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How To Dance To… (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Funny 23 Jul 2016   / 2211 views

How To Dance To…

Baby Jacana Birds are the Kings at “Hitching a Ride” (4 pics)

Posted in Animals 20 Jan 2016   / 3661 views

When these little birds need to get from one place to another, they simply hold on tight to their dad.


Baby Jacana Birds are the Kings at “Hitching a Ride”

Strange Behavior of Birds in New York (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » WTF 13 Aug 2015   / 2797 views

Strange Behavior of Birds in New York

An Strange and Unlikely Group of Animal Friends (23 pics)

Posted in Animals 7 Jul 2015   / 5574 views

This dog’s friends include 8 birds and a hamster and it is amazing to see how well they all get on together.


An Strange and Unlikely Group of Animal Friends

People vs Birds Compilation (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Fail 23 Jun 2015   / 2876 views

People vs Birds Compilation

The First 30 Days of Baby Cockatiels

Posted in Videos » Cute 24 Feb 2015   / 4016 views

I could have titled this video: "from ugly to cute in a month".


War is Over..Lets Celebrate

Posted by sunnyujjawal in Blogs 11 Dec 2014   / 135 views

Two crows eating aparrtot in jungle.

War is Over..Lets Celebrate

In Life You Have to Be Quick! (10 pics)

Posted in Funny » LOL 24 Sep 2014   / 7076 views

Rufus, the Security Guard Hawk That Scares Pigeons Away

Posted in Videos » Awesome 24 Jun 2014   / 3225 views

Rufus the hawk has been in charge of keeping pigeons at bay since 2000 at the Wimbledon Tennis tournament in London, England.


The Birds Are Ruling the Roost (10 pics)

Posted in Animals 28 Apr 2014   / 5135 views

The Sweetest Surprise Neighbours (22 pics)

Posted in Animals 16 Apr 2014   / 6500 views

This guy discovered that he has some hidden guests next to his house. This is what happened.


The Sweetest Surprise Neighbours

Angry Birds Bomb 2

Posted by freegameswow in Blogs 18 Jul 2013   / 408 views

This is  the bad piggies who wants to steal golden eggs of birds. Mouse click to place bomb birds and press space to blast bad piggies away!

Angry Birds Bomb 2

Migrating Geese Find Gray Wall To Be a Challenging Obstacle (5 pics)

Posted in Random » Weird 27 Feb 2013   / 6549 views

This building in North Yorkshire, England is situated on the migration routes of wild geese. In cloudy weather, the gray color of the wall blends into the color of the sky with the result that many birds fly beak first into the side of the building. The owner contacted the authorities of the city for assistance and they have appealed to the public for artists who have a good concept for the wall’s design.


Migrating Geese Find Gray Wall To Be a Challenging Obstacle

Unsusual Birdie Photography (20 pics)

Posted in Funny » Photoshop 20 Feb 2013   / 2517 views

Birds are given arms in these hilarious image creations.


Unsusual Birdie Photography

Who Is Your Favourite “Celebird?” (21 pics)

Posted in Funny » Photoshop 7 Dec 2012   / 4925 views

Celebirding is a blog dedicated to Photoshopping celebrity heads onto birds. Weird but true.


Who Is Your Favourite “Celebird?”
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