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Epic Beard Man That Can Kick Some Ass (43 pics + 1 video + 3 gifs)

Posted by sym in Pictures 23 Feb 2010   / 39692 views

If you don’t know who is EBM (epic beard man), after viewing these pictures and the video, you’ll get it.
The EBM has become popular on the net in the blink of an eye, so now he is a new baked internet meme.
Everything started with this video featuring a 67-year-old white man wearing a T-shirt that reads “I AM A MOTHERFUCKER” having “a heated argument fueled by racial ignorance resulting in a physically violent confrontation” with a 50 year-old black man.
And as this is a very popular meme, so of course there are now lots of photoshopped images floating around the internet. Now let’s look at the video and the pictures.
“After the black man’s nose is broken, he says “bring an ambulance” which has been misheard as both “bring M&M’s” and “bring Amber Lamps” due to a combination of his dialect and facial injury. Amber Lamps has also come to be used as a pseudonym for the girl sitting next to the black man in the video.” [knowyourmeme]

P.S. The video is rather violent with blood, not for the eyes of kids.

Epic Beard Man That Can Kick Some Ass (43 pics + 1 video + 3 gifs)