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Watermarks on Izismile. Part 2

Posted in Iziblog   8 Dec 2010   / 1287 views

Hello Izismilers,

Thanks to everyone who supported our idea with watermarks on the site. We also thank to everyone who expressed their critical opinion regarding this idea. I will dot the i's and cross the t's right away. You can say whatever you want, but we reserve the right of the final decision. Those who doesn’t want to stay on the site are free to go, we don’t hold anyone here against their will. For those who stay, we will do the most comfortable conditions to use the site.

Many opinions were expressed in the comments and a lot of different questions were asked. It is impossible to answer all the questions, there are too many. So here, we will try to highlight the most topical questions in the form of a short FAQ.

Q.: Is it really necessary to put watermarks on the photos in Daily picdump and These funny animals?
A.: Yes. Every day we spend more than 5 hours to find the pictures for these posts and add them to izismile. Then we see such a picture: competitor websites pay us a little visit and 5 minutes later, they repost all the pictures we found looking through dozens of links. We want our visitors to be the first to see the pictures that we collect for them and to see them on izismile, rather than on other sites, so we will put the watermarks.

Q.: I want you to put watermarks on all the pictures, is it possible?
A.: Absolutely not. We want to protect only our most popular posts - Daily picdump and These funny animals. The photographs from other posts will not be watermarked.

Q.: Is it true that in watermarks in Daily picdump and These funny animals are temporary? What is a temporary watermark?
A.: Yes. Temporary watermark is a translucent sign of Izismile.com, which is added to the right corner in the bottom of the photo and which disappears in 24-48 hours after the publication of such photographs on the site. In other words, all the photos with watermarks are replaced with the same photos but without watermarks within 1-2 days. We put temporary watermarks because we don’t own the copyrights to the photos. If we owned, the watermarks would be permanent.

Q.: Will watermarks really disappear from the photos in 24-48 hours? It's a miracle!
A.: Absolutely right. We love to make wonders. If you don’t believe me, come tomorrow on the site and check it out.

Q.: If you put watermarks with the izismile inscription on the photos, does it mean that you have illegally appropriated the ownership of someone else's photos?
A.: Absolutely not. All lucid people know that watermarks don’t change anything. The author always stays the author of the photos, izismile does not appropriate any rights and doesn’t get any.

Q.: What if all the authors will put watermarks on their photos, then what?
A.: Then we will know who the authors of photos are, put credits to each picture and of course, we will post such pictures with its watermarks.

Q.: I don’t understand why I have to suffer in your struggle with competitors?
A.: If you love izismile and what we do, then suffer a little with us, pleeaaahz ;) If you don’t want to suffer, then visit the site a day later and look at all the photos without watermarks.

Q.: You should be ashamed that you use pictures of authors without their permission.
A.: You're wrong. Firstly, we don’t know the authors personally. Secondly, we show their works to tens of thousands of people, which can only be a plus to their popularity. Thirdly, the specificity of our work is that by adding about 900 pictures to the site during the day, we physically cannot find all the authors and especially to ask their permission. Fourth, so do 99% of websites on the Internet, unfortunately, we are no exception. Fifth, we ALWAYS meet the authors’ requests to remove their content from our site on the first demand if they don’t want to see their works on izismile.

Q.: Why did you write that other sites copypaste your content?
A.: We have never said or wrote that other sites copypaste OUR content. We say that other sites copypaste the content which we find by spending lots of time on it and then publish it on izismile.

Q.: Wait a minute, but you are collecting pictures yourselves from other sites?
A.: That’s right, where should we collect them from?

Q.: Why should I go to izismile if I can go to Digg, Reddit, Break and other 100 sites and see the same picture there?
A.: There’s already an answer in this question. To view 130 photos that we post in Daily picdump, you have to open 130 different links, which will take you at least 3-4 hours. On izismile, you simply open one page and see all the pictures in one place in 15 minutes.

Q.: I'm new on the site. Tell me where do you put credits in your posts?
A.: Image credits are put below the last photo in each post. We always put image credits, whenever we know who is the author of the photographs. When we don’t know the author, we put a link to the site where we found them. If there is no link at all, this means that we have found a post on the competitor website, and the author wasn’t specified there or when we collect the pictures one by one on plenty different open resources.

Q.: Why don’t you put image credits to each post? Each photo?
A.: Because a lot of sites where we find the content doesn’t consider it necessary to disclose the source where they found the photo, so we know neither the author nor where to find him. More than 20 entries are posted on izismile daily numbering 600-900 photos, to put image credits on all the pictures is simply unreal. There are two options then: Either we post 1 or 2 posts a day and put credits on all the pictures or you get 20 posts a day, the way it goes now.

Q.: What do I do if I do not want to see posts with the watermarks?
A.: Don’t view them. Just joking :) 1) you can view the other 20 posts in every daily release without the watermarks; 2) come to izismile in a day or two and see photos in Daily picdump and These funny animals without watermarks, 3) go to our archives and see the old series of Daily picdump without the watermarks, you probably didn’t see a lot, and 4) go to other sites in a day or two and watch there the copypaste of the content from izi.

Q.: What are your competitor websites going to do now? Where would they take good content?
A.: Let them come on izismile in 24-48 hours, when there will be no more watermarks on our yesterdays’ compilations and copypaste them all they want. On second thought, we have large archives with thousands of photos of Daily picdump series, so most likely you will see our old photos on other sites that will sell them as new ones. Don’t fall for that.

Q.: Are you really going to stamp such a terrible watermark on photos?
A.: No, of course not. We respect the opinions of our visitors and are always going to meet their needs, whenever it is possible. From today, the watermark will become more transparent and won’t stick out a mile.

Enjoy watching the site,
IziSmile Team

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