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Poverty in the USA (20 pics)

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This post is the continuation of another similar post faces of rural poverty.
This series of pictures is mainly concentrated on a 17 years old girl named Autumn (all names have been changed) living in extreme poverty and searching for love and understanding. That’s where the series name Love Me comes from.
Brief facts: she’s still in 9th grade as she missed lots of classes and has not enough passing grades.
At the age of 13, one of her relatives tried to rape her but her family doesn’t believe her.
Her neighbour who once grabbed her breasts, which left bruises, became her boyfriend one week later.
This post made me even sadder than the previous one ((
I hope she’s going to get out of this hellhole one day…

1 Poverty in the USA (20 pics)

2 Poverty in the USA (20 pics)

Autumn, 17, is dealing with the emotional toll of growing up in poverty. As she comes of age in this environment, Autumn struggles to find her way.

3 Poverty in the USA (20 pics)

Autumn and her mother smoke cigarettes in front of the trailer they keep next to their home. Autumn's parents also grew up poor.

4 Poverty in the USA (20 pics)

Autumn lies in her father's lap. She often goes to him for comfort when she is upset.

5 Poverty in the USA (20 pics)

Autumn fights with an ex-boyfriend in the kitchen of her home. Within an hour things were back to normal.

6 Poverty in the USA (20 pics)

Autumn started smoking after her uncle gave her a cigarette at a young age.

7 Poverty in the USA (20 pics)

Autumn's younger brother yells in to her ear in an argument over the chair she is sitting in.

8 Poverty in the USA (20 pics)

Autumn and her sister stand in the street next to their home.

9 Poverty in the USA (20 pics)

Autumn stands behind the fence of her house watching a fight down the street.

10 Poverty in the USA (20 pics)

Autumn, an ex-boyfriend and her family help move a relative into the shed outside of their home. At the time Autumn's ex-boyfriend also lived on the property.

11 Poverty in the USA (20 pics)

Autumn sits between a relative's legs. She alleges that he tried to rape her when she was 13 years old, but says that her parents do not believe her.

12 Poverty in the USA (20 pics)

"I want to get out of this hellhole, there are no jobs and nothing to do," says Autumn.

13 Poverty in the USA (20 pics)

"What? I didn't hurt him" Autumn said after hanging her dog by its leash.

14 Poverty in the USA (20 pics)

Autumn and her ex-step-sister-in-law, comfort each other after the relative's trailer burned down.

15 Poverty in the USA (20 pics)

Autumn does her hair in the bathroom she shares with all five family members.

16 Poverty in the USA (20 pics)

Autumn and her boyfriend.

17 Poverty in the USA (20 pics)

Autumn and her family can't afford to buy cigarettes so they roll their own.

18 Poverty in the USA (20 pics)

Autumn confronts an ex-boyfriend about his threats to beat up her brother.

19 Poverty in the USA (20 pics)

Autumn's uncle brushes her hair after she spent the evening playing in the rain.

20 Poverty in the USA (20 pics)

As night falls, Autumn peers out of her window watching other kids in the neighborhood play.

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Comments (22):

yea 9 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Faking rednecks should be seperated from general public. The stupidness may be contagious even to already retarded Americans...
noonespecific 9 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
This is in no way fake. Even if this particular story isn't true, there are still way too many families where this is the case. This kind of environment is too common in that area of Ohio and Kentucky.
nat 9 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Run away, go to CPS, etc.
mother duck 9 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
10 years ago a family moved next door to us. They had been living in a bus. There were 7 kids all together: "his" hers" and "theirs." One of the girls made friends with my oldest daughter, she was frail and her father didn't object to her spending most of her time with us. Because the father was a truck driver the family was more mobil than most, they moved, they came back, they moved again, came back again... Long story short the parents were disfunctional and there was a lot of drama always going on. Our girl wanted a quiet home and to stay at one school, she wanted stabilty. She got a counselor from school to help her get the paperwork together so that she could emansipate herself from her family. Shortly there after her Father and Step mother were signing her over to me to act as her gardian. We love her like our own and my daughter also benifited greatly from their friendship. Over a year ago she graduated from high school (with very high grades) and is now going to a nearby community college. My advice to this girl "Autumn" is to make friends outside of her immediate family, maybe join a youth group or be a volunteer at an animal shelter or any kind of community minded activity. Learning how to make some new good friends might seem scary to her, but it might just be what she needs.
robin yates 9 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
they are poor because the whole family is disfunctional,,,,,,,,,,,,they are found the world over,,,,,,,sad but true
Negative_One 9 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
I'm sure when she gets pregnant in a few months everything will be all better... 35
mskji 9 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
They're poor because they are lazy. They have no ambition to get a better life. They just sit on their asses and complain how poor they are. The intro says that "Autumn" skipped school and didn't get good grades. Really? If I was poor I would be busting my butt trying to achieve something. Mexicans and Asians never have this problem. Why? Because they have good worth ethics and actaullt try once in awhile. Sure they're poor still, but at least they are making an effort and doing something about it. Selling crap, recycling bottles, working jobs no one else wants to do. They know whats up.
Uno 9 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Europe is better
lin 9 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
i agree with 7
poor may a result of lazyness, but not all poor is consequence of lazy.
some in this case is complicated.
Shane 9 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Being Poor in America is certainly not as bad as being poor in other places in the world. It seems they have running water and warm clothing. They seem to have electricity and food. Clearly from these pictures they have a lot of food becasue there was not one person with out a weight problem. Perhaps these "poor" people need to stop skipping school, stop smoking, take cotrol of the choices they make in life and strive to be better.

