Eye on Stars: Single Ladies, Never Been Kissed and More! (18 pics)

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Neil Patrick Harris and Victor Newman fight lives on 

Sometimes suiting up is not the best solution out of a fight. This is what Neil Patrick Harris found out after he called him a d-bag in his Tweeter account when Newman turned down a role in How I Met Your Mother because he felt the role was too small. Never fight with a veteran old actor or you get a taste of your own medicine. The comedy actor from How I Met Your Motherapologized to Newman in his Twitter for calling him a d-bag just when the veteran actor wanted to challenge him on a gentleman's duel. Newman said: “He seems to me like a young whippersnapper who’s received a few awards and is now suffering from the first sign of hubris. I’ve been in the business for 50 years. I’ve seen people come and go and I’m still here. If he is a worthy adversary, he’d better not cross my path. I will let bygones be bygones.”

David Archuleta has never been kissed! Really???

Young ladies will be happy to know that David Archuleta has never been kissed. He told this in Singapore's XIN MSN as the 19-year old revealed that he has never experienced being kissed and that means she never had a girlfriend. I mean, really? You're already 19 and you still have not been kissed??!?! Either you're gay or your dad is so strict that he wouldn't allow you to have a girlfriend at all. Well, he needs to feel how to be kissed because that would be hard for him when he grows up to his 20s.

Vanessa Hudgens is one hot single lady now 

Just like the recently single ladies out there, Vanessa Hudgens has been showing off more beauty than before as she was spotted sporting two sexy outfits that would let men offer themselves to be her rebound. She was first seen in a silver bandage dress that hugged all her sexy curves and showed off her booty in a party last weekend. Her second outfit showed her to be one sexy beast in as she wears a wolf fur hat, mini black dress, knee socks and very high wedges that showed off her long legs. She's still quite a beauty though she would be prettier for me without the wolf hat.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez seen together! 

Selena Gomez is very brave to be fooling around with Justin Bieber knowing that any minute, angry fans would be hurling hurtful words to her. But fans should be happy because nothing is going on between the two teens as they are just having a conversation as Gomez is advising some things to Bieber as friends. 

And her best answer to journalists would be:

Missoni's new face is Leighton Meester

It looks like Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester is busy nowadays, as she is becoming the new face of ad campaigns in fashion. She is now the new face of the Italian fashion house Missioni, as well as the face of Vera Wang. Just last month, she shot an ad campaign for Vera Wang with Carter Smith as the photogrpher, while Missoni has yet to announce when Meester will be shooting for their ads. Well, I'm not surprised because she has natural beauty indeed and that's what fashion lines need in their ad campaigns now to attract more customers. And I guess this is also her way of growing up as she matures into a great and beautiful woman.

Paris Hilton and racing? Not good together 

Another Paris Hilton news: The heiress was spotted sporting a big cleavage and very tight racing attire as she posed at photographers in Madrid, Spain riding a pink, blue and white motorcycle. This is for the unveiling of her own MotoGP Team called SuperMartxe VIP by Paris Hilton. I don't know with you, but who in the world decided to give her a team on motorcycle racing when she does not know anything about racing at all. And her posing beside a motorcycle in a tight outfit might even be an insult in the world of motorcycle racing. Really not good. 


Christina Aguilera is not hot anymore

Unlike the other recently singles ladies out there who became more gorgeous after their break-ups, Christina Aguilera became an exception as she came out to the public as unattractive as ever. First, her braids in the Burlesque premiere are all in a mess, then her face looks like she has not fixed up in days, and her wearing hot pink dress makes her look cheap and not well-suited. She may have been one of the hottest girls in her time, but now, she looks like much older for her age and some of her outfits don't suit her well anymore. I suggest she needs a new look that is right for her age and still look attractive.

Tony Romo is engaged

Another one of Jessica's Simpson's Exes is Getting Married. Tony Romo is now engaged with Candice Crawford, sister of Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford. He proposed to her in a birthday party at Five Sixty Restaurant in Dallas, TX last night. It was reported before that Tony dumped Jessica for Candice and this could be a kick to Jessica's ego. I don't know. If they want to get married to their dudes and chicks, then fine. Because news like these are getting a bit tiring that sometimes all you can say is “Really? Alright, get married then”. In fairness to Tony, Candice is hot and he's lucky to have her...and vice versa.

Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas are still showing how romantic they are

So as not to lose to romantic Hollywood couples out there, Ashley Green and Joe Jonas held hands as they walked together on a romantic date into The Lion Restaurant in New York last night. Being known as the couple who publicize their love for each other, the two held each other as if though they are still in love since they became an item. All I can say is: Okay...if that's what you want then do it. I'm used to seeing them doing that all the time that I got numb when I saw these pictures. I'm not all lovey-dovey with them anymore because they exposed their romance too much, it just gets too tiring.

Brittany Jones is living up to the rumor

Brittany Jones is not denying the rumor that she had couch sex with Ashton Kutcher and is living up to it. Even though Kutcher repeatedly denied this and had said that he will sue her, he never actually did some action and just let her be. But let her be he did, and now she's making some money out of that. It seems she has found a way to make some cold cash by posting on eBay what is said to be Kutcher's jacket that she he allegedly gave to her when they had couch fun one night. Even I won't fall for that as I'm sure she just got that sweater from some store somewhere. But unfortunately, not all people are as wise as me as her listing already reach $9,100 and has 11 bids! Whether this is true or not, this, for me, is BS.


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"I mean, really? You're already 19 and you still have not been kissed??!?! Either you're gay or your dad is so strict that he wouldn't allow you to have a girlfriend at all."

Maybe you just didn't have the chance yet and you don't want to be kissing a nobody you'll never remember.