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No Wonder These Shoes Were Cheap (2 pics)

Posted by Xaniel in Funny » Fail 24 May 2012   / 13640 views

This guy thought he had practically stolen these red Adidas sneakers for such a low price, until he wore them for the first time. See what happened to his prized high tops.


No Wonder These Shoes Were Cheap

Just Penguins Chasing Laser Pointers

Posted in Videos » Cute 24 May 2012   / 2857 views


Making Music Out of Condoms

Posted in Videos » Art 24 May 2012   / 2053 views


WTF Way of Transporting a Broken Car

Posted in Videos » Wheels 24 May 2012   / 1563 views


Boy Casually Riding His Motorbike Toy through Rush-Hour Traffic

Posted in Videos » WTF 24 May 2012   / 2431 views

“A three-year-old boy has had a lucky escape after driving his toy motorbike down a busy road in China.”


Lucky Kid Escaped a Painful Collision

Posted in Videos » Win 24 May 2012   / 1754 views


Just a Funny Dog Watching Animal Planet

Posted in Videos » Cute 24 May 2012   / 1901 views


Smoking Hot Bikini Girls Surfing in Mexico

Posted in Videos » Girls 24 May 2012   / 10986 views


Kid’s Funny Fail

Posted in Videos » Fail 24 May 2012   / 1646 views

He is so calm…


Smart Dog Makes Its Way on Counter

Posted in Videos » Win 24 May 2012   / 1778 views


Lucky Baseball Fan Catches Back-to-Back Home Run Twice!

Posted in Videos » Win 24 May 2012   / 2360 views

What were the odds?


5-Year-Old Kid Replaces Soccer Player, Scores

Posted in Videos » Awesome 24 May 2012   / 4105 views

For the story: “Earlier this week during a testimonial match for Russian defender Vadim Evseev, a young boy subbed in, beat several defenders before slotting the ball home from 5-yards out! After some research, we found out that the boy’s name is Hrisan Dzheus and he was the son of the Director General of an All-Russian Children’s Center called “Eaglet”. His introduction into the game was a “thank you” for the hard work done by his father!”


Daft Punk on the Google Moog Doodle

Posted in Videos » Awesome 24 May 2012   / 3071 views

Brett Domino (Brett Domino Trio) performs Daft Punk's ‘Aerodynamic’ on yesterday's Google doodle.


Epic News Fail - Romanian TV Reporter Caught Faking Sand Storm

Posted in Videos » Fail 24 May 2012   / 12171 views

As he missed the sandstorm he was supposed to report about, this TV reporter tried to fake it, but his cameraman kinda failed him. Lol


Incredible 2,400ft Skydive Jump without Parachute

Posted in Videos » Win 24 May 2012   / 4514 views

Stuntman Gary Connery, 42, is the first skydiver ever to land safely without using a parachute. He jumped from a helicopter 2,400 feet (730m) above the ground wearing only a wing suit. He landed on a ‘runway’ of 18,600 cardboard boxes.


Funny Picdump (24 pics)

Posted in Picdumps » Funny 24 May 2012   / 15475 views

Solving First World Problems One Step at a Time

Posted in Videos » Technologies 24 May 2012   / 7465 views

“The MIT university team came up with LiquiGlide, a 'super-slippery' coating which makes the insides of the bottle so frictionless that the sludgy goo inside just slides out like water.”

Looks like a similar technology recently demonstrated in this incredible video. Just imagine all the possibilities…


Fox Caked In Mud Rescued from Hole (3 pics)

Posted by Xaniel in Animals 24 May 2012   / 8989 views

This little fluff ball didn’t look like this at all before he was rescued.


Fox Caked In Mud Rescued from Hole

Amazing Story Told through 873 Getty Images

Posted in Videos » Awesome 24 May 2012   / 12705 views

What a crazy piece of editing! So, basically, the guys behind this video searched through more than 5 thousand Getty pictures to put together this amazing 1-minute video (15 images per second).


Amazingly Handy Things That You Can Do With Everyday Objects (33 pics + 2 videos)

Posted in Random » Awesome 24 May 2012   / 25159 views

These mostly unexpected lifehacks involving things which can be found in every household may be huge timesavers and help greatly in solving tiny everyday problems.


Amazingly Handy Things That You Can Do With Everyday Objects

Vintage German Folding Car (4 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Cars 24 May 2012   / 7812 views

The pictures here show how simple it was to build a car back in the days. All you had to do was to put together a light chassis and four wheels.


Vintage German Folding Car

Top 7 posts of yesterday

Posted in TOP 24 May 2012   / 6624 views
See full post

Demotivators Picdump (16 pics)

Posted in Picdumps » Demotivators 24 May 2012   / 11887 views

We Can Try without Condom

Posted in Funny » Comics 24 May 2012   / 10968 views

DIY Levitating Bed (20 pics + 1 video)

Posted in Lifestyle » Hobby 24 May 2012   / 12999 views

Even though it looks more like a wooden panel with a mattress over it rather than a conventional couch, the whole idea still looks impressive.


DIY Levitating Bed

Pearl Harbor 1941

Posted by in Games » Shooting 24 May 2012   / 1606 views

December 7,1941, American was suddenly attacked by naval and air forces of the empire of Japan. You must resist attacking to protect your warship and you motherland. Come on!

Pearl Harbor 1941
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