Pictures Sent by Users. Part 9 (55 pics)

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Hello, Izers!


It’s been a very long time since I posted your pictures that you sent us. But today is the day. I have about 400 letters of yours in my email box and I will do entries with series of your photos until the last letter. Today’s selection is very interesting, there are lots of cool, interesting and funny pictures. Thanks to all for sending your content and helping to make Izismile better and more interesting.


P.S. And if you don’t want to wait for a long time until I make another post with the photos you sent us - you can do it yourself, it’ll only take a minute. All you need to do is just to click on this link. It is very simple believe me. We launched this unit a month ago, but very few people use it and it is strange the least I can say. Every day 50,000 people visit Izismile hoping to see something new and interesting as well as you. Of course, we admins, try every day to find cool news for you. Now imagine if each of you once or twice a month makes your own post! How much of a good content would appear on the site, how many people will tell you what they think about your pictures, how many emotions there will be and how fun it will be. Every day you walk in the city with your cell phone or maybe with a camera, every second hundreds of interesting, funny, stupid or weird situations may happen around you, let alone many amazing pictures stored on your computer. Don’t wait anymore! Make your post yourself; maybe tomorrow it hits the front page. Any pics will do: your friend in a funny position, beautiful nature or landscapes, your favorite dog, funny fail, smart inscription or just you with a sign: I love Izi You can post anything you like and it doesn’t matter if there’ll be one picture or several. The main condition is that the post should be interesting. Try it yourself right away!


First pic was sent by Ragnhild

Next pic was sent by ChaosGT

Next two pics were sent by George Vornicescu

"One is a picture with me taken by my girlfriend and the other one is taken by me while I was waiting in the car for Green lights."

Next eleven pics were sent by Egil Robbestad

Sent by mike

Next pic was sent by Ian-Holland

"Just have a look at this pic... taken from a local Dutch website, it claims people that this form of Nordic Walking release a lot of sexual (sic) energy."

Sent by Ken H.


Sent by Moltrum

"funny facebook pic"

Sent by Cesar Montoya

"My nephew!!!"

Next pic was sent by Sonia

"This cake was in a window display at a bakery and I thought it was pretty funny because it's supposed to be a wedding cake but the newlyweds look either dead or in some sort of creepy ritual."

Sent by kamil

"maradonna reincarnation"

Next interesting story was submitted by Andrew

Just wanted to pass along //

It uses Google to translate any phrase from English to 56 other languages and back again, with often funny, usually bizarre, sometimes even insightful/ironic results. My favorite example so far is actually someone complaining about the site: "Ok, I'm sorry to be the curmudgeon but I get the translator part, I'm just not seeing the funny part."

...56 translations later we get:"Oh, Sorry, I know, I think it sounds great."

Sent by ^ArTiC^

Sent by Nick Butler

"just want to submit my pic of my kitten I did after his bath...  its been pretty popular on Facebook.. hehehe"

Sent by Alexander Larsen

"Norwegian soccer players after a duel in front of goal. The orangeshirted player is from Aalesund FK, and the keeper in green, is from Molde. Aalesund and Molde is rival-teams."

Sent by poppajo8

Sent by Denis

Next three pics were sent by EricBarbaric

Sent by unknown visitor

Next pic was sent by Aaron Corney

"cool photo I took looking up at the ceiling"

Next four pics were sent by Massimo

"i'm a tecnician in the field of the industrial measurement. at the moment i'm working in  a car factory in the south of italy. guys of the plant told me a story about a worker who spent a lot of his working time to  build a perfect copy of an industrial robot. that guy was a carpenter, and a little bit insane, he used the wood the result is quite amazing. judge by yourself"

Sent by Anders Hersvik

"Dunno if this is the right way to do it, I guess you get a lot of these, but anyway, here you go. I guess an "I took it myself" is in order, yes its mine and I have permission to share it by the one depicted, even though you can't really see his face:) Still cold waters here in norway..."


Next pic was sent by Nicolas

"An ad i saw in Beirut, Lebanon."

Sent by Mark Twain

Sent by unknown visitor

Sent by unknown visitor

Next pic was sent by not important

Sent by Ben Aarts

"Mask hanging on the wall at my mothers place. She never noticed the weird nose."

Sent by Digicla

Sent by Birch9397

Sent by Zizou

Sent by aeldieb

"A huge statue for a supermarket cart in a local hypermarket parking in Egypt"

Sent by flu

"bike portal"

Next two pics were sent by polo

"Celtics vs LAkers game 4 2010"

Next pic was sent by kayleigh

Sent by Tom

Sent by flintmanx

"We mexicans love speedy gonzales! please post my pic.  Thank you!"

Sent by Andrea Aghemo

"Photobombing ;)"

lolipop 10 year s ago all these pics!
farthammer 10 year s ago
gay post. make this the last user submitted pics.
=) 10 year s ago
Luka 10 year s ago
Hmm 13# pic like.:)
kero 10 year s ago
all are good thanks guy's
vincento 10 year s ago
Fett med s
hayana 10 year s ago
25 is so cute!!!! :)
Tyrnight 10 year s ago
Heres the whole series on Rufus the Pathetic looking Kitty.. #25

Im not trying to promote anything.. I just think he's so Dam Adorable..
Tarzan 10 year s ago
very good..
Louis*-* 10 year s ago
I loved all these pics!! o/
... 10 year s ago
#13 mmmmm...



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