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Tilted Tens: Dreams (16 pics)

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Everyone dreams including our canine friends.  We all dream everynight and often wonder what our dreams mean.  Here are ten different dreams you might have had.

Falling Dreams

One of the most common dreams is to dream that you are falling.They say that if you hit the ground while falling that you’ll have a heart attack, but that is an urban myth. 

Falling in a dream means that you are insecure, instable or anxious about something or someone around you.

They can also mean that you feel as if you are failing at something or that you might be inferior to someone or something. If you go by Freudian interpretation it of course is about sex.That you are thinking about giving into a sexual impulse.

Naked in Public

Yup, we have all had them. You are naked in front of a class, a group of friends, or your co-workers. It isn’t a party, it’s just a dream and it can mean a variety of things.

One of the many reasons that you might dream about being naked is your lack of security in your surroundings or that you feel ashamed about something.

You might also be hiding something that you feel people can see. Clothes are a means of concealment.  It could be something as simple as being in a new position at work or dating someone new and you are afraid to show your true feelings.

Being nude can also mean that you feel like you are being caught off guard. You might not be prepared for an event and it comes out in your dreams as being nude.

If you are proud of being naked in your dreams it shows that you are self aware and confident.


Everyone has an opinion of clowns; you either love them or hate them.That really is a critical point in your dreams. If you like clowns then to dream of a clown means that you are light hearted, and your inner child is at peace.

If you have clown fear, then clowns in your dreams mean something totally different. It can mean that you are worried about a mysterious person in your life. It might mean that someone in your life isn’t who they say they are.


If you dream about a fairy it means you are seeking help and or advice for a problem or in making a decision. It also means that you might have a problem asking for anyone’s help to make the choice or solve your problem.

To dream of an evil fairy might mean that a part of your soul needs to be set free. Fairies also represent your soul and the female aspect of yourself.


This one is pretty much a no brainer, but it means that you are looking for something and fishing for it. Duh huh?


Everyone loves bacon, but if you see it in your dreams it means life’s supplies, bringing home the bacon, staples and essentials in your life.


If you see a roadrunner in your dreams it means that you have mental agility and that you like to run towards one idea after another. You also have the ability to stop at a moment’s notice and consider your next plan of action.


A white swan in your dreams means purity, grace, beauty, dignity, wealth, and prestige. That someone or something might be unappealing but will turn out to be attractive. IE: Don’t just a book by its cover.

However if you dream of a black swan it means that there is mystery, and something is alluring, but untouchable.

Amusement Parks

To dream to be in or just see an amusement park means that you need to find more time for fun in your life. You should also consider that the park might be an aspect of your life.


To dream that the rides in the park are breaking down or broken suggests that something in your life is not going as expected.


To dream that you are in hell denotes that you might be in an inescapable situation. You might need to get back to the flow of everyday life. It might also suggest that you have given up control of your own body or are afraid of losing control.

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