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1930s Moscow Comes to Life in Color (77 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Retro 6 Mar 2015   / 4827 views

These color slides reveal life in Moscow in 1931 and it is an interesting and unusual sight to see.


1930s Moscow Comes to Life in Color

An Extravagant $100 Million House in Moscow (24 pics)

Posted in Random » Wow 5 Jan 2015   / 5349 views

Located in Rublevka near Moscow, this over-the-top house is selling for a whopping $100 million.


An Extravagant $100 Million House in Moscow

Sundogs with Halo in Moscow

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 20 Jan 2014   / 1994 views

This was filmed in Moscow yesterday.

You can learn more about this phenomenon here



Stupid Russian Guy Drives at High Speed into a Traffic Jam

Posted in Videos » Stupid 28 May 2013   / 6404 views

Part 2 here. Let’s just say that the other drivers were not happy…



Moscow Men’s Terrible Street Fashion (70 pics)

Posted by Xaniel in Random » Weird 5 May 2012   / 12493 views

The scariest thing to contend with when visiting Moscow, Russia is not the language barrier or the different food but the men walking down the street in hideous outfits.


Moscow Men’s Terrible Street Fashion

Crazy High Climbing - Sweaty Hands Guaranteed

Posted in Videos » Win 3 Apr 2012   / 3963 views

This is Tyomka Pirniazov, a Russian guy who loves climbing on skyscrapers. This time, he climbed on the very top (on the star) of a 176-meter skyscraper in Moscow. Doing it without any safety equipment is pure craziness.

Video Archive Download video: .flv or .mp4

2011 Interavto Girls (50 pics)

Posted in Girls 13 Sep 2011   / 13583 views

The 7th International automobile exhibition Interavto held in Moscow wouldn’t be so cool without beautiful Russian girls.


2011 Interavto Girls

Real Life Barbie Doll From Moscow (23 pics)

Posted in Girls 6 Sep 2011   / 100565 views

This Russian chick had aspirations of looking just like a Barbie doll, and according to these photos she has come as close as is humanely possible. See this Barbie fantasy girl in the flesh.


Real Life Barbie Doll From Moscow

Rural Boy Makes Startling Transformation (15 pics)

Posted in Random » WTF 8 Aug 2011   / 15351 views

Check out these pictures of a guy who went to the big city of Moscow for computer design classes and ended up learning so much more.


Rural Boy Makes Startling Transformation

That's What Happens When Moron Drives a Fast Car (9 pics + 1 video)

Posted in Lifestyle » Cars 8 Jul 2011   / 10433 views

This accident happened in Moscow, the driver of a Nissan GТ-R wanted to do some racing. The result of his race you’ll see after the jump. He was lucky enough that his car was solid enough, otherwise he’d be lying in pieces.

Especially watch the video, that’s when the accident occurs, the pictures are showing the consequences.



How Russian Youth Party (5 pics)

Posted in Random » Weird 30 Jun 2011   / 12178 views

These pictures were taken on the highway that leads to Moscow several days ago.


How Russian Youth Party

How Russian Oligarchs Live (44 pics)

Posted in Arts » Design 3 Jun 2011   / 17488 views

Rublyovka is an unofficial name of a prestigious residential area west of Moscow. This is the “Beverly Hills” of rich Russian oligarchs. Let’s take a tour inside their houses and palaces.


How Russian Oligarchs Live

Awesome Moscow Miniature Photos (46 pics)

Posted in Arts » Photography 7 May 2011   / 4933 views

Tilt-shift miniature faking is the term used to describe pictures of life size areas that appear to be much smaller. These images taken from the 200-meter tall Federation Tower were manipulated to make Moscow look very tiny, an effect Putin no doubt would not find amusing.


Awesome Moscow Miniature Photos

Google Me in Russia (49 pics)

Posted in Pictures 9 Dec 2010   / 7983 views

Welcome to the new Google office in Moscow, Russia. All I can say is brother you can’t hide money. The offices are elaborate and the recreational areas stunning. All in all, it looks like a great place to work.


Google Me in Russia

Where Russian Oligarchs Live (27 pics)

Posted in Pictures 15 Nov 2010   / 9780 views

This luxurious Russian mansion is located in a small village near Moscow. It is owned by Vladimir Bryntsalov who owns one of the major pharmaceutical companies in Moscow. It is very stately and obviously worth a lot of money. It also seems that the more money they have, the more tasteless they are…


Where Russian Oligarchs Live

Peering Inside the Moscow Skyscraper

Posted in Pictures 9 Nov 2010   / 8026 views

Right now you have a unique chance to peer inside one of the Moscow skyscrapers. You won’t believe your eyes as you can clearly see offices on each floor.


