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This Frog Is a Real Weirdo (VIDEO)

Posted by admin3 in Videos » Weird 12 Jan 2015   / 8586 views


How to Train a... Frog! (VIDEO)

Posted by admin3 in Videos » Win 23 Jul 2014   / 4267 views


Lovely Frog Girl

Posted by freegameswow in Games » Puzzles & Skills 25 Sep 2013   / 1408 views

This is a funny game about the growth of a younger frog. You should help the younger frog to catch more flies, made her grew up constantly, change constantly until she become a lovely princess frog.

Lovely Frog Girl

How Cute Is That?

Posted by admin3 in Videos » Cute 16 Feb 2013   / 5132 views

This is a Namaqua rain frog and not only its shape is amusing but its croaking is cute.


Eat Me, Eat Me, Eat Me!

Posted by admin3 in Videos » WTF 31 Aug 2012   / 7184 views


Funny Frog Bowl Made Out of Watermelon (8 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Food 12 Jul 2012   / 15990 views

A nice and inventive way to serve a fruit salad.


Funny Frog Bowl Made Out of Watermelon


Posted by in Games » Puzzles & Skills 29 Jun 2012   / 1092 views

Along with social progress, diligent frogs began to become lazy, and they know every day squatting there waiting for us to feed them, in order to let the frog to survive, we try to let the frog eat fruits!


Funny Jumping Frog Jubilee in California (23 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Hobby 24 May 2012   / 6554 views

The Jumping Frog Jubilee is an essential part of the annual fair in Calaveras County, California. Its history dates back to 1928 when the first contest was held, based on the story theme from Mark Twain’s novel “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Cavaleras County”. Nowadays, the contesting teams come from all over the state to engage into a funny competition of making the frog jump as far as possible, usually by shouting at it.


Funny Jumping Frog Jubilee in California

Just a Frog Sitting on a Bench like Humans

Posted by admin3 in Videos » Win 24 Apr 2012   / 6387 views

You don’t see that everyday…


Poison Frog Prince

Posted by in Games » Adventure Games 20 Mar 2012   / 1083 views

Once there was a happy frog prince living in a river of beautiful forest. However due to human, the river was polluted by chemicals. Frog prince became a ugly poison frog but his mind was not poisoned. To live, prince embarked on a journey to find a new home.

Poison Frog Prince

Belle With Frog Dissection

Posted by in Games » Brain Games 16 Feb 2012   / 2959 views

Trolling a Pacman Frog Is Risky

Posted by admin3 in Videos » Funny 22 Dec 2011   / 6077 views


What You Can Find in a Bag of Salad (3 pics)

Posted in Random » WTF 12 Sep 2011   / 6498 views

Buying a bag of salad in a supermarket does not protect you from unexpected surprises. Sometimes you can find the strangest things inside…


What You Can Find in a Bag of Salad

Uncanny Factoid: Color This (2 pics)

Posted in Random » Uncanny factoid 7 Jul 2011   / 4866 views

We love to color everything these days including Frogs!


Uncanny Factoid: Color This

Jiu Jitso Frog [VIDEO]

Posted by kallango in Blogs 16 May 2011   / 649 views

Find a Frog! (5 pics)

Posted in Animals 31 Jan 2011   / 29039 views

There is a frog in this picture, but you probably won’t find it. This camouflage is impressive!


Find a Frog!

Luckiest Butterfly Alive

Posted in Videos 20 Aug 2010   / 7397 views

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A Devil Inside a Cutie (8 pics)

Posted in Animals 7 Jul 2010   / 11880 views

Can you guess what this cute creature eats for dinner? The answer is inside this post.


A Devil Inside a Cutie (8 pics)


Posted in Games 26 May 2010   / 3641 views

PitBug - Dropped in a pit, this little bug is bound to drown if it doesn't get out soon. Use your mouse to guide the Pit Bug out of the pit.

Australian Frog Roundup (16 pics)

Posted in Animals 6 Apr 2010   / 5350 views

Australian local authorities have announced Toad Day Out. On this day all citizens of Queensland can catch cane toads and bring these poisonous amphibians that are rather toxic to a special destination. All live frogs are painlessly killed and turned into compost, which is used by the cane farmers.

While some people have a tough time with the catching huge toads, others try to protect these frogs from a roundup.


Australian Frog Roundup (16 pics)

Unusual frog (14 pics + 1 video)

Posted in Animals 24 Jun 2009   / 9025 views

This frog was found in India in 2003. This type of creature has never been discovered on any continent until 2003
This frog lives in southern India within a 14 kmĀ² radius. Scientists are lost: some believe that this creature is a mutant; others believe that it dates back to the dinosaur era...

Unusual frog (14 pics + 1 video)