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Our new section to Izismile is Eye on Stars. We will keep an eye on the celebs so that you don’t have to. We will strive to bring you the weirdest, funniest, and wildest pictures and gossip each week.

Hilary Duff Still Looks Good Without the "Paint" 

No makeup and looking simple for Hollywood stars? Only a few can carry that and Hilary Duff is one of them. Sporting no makeup and wearing a simple top and period pants, Duff could pass for an ordinary citizen and still be complemented for her good looks. Not all Hollywood women can be complemented for that. This proves that Hilary Duff is a natural beauty that looks best without the paint and the frilly outfits that most women wear now. It's quite impressive because I am pretty sure her fellow actresses are fuming with envy now because they look like an ugly duckling. Let's see Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton wear a simple top and pants! 


Kardashian Family Christmas Card is Soooo Fashionable and Mafia-Like 

Who says you can't make a Christmas card where everyone is serious and fashionable at the same time? Well, the Kardashians have that in mind when planning their Christmas card. Their recently Christmas card photo was released in the public that featured 11 members of the Kardashian family, including Lamar Odom, 1 year old Mason Disick and father Scott Disick. It kind of reminded me of a rich, modern Mafia group who dress up to kill. Which is a disadvantage though because something is missing in the picture: I don't feel the spirit of Christmas. Compared to their previous cards, this feels like a card for a funeral or Halloween.  No offense there.

Plus, it's not unique. The staircase shot is so old-fashioned that people are not surprised by it anymore. 


Emma Watson is the Hottest Witch in Hollywood 

Not to be rude or anything, but where have you seen a witch pose for a women's magazine and look sexier than ever? Well, Emma Watson has just done that and not look so ugly and scary. The Harry Potter star posed for Women's Wear Daily clad in lingerie and skimpy outfits that showed her curves and beauty despite sporting the pixie hair.  Boys were already staring at her in the Deathly Hallows as she played the smart and beautiful Hermione Granger and was shown naked and seducing Harry Potter. These pictures add more oomph to her as she continues to grow up to be mature and lovely in everything that she does. No wonder she's one of the hottest witches in Hollywood...she truly gives the word witch a good name.

Gwyneth Paltrow in a Revealing Dress that is Not Worth Looking at... but I Still Like It

You may think that her dress is not enough revealing or sexy as more and more of the celebrities show more of their skin. But such stars as Gwyneth Paltrow don’t need to attract people’s attention this way and she knows it. Anyways, she’s absolutely gorgeous in this dress. 


When Will Paris Ever Learn? 

Paris Hilton has done it again. It looks like she can't help but have the media pay attention to her. The Hilton heiress was partying at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas and showed off her panties to the paparazzi. Whether she intended to do this or not, we don't know. What we know though is nothing can stop her from going wild now. It is rather getting frustrating though because it looks like the blonde is running out of ideas for people to notice her more.  When will you ever learn Paris? 


Wolverine Would Even Die for Oprah 

I don't why, but celebrities get crazy when it comes to Oprah and Wolverine got crazy too.

Hugh Jackman told Oprah before the show that he would die for her, while the host told him to prove it. And crazy old Jackman, did something crazy to prove it! He zip-lined his way down the Opera House but injured himself after hitting the brakes too late. He hit his eye on a lightning rig as he became distracted with the crowd. Despite that, it was a minor injury and everything was alright. But still, who does something that crazy? Well, it's no surprise. I mean people will do anything crazy for Oprah...because it's Oprah, right? 

Kristen Bell is All Covered Up 

If there is one thing that winter is doing to ruin everyone's, especially the boys', lives, it's that it makes girls put on more clothes than the usual. 

And that's what Kristin Bell did as she dressed up in a white, long sleeved dress that covered up almost everything from her knees up to her neck.  Too bad.  Guys are getting frustrated now as they can't see Bell's sexy curves.  For them, her looks became so boring that it's not worth staring at. The legs were a little bonus though.  But it's not enough.

Well guys...you'll have to wait next year for her to show off that body. 


Third Break Up in Just Weeks 

If there is something tearful and sad in Hollywood news, is finding out that great couples are breaking up in just a span of weeks. Now, the Break Up Trilogy is complete as it was confirmed that Ryan Reynolds and Scarlet Johansson has gone over to Splitsville after having a 2-year marriage. This couple have been a fan favorite for years and this is bad news for all the fans, especially your truly. According to TMZ, Ryan and Scarlet have been living separately and had a long talk regarding their relationship. They may remain friends, but I don't think fans will be happy with that. But hey, that’s life.

Mariah Carey is Having Twins!

Mariah Carey is pregnant---and she's be having two bundles!

The singer's husband, Nick Cannon, has revealed that his wife is pregnant with twins and he's never been this happy! Now there will be three singing people in the family... that is if the twins get Mariah's singing talent. 

And because of this, the singer is eating double, and even triple.  I do hope she looses that weight soon after she gives birth to the two Mimikins. Well, this is Mariah we're talking about so I guess she'll be able to do that with all of those celebs’ personal coaches and stuff. Fans are so happy for the news that they will be following Mariah for updates on the babies.  


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