Try being poor in Asia or Africa then come to America and you will see how good you have it.

And by the way Red Neck is not the correct Term.... it is Hill Billie rednecks get their name from wroking out in the fields and hence getting a sun burn on the back of there neck. wealthy rich folks showed how rich they were by maintaining pastie white skin. People with sun burnt red necks were the lower class that did the work.

Know your put downs when you use them.

I also Agree with seven You hit the nail on the head Seven.

Im Irish and want to include my ethnic group with those that took the jobs no one else wanted.

Lazy no good trailer trash cashing the governmet welfare checks while skipping school and smoking hand rolled joints only add up to entitled Americans. Try being poor in Asia or Africa. Americans always think they are entitled to something.
Christopher 9 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
... only rich people would think that life is so ghastly and traumatic it causes mental damage. The molestation and rape charges are horrific, but does anyone sane think this only happens in poverty? Seriously?

The elitism and hate here is astounding.
Florencia 9 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
At least they have a "home", there are peole in really bad situations facing extreme poverty everyday, these people, in compharison to what I see everyday in the streets of my country, are ok
Bhas 9 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
You Know thats not Tobacco she got packing there!! acute
xuanfam 9 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
I found it hard to have sympathy towards the girl and her family. Seems like they are not doing anything to support themselves but only awaiting for government help. Call me judgmental, they are fat and lazy. They smoke, which is another big waste of financial resources. They don't know how to budget their finance accordingly, and the parents are not doing a very good job in keeping their children from walking their pathetic path.

I don't feel sorry for this family. It seems they are not trying hard enough.
best solution 9 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
i have solution for this family...

BitchF 9 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
It is very sad to see these pictures. Ironically not having been or lived in America, I have had misconceptions that pretty much all poor areas in America are either black or hispanic (usually the former) - that is mostly how the media portrays it overseas (when it does not protray America as beng a nation full of rich people). This article has really opened my eyes. However sad it sounds, after seeing these pictures - being a white male, it has definitely hit closer to home. Hopefully they can get out of their state of poverty.
In africa a family could totally live comfortable w/$14K a year in fact... It's more than the avarage family income, so, from my point of view they're just lazy and want the government to solve all their trouble.
My advice move all of them to africa so they will have something to complain.
Helen A. Handbasket 9 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Those people are poor because they are too lazy to work.
I see it all the time & I live in Alabama.
The cigarette in pic # 5 is not a rolled one it has a filter.
WTF would she be wallowing all over the males in several pics if she was nearly raped?
One pic she is sitting in his lap, another she is sitting in her father's lap, and yet another she is sitting & letting her uncle brush her hair, sorry but she is too old/big to be doing that.
Another pic her bra is hanging out in the photo under the one that says"Autumn sits between a relative's legs. She alleges that he tried to rape her when she was 13 years old, but says that her parents do not believe her."
This bunch is products of their own making & their inbred children will follow the same path.
Sorry but that is true.
If she wants out of the hellhole go to school & get an education instead of laying out.
You can't help someone that doesn't want to help themselves.
severe_009                    show commment
toby 8 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Being poor is a combination of your environment (how high is the unemployment rate in your county) and laziiness but even if you are not lazy, you cannot get a job in their area. I am quite sure the unemployment rate exceeds 20% there probably closer to 30% 36 clapping
Cindy 7 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
what the heck... the reason so many Americans are in poverty now, is because they don't study hard enough to get into a good college!
cr 6 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
I live in singapore there are people who do not have three meaals a day i am not sure about how much but i believe its more than 5percent of the population