr. E
    speak English ya friggen foreners!
  7. Sofokle
    Learn to type in english "ya friggen forener".
  8. Athena
    Ignore the above person, he thinks the entire world is America. There's other countries in the world dumbass, and other languages too, not that you'd know as you can't even spell in your own language.

    Anyhoo. Of course I'd break the window to save a dog that was locked in a boiling hot car. Sadly it happens a lot. A few years ago we had several cases in one summer where babies were forgotten in the car and they died. People seem to forget how dangerous it is to be stuck in a car on a hot day.
  9. Fenrisulven
    @Mr. E. English is half French ;) Then, also part various languages from several ex English colonies. The rest is shared with other Germanic languages in northern Europe.
    BTW, why so much Norwegian stuff (like this one) on izzi lately?
  10. Enter your name
    gay fuck dogs
  11. Norway
    This is from my epic country you guys. We are epic thats why there is so much stuff from norway:)
  12. Moe Hatma Ghandi
    Arrest those girls for damaging private property - a car is worth more than a damn dog!

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