Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

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Did all “90s Teen Idols” disappear? No way! Some of them are still working. Others have decided to change their life completely. But you will hardly believe what some of our favorite ‘90s crushes” have been up to lately!

1 Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

Jonathon Taylor Thomas (J.T.T). Also known as Randy Taylor on Home Improvement and a staple in K-12 lockers across the country. Where is he now?

2 Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

Ryan Cabrera, is that you??? No, honestly, it's too bad that JTT hit his peak at such a young age. Since his teen years, he's appeared on shows like “Smallville,” “8 Simple Rules” and “Veronica Mars," but nothing recently. He also attended Columbia in NYC. And then there were also those gay rumors, which have still yet to be confirmed.

3 Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

Oh, Andrew Keegan. From TV shows like Full House, Party of Five, 7th Heaven and that one HUGE movie, you know, 10 Things I Hate About You. Where is he now??

4 Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

Most recently, Keegan's been in the news after his ex-gf accused him of beating her up and slashing her tires in September of '09, which he denied. His last major part was a guest spot on Fox's 'House,' but he hasn't acted much.

5 Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

Devon Sawa. Rose to fame in two flicks in 1995, "Casper" and "Now and Then." His last big movie was 2000's "Final Destination." So, where's he now??

6 Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

Things turned bad starting in 2000, when he was arrested for being drunk in public. Then there was a DUI in 2003 and an incident with a SWAT team after he beat up his girlfriend in 2005. Seriously. And there was a nasty drug addiction as well. These days, he's keeping a low profile and trying to get back into the acting business. We wish him luck!

7 Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

Scott Wolf, known for his roles on Party of Five, Everwood and The Nine. And those boyishly good lucks, duh. So, what’s he up to?

8 Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

Scott worked steadily through the early 2000's until he took a small break to start his family. He married Kelley Limp (of Real World New Orleans fame) in 2004 and had a son in March of 2009. But he's back in the biz now, with a major role in the new sci-fi TV show "V," playing ambitious journalist Chade Decker.

9 Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

Luke Perry. Was this 90210 stud hot or what? So what's going on with him??

10 Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

Gone is Dylan McKay, here is a middle aged actor who keeps picking the wrong roles. After his run on 90210, Perry decided to cool things off and go for more ambitious roles. Most recently, you may recall he starred in the short-lived HBO series John from Cincinnati in 2007, which lasted 10 episodes. He was asked to reprise his role as Dylan McKay in the new CW version of 90210, but he declined.

11 Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

The Hanson Brothers. Zac, Tyler, and Isaac. Ahh, our memories of "Mmmbop" will never ever go away (and we have to admit, we still rock out to it). So where is this adorable trio these days???

12 Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

Zac, Taylor, and Isaac have all met their dream girls and are happily married. Isaac has one girl, Taylor has 3 kids, and Zac is yet to become a daddy (but soon, he says!!). And after taking some time off but never officially ever calling it quits, the boys have announced a co-headlining tour with Hello Goodbye and a new album out called "Shout it Out," which will be released on June 1, 2010!! We can't wait!

13 Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

Kriss Kross. The dynamic duo. They'll make you "JUMP!!!" Their 1992 hit single "Jump" topped the charts for 8 weeks straight and was certified double platinum. So do they still wear their clothing backwards? Let's find out...

14 Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

The buddies went on to sell two more albums, and disappeared from the public eye in 1996. Though the duo was rumored to be getting back together in 2007, nothing really came of it. Chris “Daddy Mac” Smith is now known as Elliott Wilson of ego trip, XXL, and now Rap Radar. And no, they don't wear their clothes backwards anymore. At least not in public.

15 Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

Will Friedle, the oldest brother Eric Matthews on your favorite childhood sitcom "Boy Meets World." So what’s his deal these days?

16 Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

Will has continued working in showbiz in voiceover work, including parts in "Kim Possible, "Batman Beyond," and "The Secret Saturdays." He also graduated from Occidental College.

