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Even Bears Know THAT Pain (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Fail 24 Nov 2017   / 2806 views

Even Bears Know THAT Pain

That’s A Genius Way To Collect Nuts! (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Awesome 11 Nov 2017   / 6702 views

That’s A Genius Way To Collect Nuts!

Dude Blows Up His Nuts With Fireworks

Posted by Funnypick in Blogs 7 Jul 2015   / 392 views

The poor guy, to him likely it is so sick!

This Spelling Bee Contestant Goes Ballistic after Winning

Posted by admin3 in Videos » Funny 31 May 2013   / 4348 views

He really can’t contain his joy!

Arvind Mahankali just won the 2013 Scripps National Spelling Bee. I’ve never seen someone that happy to win a competition.


This Is What Sacrifice Means

Posted by admin3 in Videos » Win 12 Oct 2012   / 4009 views



Provocative Attire Makes More Men Nuts for Betel Nuts (48 pics)

Posted in Girls 3 Oct 2012   / 62556 views

The areca nut is indigenous to Asia and the tropical Pacific. When sold, they are commonly wrapped in betel leaves and referred to as betel nuts. In order to increase the sales of this natural stimulant, Taiwanese women are known to walk the streets in sexy lingerie or skimpy outfits.


Provocative Attire Makes More Men Nuts for Betel Nuts

Painful Gonad Shots (26 pics)

Posted in Picdumps 9 Aug 2011   / 10531 views

These are some of the most painful shots to the nuts that you’ve ever seen.


Painful Gonad Shots

Why We Are Nuts About Gifs (17 gifs)

Posted in Pictures 25 Feb 2011   / 14634 views

What Squirrels Can Do (6 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Cars 10 Feb 2011   / 10362 views

The owner of this car took it to auto service complaining about the tapping sound at the front.


What Squirrels Can Do

Daily Stare: Rats to Nuts (19 pics)

Posted in Picdumps 10 Nov 2010   / 8603 views

Today we visit a lot of fun and unique pictures that will make you smile or possibly shock you.


Lohan Went Nuts (8 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Celebs 9 Jul 2010   / 17066 views

Actress Lindsay Lohan really got balls to appear in the court with such a “message”. She broke into tears when Beverly Hills Judge Marsha Revel announced the decision. Lohan had violated judge’s probation by not coming to a couple of alcohol education classes that were imposed for a 2007 drunken driving arrest in California. As the result the actress was sentenced to a 90-day-term in jail that starts on July 20. But this is not the end of the story…


Lohan Went Nuts (8 pics)

Orangutans and Their Nuts (9 pics)

Posted by sym in Animals 9 Mar 2010   / 3384 views

The Orangutans in these photos are doing their dead level best to get at the nuts inside a vending machine. In order to get the nuts to drop down where they can grab them, they have to pull a succession of strings in order to release them. Following a couple of attempts and thinking about the problem, the apes resorted to the classic shake the machine technique.



Look if they manage to get them.

Orangutans and Their Nuts (9 pics)