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Not The Best Way To Discover A Wasp Nest

Posted by Funnypick in Blogs 13 Aug 2015   / 93 views

This he did not expect

Awesome Coach Catches Falling Gymnast Twice (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Win 13 Mar 2015   / 5668 views

He probably saved her from a serious neck injury, twice!


A Crazy Trend Was Going On in Classrooms of Spanish Speaking Countries (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Funny 5 Nov 2014   / 6047 views

It happened mainly last year but I never heard of it until today...

They say "mueranse" which means 'go die'.


Man Catches Baby Falling from Window in China (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Win 23 May 2014   / 4347 views

A man successfully caught a one-year-old baby who fell from a second story window in Xiaolan Town, south China.
Airport security officer's mind-blowing catch to save a baby

Home depot worker saves falling baby with an amazing catch



Falling as a Homeless Man vs Falling as a Business Man

Posted in Videos » WTF 9 May 2014   / 5589 views

Here goes the social experiment of the day which was performed this time in Paris.


F*ck the poor!



Two Police Officers almost Crushed by Falling Tree (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » WTF 19 Apr 2014   / 3156 views

They were clearing trees off State Highway 4 south of Owhango (New Zealand) during a storm when this happened.


Father Has a Blast Watching Kids Slip and Slide on Ice (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Fail 18 Feb 2014   / 5240 views

A father goes to pick up his kids from school and parks his car along the sidewalk. While he's kept warm inside his car, he laughs hysterically at some kids slipping on the same icy spot.


WTF! Man Pushes Woman into Manhole, Locks Her Up and Runs Away (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » WTF 14 Feb 2014   / 5529 views

This occurred in Haikou, China. The woman was found in a 3 meters (10ft) deep hole 60 hours after the incident. You can clearly see in the video how he trapped her.

She told the police that the man, named Guo, owed her money. He was caught by the police and jailed for murder attempt.


People Falling trough Ice Compilation (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Fail 13 Feb 2014   / 4571 views


Home Depot Worker Saves Falling Baby with an Amazing Catch

Posted in Videos » Awesome 15 Jan 2014   / 3184 views

It doesn't top this catch but it's not any less remarkable.



Airport Security Officer's Mind-Blowing Catch to Save a Baby (2 gifs + 1 video)

Posted in Videos » Awesome 17 Dec 2013   / 9003 views

Quick thinking/acting at its best!

This happened on November 23 at the Katowice international airport, Pyrzowice, Poland, but the video was just released to the public.

It is said that he got a raise...


Russian City Workers almost Kill Pedestrian

Posted in Videos » Fail 18 Nov 2013   / 4710 views


Surprise during Russian Military Ceremony

Posted in Videos » Fail 30 Sep 2013   / 3256 views


Falling Off of the Ski Lift

Posted in Videos » Fail 21 Feb 2013   / 3322 views

It is said that the guy did not have the security bar down and that he was hanging like that from the 8th pole to the 21st one. At this point, he was 45ft (13.7 meters) above the ground. He suffered from serious injuries and had to be transported by helicopter to the nearest hospital.


Some People Really Have Insane Hobbies

Posted in Videos » Awesome 1 Dec 2012   / 3362 views


Hurricane Sandy – Trees Falling and Fire Starting

Posted in Videos » WTF 31 Oct 2012   / 3610 views



Bowling Fails Compilation

Posted in Videos » Fail 3 Oct 2012   / 3699 views


When Stars Are Falling (72 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Celebs 23 Aug 2012   / 16802 views

Damn you, gravity!


When Stars Are Falling

What a Difference One Inch Can Make

Posted in Videos » Fail 28 Jun 2012   / 8484 views

One of the stairs at this subway station is a bit higher than the others and it’s enough for almost everybody to trip on it.


Trying Too Hard to Look Hot

Posted in Videos » Fail 4 May 2012   / 7806 views

Almost falling woman (7 pics)

Posted by benaarts in Blogs 16 Mar 2012   / 1432 views

Impressing Falling Gifs (8 gifs)

Posted in Gifs 20 Sep 2011   / 9467 views

You can see various things falling in slow motion on these gifs. A lot of them look very impressive.


Impressing Falling Gifs

Embarrassing Shots of Models Falling (15 pics)

Posted in Girls 8 Feb 2011   / 22507 views

It is very embarrassing when a high fashion model falls down while she is on the runway. Dresses often go up over their heads and they usually land in the most awkward positions. However, it’s a wonder it doesn’t happen more often considering the kind of shoes that they have to wear when walking the runway.


Embarrassing Shots of Models Falling

The Falling Human Towers (28 pics + 1 video)

Posted in Pictures 11 Oct 2010   / 6093 views

Human towers competitions are becoming popular nowadays. Sadly, too often these towers are collapsing.


The Falling Human Towers (28 pics + 1 video)

Falling Photographer (22 pics)

Posted in Pictures 4 Dec 2009   / 8144 views

These are works of photographer Kerry Skarbakka. He photographs himself falling out of windows, trees etc.
In some of the pictures, security equipment is used, especially for heavy falling but for the others, it was just plain falls without any mattresses or security equipment.

Falling Photographer (22 pics)