17 Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

Rider Strong...mmmmmm. You know him as Shawn Hunter on Boy Meets World. So what's he up to??

18 Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

In 2004, Strong graduated from Columbia University as an English Major. Yep, cute AND smart. Rider has also appeared in a few movies, including "Cabin Fever 2," but nothing major in the last few years. He's also a major activist for President Obama, and actually co-created a 30-second television ad which became the first political ad to be featured on Comedy Central.

19 Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

Jesse Bradford. That adorable kid in "Far from Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog."

20 Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

Well, Bradford has stayed in the spotlight (kind of). He had big roles in "Bring It On" as Kirsten Dunst's love interest and as the hunk in 2002's "Swimfan." Nowadays, he makes apperances in small TV shows and also was the co-owner of the Semi-Private NY Nightclub, The Plumm, with fellow Chris Noth, Samantha Ronson, and Noel Ashman.

21 Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

Jonathan Jackson. Also known as Lucky Spencer on the oh-so-dramatic soap "General Hospital." His movie roles included parts in Camp Nowhere, Trapped in a Purple Haze, The Deep End of the Ocean, Tuck Everlasting, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, Insomnia, and Stephen King's Riding the Bullet.

22 Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

Jackson is one of the few teen idols to stay in the spotlight and keep his career on track (he's won 3 emmys). Before the hit Fox TV show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was canceled last year, he had a recurring role. After a 10-year-hiatus from General Hospital, he returned to the show last year. He had also had luck in her personal life, marrying fellow GH actress Lisa Vultaggio in 2002 and becoming a dad!

23 Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

Jason Priestley AKA Brandon Walsh on 90210. Where is he now??

24 Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

After leaving 90210, Jason worked steadily as an actor through the 2000s, including work on "Tru Calling" and "What I Like About You." He also got into directing, with work on "7th Heaven" and "The Secret Life Of The American Teenager." Like his good buddy Luke Perry, he refused the opportunity to play Brandon Walsh again on the new "90210," but he did direct one episode. As for his personal life, Brandon is happily married and is a father to two kids. He's also really into race car driving. You gotta admit, that's pretty sexy.

25 Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

Jeremy Jackson. Oh boy, we loved him! You know, he played Hobie Buchannon on Baywatch. You'll never guess what happened to him..

26 Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

You guys ready for this?? Ok, so Jackson developed a pretty bad drug problem on the set of Baywatch. His addiction eventually led him to leave the show because he felt like he was too good for what he was doing. He was arrested in a meth raid and went to rehab, and has been clean and sober for the past 10 years. Acting wise, he's appeared on "VH1's Confessions of a Teen Idol," which followers former teen idol. Oh, and you probably remember in 2008 when a sex tape with adult video star Sky Lopez was being passed around the Internet for sale. Fun times. PS, he's a spokesman for an erectile dysfunction pill. Sa-weeet!!

27 Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

Edward Furlong, known for his role as "John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgement Day" and Daniel Vinyard in "American History X." So, what happened??

28 Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

Like so many teen idols, Edward became addicted to drugs and alcohol and has been in and out of rehab through the years. He also dated a string of woman, including Natasha Lyonne and Paris Hilton. He has had a few small roles in CSI and small films through the years, but is planning on making his acting comeback in "Kingshighway," which will be released this year.

29 Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

Zachery Ty Bryan. Known for his role as JTT's big brother Brad Taylor on "Home Improvement." So, whatever happened to him?

30 Where are ‘90s Teenager Idols” Now? (30 pics)

Well, he got a little chubbier. He got hitched (to Carly Matros in 2009), and he started his own company, the Vision Entertainment Group. His last acting role was in the made-for-TV Syfy channel film "Thor: Hammer of the Gods" which aired on November 29th 2009. Eh, it could be worse, right?


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For Some Odd Reason I Always Knew Edward Furlong Would Turn Out Like That, He Just Seemed That Kind of Kid.
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