Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

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Well... The photos are old but very expressive ...
All the pictures were taken just before Romania got into the European Union.
Nothing more to say ... The pictures speak for themselves.

1 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

2 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

3 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

4 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

5 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

6 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

7 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

8 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

9 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

10 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

11 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

12 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

13 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

14 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

15 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

16 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

17 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

18 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

19 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

20 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

21 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

22 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

23 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

24 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

25 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

26 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

27 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

28 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

29 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

30 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

31 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

32 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

33 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

34 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

35 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

36 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

37 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

38 Welcome to Romania! (38 pics)

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rubending 14 year s ago
me 14 year s ago
you are being unfair or misleaded. this compilation has already been over the net for some years now, and more important than this, some of the pictures are not from Romania. well, the ones who were really made in Romania do show a funny or creepy face of the country, but that's not all of it.
nat 14 year s ago
n_sad 36
SuperMilow 14 year s ago
wow really
from Romania 14 year s ago
I don't really agree with the title and explanation of this post. Some of the things you see here did not come to an end after the acceptance of Romania in the UE, but it's not fair to any country to show only the ugly, creepy and bad things. Because of this kind of "advertising" a lot of places are avoided and disregarded for no good reason. Every place has his beauty and good people. So just an idea, try to make a post named "the bad and the good", not just for this case of course, for the less understanding people ( i think we all are at some point).

good day to you all ...
maxmemmo 14 year s ago
I don’t believe this Romania

Koshechka_11 Koshechka_11
lolipop 14 year s ago
Ana 14 year s ago
being romanian myself i can assure you this is not all there is to my country.I actually take great offense with this post of yours.It's the same thing as presenting the USA by showing pictures exclusively to the area of Bronx.
It would be wise of you to search for pictures from towns like Sibiu (the European Capital of Culture together with Luxembourg) Sighisoara, Constanta or Timisoara. Also look for pictures of the amazing landscapes from the Carpathian Mountains, and the seaside or The Danube.

I really enjoy this website, don't spoil it by posting undocumented and unfair information.
Thank you very much.
Hashpe 14 year s ago
this is a compilation of gipsy ppl in the country, and not all of the pics are from here

search for mode pictures of the country as ana said...
FWAT 14 year s ago
this post can be a big probrem, i think.

i don' wanna be kinda racist or something like that.
ofcourse you nether, don' you?
vasiauvi 14 year s ago
Hhhhhmmmmm....you don't know 1% about ROMANIA. Maybe it's time to learn something!
Vero 14 year s ago
Romania ar trebui vazuta astfel : prima tara care a avut in posesie bomba atomica , o tara cu o puternica istorie , o tara cu puternica infuenta sportiva si culturala , o tara ce rivalizeaza peisajele norvegine , o tara plina de femei frumoase , o tara ce stie sa rada si sa se distreze , o tara ce stie sa lupte , o limba ce este mai grea decat chineza ... o natiune cu forta de munca si mai ales cu mandrie de fier . daca doriti sa faceti publicitate Romaniei va invit sa o vizitati , daca doriti va cazez la mine n_tongue va doresc o zi exact ca si a romanilor : splendida !!!

I am from Romania :). We are a proud country, with proud people. It's like on a web site we presented some pictures with USA Soldiers in Iraq malltreating the kidds, women and animals. Some do that, some not! It's like we post a compilation of pictures on the net with Bronx, only with black people "in the hood" :), only with 12 year old kids murdering half a school because they wore beated in childhood, and bad examples may be written.

Ok, ur kind of right... I mean we have this kind of people, like u have that kind of people, BUT we have beautiful women, great sports'men / women, great landscapes: Danub, Black Sea, Carpathian Mountains, St. Anne Lake (the only vulcanic lake in Europe ;) ), Transilvania, Bucovnia, Maramures, The Happy Cemetery :), great peasons with cultural value, and the GOOD may be written untill tomorow ;).
V 14 year s ago
to_clue JC_OMG_sign texas
ilie 14 year s ago
i used to like to your website untill i saw this post.

suicide suicide suicide suicide
romanian girl 14 year s ago
I was watched very carefully thise pictures,and i can say that only 3-4 pic is from romania. I dont know who want to discredit in thise way Romania n_wassat . Only 1 word i have for him/her............SHAME ON U.
r3pr3z3nt 14 year s ago
Hah, every country may be presented like that, if you focus on the poor and pathologic areas only... Gypsy culture of living is a problem that Romania struggles to deal with for decades, and will struggle for many years to come...
I am Polish, I saw places like that in Poland, currently I'm residing in Ireland and you can find similar areas here if you really would look for them [travelers, etc.]... Don't disgrace Romania by posts like that... I met Romanians, as I met Gypsies and I know, that they are different kind of people.
pop 14 year s ago
I'm not from Romania but I can assure that those pictures does not reflect at all what this country is. Romania is a very beautiful country with very, very, nice people that I recommend for everybody to visit.

