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Daily Stare: Iced Fun (17 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   9 Dec 2010   / 6885 views

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When things get cold and dangerous we go inside for some fun. Join us today and enjoy these snaps of oddities around the world.


Blade in Jail

Wesley Snipes turns himself into prison today for his guilty verdict to 3 different misdemeanors of tax evasion. He hasn’t filed taxes for at least a decade and owes 2.7 million in taxes on his income from 99-2001.

Long ago Beached and Forgotten

Time was not this ships friend, and being forgotten it has rusted into nothing.

One Tequila

The truth in advertising!

Google RU

Neon sign proclaims new office space for Russian Google. At the current time there are 100 employees working at the Russian office of Google.

The office is open 24 hours a day and stuffed with free food, games, and all the perks you get as a Google employee.

Grimm and Grimm

Think man think. That is what the Japanese are wondering after they pulled a collection of the stories from the book shelves. Why? Someone translated them into pornographic stories. Just stop and think about that for a moment…

The House that Ice Built

Baikalsk on the southern bank of the Baikal Lake is known for its severe winters. It is so cold that you can build anything out of ice and it will last a very long time. 

This building is created out of ice, but also holds a hot tub of steaming water. Go figure.

Light it Up

This car is an instant spotlight for any occasion. If you are lost in the dark give him a ring.

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