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Tilted Tens: Live the Fantasy (10 pics)

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We all had fantasy bedrooms as a child that we dreamed about having. This is a collection of those bedrooms and the average cost of owning one. These creative, fantasy beds ensure your child has sweet dreams and a creative fun place to hang out in.


Head into Space

Space Shuttle bed that will have them flying to the moon, or as Buzz Lightyear would say, “To infinity and beyond".  You can pick up the boarding pass to the moon for $2595.

Pirate Booty

Watch out or your little tot might steal you blind after spending a few days in this pirate ship bed. $6,701.56

Rev it Up

Just look at all the work that went into this pitstop of a bedroom.  We added up all the separate items in this room and came up with a price tag of roughly $9,000.00. That includes the bed, mattress, lighting, toolbox dresser and everything else.

Posh Once Upon a Fantasy

This set is for any little girl that has dreams of being a princess. The bed and dresser are hand painted. You can make her the perfect princess bedroom for just $10,720.

Enchanted Forest

The description of this bed says it all. 


"Your little girl can spend every night in a fairy tale cottage without ever leaving home. This adorable little house can hold two twin mattresses, making it the most adorable bunk bed ever. Just enter the front door and climb the ladder to reach the top bunk where you can peer out the shuttered window and sleep under the faux-thatched roof."
Price tag $13,430.00.

Cowboy Up

Have a little one that loves open spaces and a cattle drive, then this chuck wagon bed is perfect for them. They can head out on the range and live the life of a cowgirl or cowboy. You can purchase this bed for the low price of #14,918.00

Tropical Dreams

This bed will have your little ones dreaming about white sandy beaches, warm winds, and blue seas. They will feel like they are on tropical safari 365 days a year with this tropical themed bed with a price tag of $15,810.00


If your child loves the water and the thought of being at sea then this lighthouse themed bedroom set is for him or her. Notice the built in cabinets, the spot for a tv and even the amazing lighthouse beacon on the top. Not a bad deal for only $16,150.00.


Princess Castle

Your little princess can have her own castle complete with steps, slide, and turrets for only $47,000.

Real Princess Carriage

Hold onto your wallets this gorgeous carriage of a bed will dent your pocket book $75,000. It has solid cherry throughout and artisan crafted. There are over 100 pieces just in the wheels alone. This is a price that has to be created per order due to the craftsmanship that is put into it. 


Just think $75,000 and your little one spills one drink or has an accident and its tomorrows garbage.

Comments (3):

c 8 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
you could make any of these for under 200 bucks.
lolipop 8 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
very beautiful
olla 8 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Oooohh! That princess castle bed is straight out of a disney movie and that carriage is a masterpiece. On one hand, your child will probably always be happy to friends come visist, but on the the other hand - they grow up/outgrow childhood things.

Also a child's imagination is a powerful thing, you don't need to cover the floor in liquid magma for them to pretend the floor is lava. ^_^