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Christmas Gifts for the Rich (17 pics)

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These are all Christmas gift ideas for billionaires. It is sort of a list of what to get for the people who already have everything. There are all of the usual items that you might imagine including a gold chalice worth £830,000.

Aero L-39 Jet Deal - £1.6 million

The Top Gun-style package pays for eight people to take part in four days of aerial training in Arizona - culminating in a stomach-churning four-on-four fighter jet battle aboard the 540mph aircraft. £1.6 million for the Aero L-39 fighter jet deal. 

Rare Red Diamonds - £9.6 million

A collection of rare red diamonds worth £9.6 million is perfect for the woman who has everything. The package includes 13 natural red diamonds, among the rarest gems in the world, and two elaborate rings, each featuring one of the red diamonds and almost 15 carats of exceptional quality white diamonds.

Bugatti Package - £6.2 million

A Bugatti 'package' featuring the Veyron supercar is the ultimate boys' toy at £6.2 million. The Veyron is assembled as part of the £6.2 million Bugatti package which also includes a 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC worth £4.5 million and a Parmigiani watch costing £165,000.

Backyard Theme Park - £12.8 million

And then there's the gift for the billionaire's inner-child - a £12.8 million theme park. The Thinkwell Group of California, which built the world's first indoor ski resort in Dubai, will design and oversee the development and construction of the backyard theme park, including a full-size steel roller coaster, a virtual-reality robo-coaster, a rotating hammer swing, a children's wooden coaster, a carousel, and other attractions.

Gold Chalice - £830,000

Gold chalice from the 17th-century Santa Margarita shipwreck: £830,000

Egyptian Mummy - £100,000

2,000-year-old Egyptian mummy: £100,000.

Meteorite Chunk - £576,000

A 12kg chunk of the Willamette meteorite: £576,000.


Van Cleef & Arpels His & Hers Watches - £592,000

His and hers one-of-a-kind Van Cleef & Arpels watches designed to tell the story of the couple's romance.


Porsche Package - £429,000

New and vintage Porsche: £429,000. 1958 Porsche 356 1600 Normal Speedster and a 2011 Porsche 911 Speedster.


Yacht Adventure - £28 million

Three-week yachting adventure in which the buyer gets to keep a 164ft vessel afterwards - for the jaw-dropping price of £28 million. The recipient and nine friends get to spend three weeks aboard the 148ft expedition vessel Big Fish as it makes a historic journey over the Northeast Passage next summer. After the expedition the lucky recipient gets to keep the Big Fish's sister yacht, the 164-foot Star Fish.

Flight Submarine - £1 million

One-of-a-kind Deep Flight Submarine: £1 million.


Macallan & Lalique Whiskies and Decanters - £960,000

Macallan & Lalique Whiskies and Decanters: £960,000.


Dunhill Wardrobe - £96,000

Alfred Dunhill Wardrobe: starting at £96,000, depending upon the choice of fabrics and complexity of the bespoke orders.


Big Cat Rescue Project - £1.12 million

Big Cat Rescue Project: £1.12 million. Co-sponsor and participation in the Big Cats Flyover, a three-month mission to help save lions from extinction, led by National Geographic Explorers.

Montblanc - £176,000

One-of-a-kind Montblanc writing instrument: £176,000.


Winemaking - £640,000

Winemaking Experience with Michael Mondavi: £640,000. An opportunity to create 200 cases of first-growth-quality Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon from vine to bottle in collaboration with the legendary Mondavi family.


Dining Experience - £96,000

Charlie Palmer Dining Experience: £96,000 A vineyard-to-table trip for two-created and led by chef Charlie Palmer- that begins in California's Sonoma wine country and ends in two New York temples of haute cuisine.


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thanks.. i don't need this gifts.. LOL
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i wish i could get one of these gift...:p
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That jet looks fucking sweet!!
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I take the submarine
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its a nice post on Christmas days gifts ideas !
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