I ask the admins on this web to change the title and the description of this post. It's ok to laugh because pictures can be funny, but it's not ok to point at a whole country.

Greetings from Barcelona.
pino 14 year s ago
How about you post this next? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SVTsqdhedM n_smile
mac 14 year s ago
bacha 14 year s ago
It seems that only a small portion of these photos was taken in Romania- on the contrary, let's take a look at the one showing an empty shop-this pic was taken in Poland during the communist era (at least 30 years ago), not in comtemporary Romania. Somebody has probably tried to provoke a discussion calling the collection in that way. BTW-I'm not Romanian, but I understand them-their country is stereotypically shown as a nation of scruffy dossers who piss in the street, while these are the Gypsies who do not conform to social norms. And their (the posters' above) reaction has nothing to do with the lack of the sense of humour. The town I live in is also nice and picturesque, but there is a place with Gypsies' sheds in its outskirts. Even though I'm not against them, if somebody kept on showing the pics of their area as the only ones from my town, no one would ever come here on holiday.
M 14 year s ago
Total crap, just to have people's attention on this site. If those who put this pics here are romanians..they are simply idiots...
Andreea 14 year s ago
I'm sorry to tell you but I don't know if 10% of these images ARE from Romania...
Why don't you add this too ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhFwYPbwEYc&feature=fvw
deltasailor 14 year s ago
if you visit bucovina you will change your mind.....disco partizani............
1 14 year s ago
I agree that we need to make sure that the information is accurate before posting, but people need to stop being so sensitive! I don't see anyone crying when there's a funny post about American hillbillies. Get over it, don't think that your culture is immune to stereotyping!
'; show tables; 14 year s ago
'; show tables;'
st 14 year s ago
well, dont believe that this pictures where taken just before Romania got into EU... every country in Europe has poor regions...
Teo 14 year s ago
Try this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tH9Yuc98z_k
kero 14 year s ago
wtf is this Romania no way JC_OMG_sign
Ariel 14 year s ago
What the.... very weird their culture 36
johnjollyjack 14 year s ago
Fucking backwards
Nae 14 year s ago
First, google "Romania". Then learn something about it. Shame on you.
Black Rider 14 year s ago
I don't think that is Romania...Have a lot gipsy people lol 41
Jack 14 year s ago
Some of them are from Romania some I dk , but really .. you should putt some newer ones , just in case .. as a Romanian I don't want my country to be seen like a wasteland , simply because it's not .

Take care :) to_clue
usand100 14 year s ago
Not all pictures from Romania.
Watch the movie "a world without Romania!".
george 14 year s ago
to make a image about this pics....romanian people its white. who its black(brown) its gipsy. Only 5-6 pics are from romania.
Angel 14 year s ago
I think this gallery was posted by a romanian with hungarian nationality (like those in picture no 4). Only they can be such retards when it comes about our country, Romania. Shame on you, whoever you are!
Bogdan 14 year s ago
50% of the pics are not from Romania and the other are taken after the revolution. Romania is not like that anymore. You would be surprised to se Romania now. Make a trip in Sibiu (European Cultural Capital in 2007), Bucuresti, Constanta. Brasov, Cluj, Timisoara or search the web for this towns to see a more acurate face.
capa76 14 year s ago
n_smile And for romanians: TAKE IT EASY!!!!!!!
witch 14 year s ago
You missed the famous Transilvania's Dracula, how could you?! That is a deep disappointment girl_witch
SOULSKATER 14 year s ago
Shame for this post, shame...i enjoy this website..but u sucks on this post! wtf people, if I go in UK and I do some foto to some junkie and some Huligans u will tell: no fucking way..this is not UK, if I go USA and i do some photo to some People..u got to say: this is not USA, so u sucks bad!!!! SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HalaTus 14 year s ago
WE must love ROMANIA!!!
Lalu 14 year s ago
Dude, this is mostly Gipsies 15-25 years ago! lol.
I'm Romanian, but i don't come from Borat land. Americas are waaaay weirder,a lot less knowledgeable and more closed minded on average than individuals in developing countries. lol
Romania's pretty behind economy-wise, but not even near as crooked as the US! hahahah
Kayleigh 14 year s ago
Really funny to read the comments from romainians.
You probably had a big laugh when the site made a similar post about other countrys.
I´m from estonia and I believe, that the pictures could be about Romania. They also could be about Estonia, Russia and all other countrys, that were under the influence of Russia.
Dardanel 14 year s ago

