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Child Marriages in India (7 pics)

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Many girls in India get married when they are still kids. Children marriages are banned in this country, but they still happen. Government survey in 2006 reported that 45 % of Indian girls were married being younger than 18 years old. Local police raids child marriage ceremonies when it gets a chance because young girls who are forced to marry boys or old men are often at risk of violence and sexual abuse. Inside this post you can find photos of child brides taken by Reuters’ photographers.


Newly-wed Krishna, 11, lifts her veil during her wedding ceremony with 13-year-old Kishan Gopal in a village near Kota in the northwestern Indian state of Rajasthan, May 16, 2010.

1 Child Marriages in India (7 pics)

Mamta, 9, rides pillion with her groom Ram Singh, 14, after their wedding in Biaora, in India's central Madhya Pradesh state April 22, 2009. 

2 Child Marriages in India (7 pics)

Amlee, a five-year old bride unties string knots of her husband, Ashok, 15, during their marriage ritual in Indian desert village Srirampur of the northwestern state of Rajasthan on May 14, 1994.

3 Child Marriages in India (7 pics)

Fourteen-year-old child bride Lalita Saini (R) attends an interview with Reuters at Alsisar village, about 200 km (124 miles) north from Jaipur, India, April 25, 2007.

4 Child Marriages in India (7 pics)

Seven-year-old groom Mohammad Waseem (R) sits with his four-year-old bride Nisha (L) and his father Mohammad Ismil in a police station in Karachi October 31, 2008.

5 Child Marriages in India (7 pics)

Hemant (R), 16, sits with his 13-year-old newly wed wife Saraswati in a mass marriage outside his village near Kota  in the northwestern state of Rajasthan, May 17, 2010.

6 Child Marriages in India (7 pics)

Nine-year-old Nujood al-Ahdal, whose marriage was terminated by a court last week, attends a news conference with her lawyer Shatha Nasser in Sanaa, Yemen, April 21, 2008.

7 Child Marriages in India (7 pics)


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36484 8 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
fuking indians
Figure 6 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
u stupid fellow dont speak about indai u can speak abut those people get lost
Dreth 8 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Let us ignore the legal or moral implications...

Let us just ask WHY would GROWN MEN want to marry little girls, if we are to ignore pedophilia, anyone?
euroman 8 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Atleast they are not killing the kids by obesity like they do in america.
lolipop                    show commment
einsib 8 year s ago MARK AS SPAM

I'm not sure but I think it has something to do with wealth. For example the two fathers are heads of two minor companies and by marrying their young together they in turn strengthen their business, binding it together. For they will take over the company in the coming future. Like what kings did in the past with their princes and princesses but only on a smaller scale.

Please correct me if I'm wrong for there is a strong possibility that I am. For some reason I'm under the impression that this is the reason why...
. 8 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
for fucks sake, we all know America is shite. Do you angry children need to bring it up in every post or can observations not be made in relation to them?
GIGI 8 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
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.. 8 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
no wonda they they are livin in sucha hate then and kill eachother , them are just kids for fuck sake they shud play wiv fuckin dolls not givin birth STUPIDDDDD
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MrsY 8 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Poor kids.
4down2 8 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
child abuse 36 blush2
Submitter to God [only] 8 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
" ... because young girls who are forced to marry boys or old men are often at risk of violence and sexual abuse" So the minute the turn 18 the "angels" known as girls cannot be forced to marry "demons" known as boys and older men and will not be at that risk.

OK righteous GOD, dodge this: a report by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Morbidity and Mortality states that 443,000 U.S. residents die from cigarette smoking and second-hand smoke exposure each year. The report states that smoking costs the United States $96 billion in medical costs annually. Why isn't tobacco smoking banned till now?

@8, "just kids for fuck sake they shud play wiv fuckin dolls not givin birth" Should or MUST? and who told you that they will give birth right away?

Brandon s. 8 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
@2, legal or moral implications stem from some source and I believe yours is defective man-made laws. Now you have the right to follow what others (people just like you) permit or decree on the base of views, benefits, whim, ... (all subject to time) but I think others have the right to be free and follow what they believe in too.
Nevertheless, didn't your righteous laws legalized and permitted slavery and later discrimination of black people at some point in the past? Guess what, maybe 50 years from now people in power (your Gods) will rethink it and find it moral to discriminate black people and enslave them once again.

Still skeptical? what about the Louisiana justice of the peace who refused to issue a marriage license to an interracial couple out of concern for any children the couple MIGHT have. And even though his highness based his refusal on an incident that MIGHT happen, who are we to question him! he is the source of right and wrong, he is the LAW, he is one of the GODS!

As an answer for your question, why do elder women want to marry much younger men? Gosh I don't know, I think the main "problem" is that people are not some servile machines with feelings that go on or off according to different laws or views. Maybe they should (or MUST?) try (or FORCED into) your state of slavery by consent because secularism = newly disguised feudalism.
Arlyn 8 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
That is one reason why India poverty is too high. Imagine when a child marries at year 5, count 7 years more and she will have her first menstrual cycle. Of course she is already married and her womb once she got her cycle, is ready for having a baby.

Just think of those children married at younger age and becomes mother at their younger age. That is also one reason why India has so many children beggars around the street. This kind of custom should be change and the government should focused on this as major issues in everyday life.