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Scammer Wanted To Pawn A Bike Owner But Got Owned Instead (20 pics)

Posted in Funny » LOL 9 Dec 2016   / 4494 views

Imgur user DanCumming was selling his bike when a scammer contacted him. He quickly understood what it was about and decided to make a little trolling. 


Scammer Wanted To Pawn A Bike Owner But Got Owned Instead

Guy Who Left One Star Review Gets Totally Owned By A Bar Owner (2 pics + 1 gif)

Posted in Funny » LOL 8 Dec 2016   / 4451 views

If you don’t know something, it’s better to just shut up.


Guy Who Left One Star Review Gets Totally Owned By A Bar Owner

Guy Sends His Unsolicited Nudes To A Girl And Gets Owned Hard (6 pics)

Posted in Funny » Fail 26 Apr 2016   / 4950 views

Kitty Pryde got her iCloud hacked and her nude photos stolen from there. Then the evildoer made her pics public. After that Kitty started to receive unsolicited nudes from different guys she didn't even know. Then she got really tired of it and decided to teach a bitter lesson to one of them.


Guy Sends His Unsolicited Nudes To A Girl And Gets Owned Hard

Cyclist Owned by Parking Barrier (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Fail 13 Aug 2014   / 5136 views


Idiot Gets Too Close to His Drifting Friend (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Fail 1 May 2014   / 3794 views

Meanwhile, in Poland...


Ball Boy vs Cristiano Ronaldo (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Celebs 7 Mar 2014   / 7706 views


Brooklyn Snow Plow Nails Pedestrian Big Time (2 videos)

Posted in Videos » WTF 7 Feb 2014   / 6133 views

And also smashes the glass doors of a car dealership.


Surfer Girl Owned by Surfboard (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Fail 7 Feb 2014   / 6644 views


Weatherman Owns College Kid Videobomber (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Win 29 Jan 2014   / 4831 views


British Scooter Rage

Posted in Videos » Fail 27 Jan 2014   / 6029 views


The Gold Digger Test

Posted in Videos » Funny 16 Oct 2013   / 6557 views


Prank on Dad Didn’t Turn as Expected

Posted in Videos » Fail 12 Aug 2013   / 3268 views



Don’t Park like an A**hole!

Posted in Videos » Wheels 1 Aug 2013   / 6334 views

This Jaguar owner who parks like a jerk everyday got owned by one of his co-workers, hopefully, this will teach him a lesson.


So, What’s the Twist?

Posted in Videos » Funny 13 Jun 2013   / 7579 views

Ha ha, Gordon Ramsey didn’t see it coming…


“It Will Go Right Across the Lawn If You Fly It Right!”

Posted in Videos » Fail 11 Jun 2013   / 3302 views

Father wants to try his new toy airplane his wife bought him as a gag gift…


Don’t Know If Chemistry Experiment Fail or Teacher Owned the Classroom

Posted in Videos » Science 20 May 2013   / 6276 views

So, fail or win?


Robber Points Shotgun in Victim’s Face, but Messed with the Wrong Guy

Posted in Videos » Awesome 30 Apr 2013   / 10542 views

The story here is quite interesting: “The subject pointed a shotgun at the victim's face and stated ‘give me your money’. The victim disarmed the gunman and then chased him. Moments later the victim was approached by two black males in a black four door sedan. The driver of the vehicle said to the victim ‘give me my gun back and I'll give you your phone that you dropped’. The victim then used the shotgun to strike the rear windshield of the vehicle causing it to break. The two subjects then fled…”


Baby Gets Owned by the Mailman

Posted in Videos » Fail 26 Apr 2013   / 3189 views


Don’t Start a War You Can’t Win!

Posted in Videos » Win 21 Jan 2013   / 6273 views


How to Keep Your Cat Off the Counter

Posted in Videos » Funny 5 Dec 2012   / 4751 views

Just use bait and sheets of hair removal paper…


School Bully Gets What He Deserves

Posted in Videos » Win 30 Nov 2012   / 13036 views

Justice’s been served!


Ghostbuster Owns Cop, Gets Arrested

Posted in Videos » Funny 1 Nov 2012   / 5321 views

Note that he guy was released later without charges…


Russian Police Escort in Maybach Fail

Posted in Videos » Wheels 24 Oct 2012   / 4910 views


Asshole Didn’t See It Coming – That’s Some Good Street Justice!

Posted in Videos » Win 21 Aug 2012   / 11131 views

To sum it up quickly: driver of the blue car committed an infraction, noticed he got filmed by a dashcam, wanted the footage, didn’t get it, decided to get revenge…


The Backfire of Being an Asshole!

Posted in Videos » Stupid 16 Aug 2012   / 6999 views

Man tries to extort store owner but fails. Angry, he wants to take revenge by damaging the store owner’s vehicle but gets owned big time.

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