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In Arizona the Homeless People Live in a City of Tents (35 pics)

Posted in Random » Weird 23 Dec 2015   / 5883 views

In Las Cruces, New Mexico around 50 homeless people have set up tents where they live together informally. Many cities take exception to these types of settlements as they are disruptive to residents.


In Arizona the Homeless People Live in a City of Tents

Camping for the Rich (20 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Travel 15 Mar 2012   / 16831 views

One can hardly imagine the rich going camping in the sleeping bags. And indeed, why bother if you can afford the glamorous camping tents shown in these pictures.


Camping for the Rich

Extreme Hanging Tents (21 pics)

Posted by sym in Pictures 27 Jan 2011   / 151483 views

Rock climbers began to stay overnight on the rocks in the 50’s. At first they were searching for convenient mountain “shelves” to replace a bed, and now they are using hanging tent systems called portaledges. They are designed specially for rock climbers who have to spend multiple days and nights on a big wall climb.
Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to sleep hundreds or thousands feet off the ground!

Extreme Hanging Tents

A Camping We Shall Go (12 pics)

Posted by djkirsh in Pictures 24 Nov 2010   / 8437 views

These are some amazing camping tents. Some hang from trees, some are in boats, and there are even some that you can wear. It just proves that technology has caught up with everything under the sun. These awesome tents even look comfortable.


A Camping We Shall Go