I couldnt agree more, these pictures (apart from the ones with the now famous Dacia autos) could come from any of the above mentioned countrys. Romanians do need to lighten up a bit and normally they are very fun to be arround(i should know). The problem here is that for romanians this subject is a very delicate one and romanian image has had alot to suffer because of the antisocial behaviour of the travelling nomads called gypsies. For someone that trully knows this country this thread is a good laugh and indeed funny because they know that Romania is not trully like this (but this does happen sometmes :)). The problem is when people that know nothing of this country get a wrong ideea about it through these pictures, instead of just finding the pics funny. Anyway i get these pics 10 times a day and everytime they are suposed to come from some other ex communist country so.. not really facts. I am romanian, i got a great laugh out of some of them because they are funny, and i suggest to the people that take a look to just enjoy the funny situations and not get a false ideea about a country untill he has walked a few kilometers through it. And i think it is valid for all countrys. I am new here on the site but i think ill stick arround a bitcause this seems interesting :).
Andreea 14 year s ago
I fell sorry for all of you who doesn't know that in these photos aren't romanian people.They are gipsy people and they are so different from us.I live in Romania and I'm very proud of my country.We may have our problems but this post is bull shit.You should have done research before putting these photos on your website .Blame on you!Do you know that you can be brought to trial by the romanian government??
himes 14 year s ago
JC_OMG_sign JC_OMG_sign
... 14 year s ago
I live in Romania (in Sibiu actually) and I must say I'm really offended. Come on..what pictures are that?..You made us look like some poor, neanderthal people. Not all of the pictures were taken in Romania. Those places are places at contryside, cases of extreme poverty. Don't tell me that in your country u can't find places like that. You shouldn't have posted only the bad things in Romania because someone who doesn't know my country will think that Romania is just a poor country, full of poor people and dirty gipsies... tkanks a lot... n_what
berrycupcake 14 year s ago
Heather 14 year s ago

Whoops! The post didn't seem to go through all the way! n_sad blush2
Neighbour 14 year s ago
Angel, you are so brilliant to blame hungarians. Also fuck you. Anyway, Transylvania is beautiful no matter who governs there.

Tallulah 14 year s ago
shame on you n_what
big boy 14 year s ago
what fuck is that,that 's not romania and fuck with angel transylania it is roumanian land you stupid mother fucker
idiot people 14 year s ago
pictures like these you can get from any country..but as you can see all of them include gypsies that do nothing more than ruining the country's reputation.You should know that gypsies are about 10% of the population(despite most of them left for other countries they are spreading like bugs ) the rest consists in about 80% ro.,5% magyar ,5% german,french and other.I don't think poor people is our major problem..if you would see how many idiot people are in the main cities of Romania (most of them gypsies of course but lately romanians are nothing better)you might need some anger management therapy (that's why ro. are some of the most stressed people on the face of this planet :) )
great 13 year s ago
girl_devil JC-LOL
diegopol 13 year s ago
Totally agree
ZubOFF 13 year s ago
Ваще жесть. 35
Obefiend 13 year s ago
nice set
Dady.. 13 year s ago
Some pictures aren't from romania =;
so .. if u don't know what is about don't talk
Johan 13 year s ago
That is nothing to laugh about. I feel sorry for the people in the pictures and their living conditions. These people need help not laughing at. It is sad that in the 21 century we have people living in misery and poverty. I don't know how could you find these images funny ; in all this, you proved to me just a leak of maturity, I'm sorry to say that but your gesture is pathetic!

