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Park Your Butt Here (10 pics)

Posted in Pictures 5 Feb 2011   / 7362 views

Leave it to the Japanese! Instead of appealing to your good sense that smoking is going to kill you and those around you - They decide to warn you of other ways that smoking is detrimental. Like, littering, making your child's snowman ugly, and stinking the joint up. Not sure any of those reasons would make me quit smoking for good, actually I'm not sure these signs would make me want to do anything except light another one.


Park Your Butt Here

Smoking = Blow Job (3 pics)

Posted in Pictures 26 Feb 2010   / 21549 views

This is the message (in short) which a new anti-smoking campaign of Les Droits des Non-fumeurs try to drive home in France and the ad campaign is likely to be annulled, as it is very shocking.
Personally, I think this ad is very amusing, ‘cause now only something shocking and provocative is needed to attract people’s attention to some serious issues. As long as everybody talks about it, it means that it works ;)

Smoking = Blow Job (3 pics)