Peering Inside the Moscow Skyscraper

Very Expensive Moscow Apartment for Rent (9 pics)

Posted in Pictures 3 Nov 2010   / 6270 views

There are some very expensive apartments in Moscow, no wonder it is a capital. This one for example is rented for $40,000 per month. I know to each their own, but whoever decorated this apartment has a very poor taste..

Very Expensive Moscow Apartment for Rent (9 pics)

Chocking in Moscow Smog (28 pics)

Posted in Pictures 10 Aug 2010   / 7779 views

The capital of Russia is chocking in intense smog. It was caused by wildfires uncommon for Moscow region, as this summer is too hot. Carbon monoxide and toxic levels 6 times exceed the maximum allowed numbers. All these substances have invaded the city air making Russians wear masks and limit their outside walks.


Chocking in Moscow Smog (28 pics)

Flying Over Moscow (41 pics)

Posted in Pictures 21 Jul 2010   / 7502 views

This is how Moscow looks from a bird’s eye view. The capital of Russia seems to be overcrowded. There are too many buildings and cars here. But I would still like to fly over this city one day.


Flying Over Moscow (41 pics)

Zombie Walk in Moscow (84 pics)

Posted in Pictures 18 May 2010   / 15562 views

An unusual flash mob was held in Moscow, Russia. It was called The Meat Holiday and was devoted to zombies. Boys and girls dressed up like characters from horror movies and video games were giving the chills to random passengers. See what it was like after the jump.


Other “zombie” posts:

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Zombie Walk in Moscow (84 pics)

Moscow Art Gallery Train (13 pics)

Posted in Pictures 17 May 2010   / 4595 views

Moscow train called “Aquarelle” transports works of art from the famous Russian museum once a year in the Moscow subway.

The museum staff selected the paintings from its world famous collection. Their 35 high-quality reproductions will be placed inside the ‘art gallery train’ and the passengers will be able to see the famous paintings of the great Russian, Italian, German and British masters.

This is the third exhibition held in the "Aquarelle" train.

I think the idea is very good and it seems that Muscovites appreciate it a lot.


Moscow Art Gallery Train (13 pics)

If You Didn’t Have Vertigo Before, Now You Do... (19 pics)

Posted in Pictures 28 Apr 2010   / 10618 views

Some Russian guys who have a passion for heights found one very tall radio tower and climbed it. They, of course, took pictures to show their climbing and how breathtaking and dangerous it can be at the same time.
Here’s this 270 meter high radio tower situated in Moscow area.
Well, even though I’m not afraid of height, I wouldn’t climb there even if my life depended on it ;)

If You Didn’t Have Vertigo Before, Now You Do... (19 pics)

Unusual Sculptures and Installations by Mark Jenkins (29 pics)

Posted in Pictures 23 Oct 2009   / 10740 views

Mark Jenkins is a famous street artist, known for his street installations created from adhesive packing tape. He actively promotes the Scotch-culture around the world and even teaches the process of creating those unusual sculptures in his classes.
You will see inside the post how he creates his sculptures - that’s not common…

Unusual Sculptures and Installations by Mark Jenkins (29 pics)

Why trams are sometimes late or just don’t come (4 pics)

Posted in Pictures 21 Oct 2009   / 8873 views

It happened in Moscow. That day, it was 8.25 am when the last tram passed on that line ))
If you wonder why, go and see the rest of the post after the jump.

Why trams are sometimes late or just don’t come (4 pics)

Apartment for rent (15 pics)

Posted in Pictures 7 Sep 2009   / 7665 views

Another Russian two-bedroom apartment for rent in Moscow. When I saw pictures I said to myself: it cannot be for real.
The rent is of about $ 1,000. It seems that the restoration works have never taken place since 1945. Who would agree to live in a place like that?

Apartment for rent (15 pics)

The sales end up badly (29 pics + 1 video)

Posted in Pictures 1 Sep 2009   / 7401 views

The sales of laptops in a department store of electronics in Moscow ended with a mad rush.
There were only 250 laptops on sale and there were about a thousand of people who wanted to buy them. When people rushed into the department store, it was impossible to stop them. Vendors had to climb on the counters to save themselves.
Only the police finally managed to restore order.
View photos and video from the place of events.

The sales end up badly (29 pics + 1 video)

‘Glamorous’ apartment (21 pics)

Posted in Pictures 31 Aug 2009   / 11423 views

Here's a very "fun" one-room apartment for rent in the center of Moscow. And the rent cost is 1,250 bucks a month.
It is also pointed out that the apartment underwent renovation works, though after viewing the photos it is hard to believe in. And what’s with the fur???
I would never rent this apartment, especially for the sum they ask for it.

‘Glamorous’ apartment (21 pics)
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