no name 13 year s ago
this is romania ...i m sure
gypsy catcher 13 year s ago
hahahahahahaha phucking hilarious!!!
ROMANIAN 13 year s ago
Anybody wanna immigrate to Romania !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 36 36 36
adfd 13 year s ago
if this is Romania, i cannot imagine what Bulgaria and Czechkoslovakia and Yugoslavia are like
somebody 13 year s ago
you are not fair at all!
this is not the real Romania .You showed just the bad part and i guess that every country has one
why didnt you post pictures with The Black Sea, the mountaines, The Happy Cemetery or at least one of the so many churchies in Moldova? i dont know why you want people to see a horrible Romania that doesnt even exist?
We have such incredible landscapes and many amazing people
mct 13 year s ago
I'm not Romanian but I don't blame Romanians here one bit for being offended. What a boringly predictable swipe at a beautiful, hospitable country. Grow up, and thank your lucky stars you didn't live under an oppressive regime which you're doing your best to emerge from. And try look at your own backyard instead of sneering from your ivory fucking tower.
mady 13 year s ago
why did you put pictures here just with the gypsies,rednecks,and drunk people?????u revealed just 1% from our country,why do u not reveal the rest of 99% beautiful landscapes, the beautiful girls that we have and the culture????u suck!(excuse my speaking of english,i'm romanian)
just me 13 year s ago
I leave in Romania. This is not my cowntry. This is Gipsys country. Come here and convince yopur self.
Iliescu Laura 13 year s ago
All pictures are nice and reality,i live in romania-braila i can say this is romania who don't belive to go there.
krobinson 12 year s ago
In Europe, the most fascinating and beautiful place I found is Romania. Stunningly beautiful place !!!!!!

chrissi 12 year s ago
that`s romania like i know it!!!! 100 %

romanian or gipsy...it is the same...
you can see them in many daily news in europe how they are and behave!
alexb2 12 year s ago
Very nice site!
alexf451 12 year s ago
Very nice site!
CICI 12 year s ago
the people shown in the pictures are gypsies and those must be gypsy ghettos. gypsies represent 5% of the population I'm sure that doesnt make them representative image of Romania. and I'm sure not all the pictures - if any - are taken in Romania, and they are not taken "just before they joined the EU" the pictures are old which you already admit they look like they were taken 20 years ago. Romania joined the EU 4 years ago is that OLD to you? the "just before" line was used on purpose to mock Romania
Next time try showing REAL romanians instead of random dirty gypsies - who could be from any country by the way...oh no wait that doesn't go well with your "sense of humor" real romanians are too boring and civilized

and next time anyone calls romanians "racists" with gypsies take a look at these pictures and tell us if we are the uncivilized ones
alexd437 12 year s ago
Very nice site!
alexc419 12 year s ago
Very nice site!
alexd42 12 year s ago
Very nice site!
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wS40QG Strange but true. Your resource is expensive. At least it could be sold for good money on its auction!...
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Claudia 11 year s ago
Sweetie, can I tell you something? I saw both posts, part one with nice pics from Romania and this second part. It's true, Romania does have its bad areas the same way every country does. It's kind of ironic though the fact that ALL the pics from part 2 are with gypsies (rromi)...which are NOT Romanians. They migrated from India all over Europe a long time ago and all they do is steal and do bad things...most of them. I don't believe it's right to show all these pics of filthy gypsies, to represent Romania. How come I haven't seen any pics with WHITE Romanians that are poor and whatever living in bad conditions? All what gypsies do, not only in Romania is to degrade the country they live in and give outsiders the wrong impression regarding the country they live in. White Romanians are not like this at all. Of course, people of all races to bad things, and I'm sure a lot of white Romanians steal and do bad things too, but don't show these filthy gypsy pics as a representation of the country cuz it's wrong. It gives people the wrong impression that all even white Romanians are this gross, when it's completely wrong. So in the future try not to show only gypsies LOL.

Btw I don't know why they put that random Asian girl as my profile pic because...that's not me lol
Circus 10 year s ago
This is unfair becouse Roamania isn`t a gipsy whit a dacia ....
barbu.rhadoo 9 year s ago
fucking ignorants
100008862436313 8 year s ago
Hungarians phenyl hate them but they do not bite their teeth barking slaves of the Hungarian!! HAHAH :)
Condition 3 year s ago
Typical Romani-a or Roma-nia or Cleptoumania or Megalomania.
Savage, beggars, thiefs, fake history and identity, uncivilized, Romani.
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