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What Happened to Your Lights Man? (4 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Cars 10 Dec 2013   / 8184 views

In Russia, when thieves decide they want to steal car lights, they just do this.


What Happened to Your Lights Man?

Bully Gets a Taste of Instant Karma

Posted in Videos » Fail 5 Dec 2013   / 7873 views


Standing Start Racing: Nissan GTR vs Yamaha R1 vs Suzuki GSX R1000

Posted in Videos » Wheels 4 Dec 2013   / 7784 views

Who do you think will win?

See also:

Insane 300+ km/h race in Sweden: Mercedes SL63 AMG vs Yamaha R1

Meanwhile, in Germany: 300 km/h motorcycle gets passed by Audi RS6


Even the Road Itself Wants to Kill You in Russia

Posted in Videos » WTF 26 Nov 2013   / 4753 views

If you're lucky enough to avoid crazy road rage incidents and deadly car crashes, Mother Russia has plenty of other ways to mess with your life


Russian Ingenuity: How to Pull Out a Car from a Frozen Lake

Posted in Videos » Win 25 Nov 2013   / 5837 views


Yep, It's a Woman...

Posted in Videos » Fail 20 Nov 2013   / 3906 views


Meanwhile, in Belarus: Not Your Usual Car Crash!

Posted in Videos » WTF 12 Nov 2013   / 8380 views


The Battle of the Bull and the Passenger Car (2 pics)

Posted in Random » Weird 8 Nov 2013   / 3719 views

This bull was hit by a car at 49 mph (80 km/h). As you can see from the photos the bull was better off than the car after the impact.


The Battle of the Bull and the Passenger Car

SUV Thief Poorly Attempts Hit-and-Run after Rear Ending Cab

Posted in Videos » Fail 7 Nov 2013   / 3249 views

GTA style all the way! (starts getting out of control at 1:40)

For the story: the guy driving the SUV, which he stole, rear ended a cab on Belmont Avenue in Chicago but refused to stop and tried to flee. The cabbie tried to block him, which led to what you see in this video.

What you won't see though, but will be glad to learn, is that the SUV driver was arrested later after crashing into a tree.


Russian Drivers Keep Their Cool Under Any Circumstances

Posted in Videos » WTF 4 Nov 2013   / 5944 views


CATapult: Curious Cat Didn't See It Coming

Posted in Videos » Funny 22 Oct 2013   / 4197 views


Airbags Are Supposed to Protect You, Right?

Posted in Videos » Wheels 17 Oct 2013   / 4191 views


Worst Parking Lot Exit Ever

Posted in Videos » Fail 14 Oct 2013   / 5242 views


Don't Mess with a Barking Dog Locked in a Parked Car

Posted in Videos » Animation 11 Oct 2013   / 5568 views

More awesome animated shorts from the same guys:


Chop chop




Insane 300km/h+ Race in Sweden: Mercedes SL63 AMG vs Yamaha R1

Posted in Videos » Wheels 8 Oct 2013   / 8533 views

300 km/h = 186mph


Good Guy Driver Helps Pedestrian

Posted in Videos » Win 3 Oct 2013   / 1899 views

And this comes from Russia, mother land of road rage incidents


Dumb Russian Girl at the Gas Station

Posted in Videos » Fail 1 Oct 2013   / 7199 views

Watch it 'til the end cause it's not a one fail situation here...


Impatient Truck Driver Nearly Floods Car Driver

Posted in Videos » Stupid 30 Sep 2013   / 6685 views

You can skip to 1:15 if you're impatient


Perfect Designated Parking

Posted by freegameswow in Games » Puzzles & Skills 27 Sep 2013   / 725 views

You must park your car in the designated region within limited time according to the tip of UP arrow key;In the process of parking, pay attention not to scratch or collide with other cars, otherwise the game failed.

Perfect Designated Parking

Ginger Kid Explains the Difference between Boys and Girls

Posted in Videos » Funny 25 Sep 2013   / 3320 views


British Car Thieves Work a Little Bit Harder (3 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Cars 24 Sep 2013   / 9387 views

Although people are aware of thieves taking radios and wheels from cars, these criminals still managed to surprise their victim!


British Car Thieves Work a Little Bit Harder

Girl Gets a Bit Stuck… (7 pics)

Posted in Funny » Fail 23 Sep 2013   / 6753 views

Women Survive Horrific Attack while Driving (9 pics)

Posted in Random » Weird 18 Sep 2013   / 6449 views

Two women friends were on their way to a costume and textile fair in Norfolk when they became the victims of surprise “attack”.


Women Survive Horrific Attack while Driving
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