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Photo retouching (14 pics)

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Photo retouching is a treatment of a photograph that adjusts or removes unwanted elements of the image.
And if the original can be not very successful, after the photo’s been retouched, this image is good to go on the covers of magazines.
I think you will see easily where the original image and the retouched one are ;)

1 Photo retouching (14 pics)

2 Photo retouching (14 pics)

3 Photo retouching (14 pics)

4 Photo retouching (14 pics)

5 Photo retouching (14 pics)

6 Photo retouching (14 pics)

7 Photo retouching (14 pics)

8 Photo retouching (14 pics)

9 Photo retouching (14 pics)

10 Photo retouching (14 pics)

11 Photo retouching (14 pics)

12 Photo retouching (14 pics)

13 Photo retouching (14 pics)

14 Photo retouching (14 pics)

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Comments (8):

Lola 9 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
most of them are only light/colour changes.not very drasctic
still, it's creating a false illusion of beauty
sandra 9 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Most of them have only been changed in terms of lighting; as for quality of skin, hair and features etc. the difference wasn't actually that big.
khan20 9 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
no real beauty
D 9 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
"Mpst of them are only light /colour changes"???? are you BLIND ???!!!! Look closely on how they removed all the birthmarks and wrinkles...and young teenage girls are trying to be like that...like a Photoshop IMAGE.....they are on a diet,very insecure of themselves and most of them are becoming anorexia and they are spending loads of money on products to become something that is FAKE.Shit like this should NOT be allowed..they are deceiving the truth..and ly to other people how these people look like.Imo..this is a crime.
severe_009 9 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
I agree a little with you above... but your way overreacting... 35
neraksol 8 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
yea, almost all pictures beauty firms make public are photoshopped... people should know this... so these kinda postings are good...
consider this, how often have we ourselves criticized ppl on magazines even after they have been so photoshopped?
kingretoucher 8 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Two points to make here. This is some decent retouching and above a lot of others that "think" they are retouchers because they have illegally downloaded photoshop. I worked for high end magazines, book publishers, and museums. Many people look detail and the real life aspects of the shot are destroyed all together. So what I am saying is that although some of this retouching could use some work it is better than most over-retouched work. Drastic changes are more for composition or creative a who different piece of work. Most people are not beautified for their own well being but for the publishers to present themselves in a higher quality fashion to attract readers and advertisers. So this brings me to my second point. There is no reason to blow up and call this a crime. What a stupid ass thing to say. Most retouching makes up for color change and slight prepress issues that the photographer did not acquire with his/her shot. Many times a makeup artist/hair stylist beautify the subject and the photographer sets the lighting and snaps a good shot with the right white balance. With that accomplished little to no retouching is required. People changing a persons looks so drastically that it offends you I would suggest that one might be quite ugly under the glass as well. So big thumbs down to that logic. While people need to respect beauty in general and be happy with who they are and change flaws on their own merit.. people still alter photographs for the passion of it as well as for the big mighty buck. PEACE!