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Dream Garage (19 pics)

Posted in Pictures   31 Mar 2009   / 29573 views

A guy was invited by his friends to stay with them in California. The thing that struck him most was the house garage.
And it's easy to understand since there was a collection of such supercars as: 2 Challenge Stradale, Murcielago, Carrera GT, and F40.
A real dream garage, I think many people would wish to have one like this ;)

1 Dream Garage (19 pics)

2 Dream Garage (19 pics)

3 Dream Garage (19 pics)

4 Dream Garage (19 pics)

5 Dream Garage (19 pics)

6 Dream Garage (19 pics)

7 Dream Garage (19 pics)

8 Dream Garage (19 pics)

9 Dream Garage (19 pics)

10 Dream Garage (19 pics)

11 Dream Garage (19 pics)

12 Dream Garage (19 pics)

13 Dream Garage (19 pics)

14 Dream Garage (19 pics)

15 Dream Garage (19 pics)

16 Dream Garage (19 pics)

17 Dream Garage (19 pics)

18 Dream Garage (19 pics)

19 Dream Garage (19 pics)


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