Eyes on Stars: Royal Couple Blues, Hottest Girls of 2010 and More (13 pics)

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Kate Middleton and Prince William did not hold hands 

Despite being newly-engaged, it looks like Kate Middleton and Prince William are starting to act like a true royal couple now.. In their first official public appearance in the Teenager Cancer Trust since the engagement announcement last month, they kept an appropriate amount of distance towards each other by not holding hands despite both in good mood. Notice the pictures where Kate always had both of her hands placed on her purse the whole time? Which left me thinking: is doing something done by civilians not royalty-appropriate? I'm not sure if this is an unspoken rule, but I've seen other royal families do this as though showing affection towards each other is inappropriate in a royal family. That's sad though...I guess Kate is doing her best to fit into the royal family now.

Complex.com's Hottest Girls of 2010

#3 Blake Lively

#2 Katy Perry

#1 Nicki Minaj


One of the things I look forward to at the end of 2010 is countdowns. Like for example, Complex.com's hottest girls of 2010. Unfortunately, I was sad by the results of the countdown as those deserving to be in the really top spots are on the bottom half. Take for instance Emma Stone where she places last on the list, while Kesha is at number 17...really??? Kesha, for me, was never ever hotter than Emma Stone because she will knock all the boys with her beauty and even more hotter with those blond locks now. And Lindsay Lohan is in number 6?!?!? You have got to be kidding me. There are some who deserved to be in their places such as Natalie Portman (#9) and Beyonce (#12), but the rest are real disappointments. It's a good thing it ended with a good top three: Blake Lively, Katy Perry, and Nikki Minaj. But where's Emma Watson? I don't know about you, but those who made this list missed a lot of hot women out there.

Lady Gaga looks better toned down

Lady Gaga is being Lady Gaga, however she's looking better than usual in this outfit.

Fan Favorite to play Wonder Woman? Katy Perry 

This is actually a surprise for me because I was rooting for Jessica Biel (after seeing that hot body in Chuck and Larry) but she's not even on the poll conducted by Total SciFi Online on who can play Wonder Woman. Katy Perry got a vote of 20%, followed by Megan Fox at 19%. People! Katy Perry is not an actress for crying out loud, despite having the perfect curves to play Wonder Woman. Jessica Biel is an actress...so pick her! Anyway, I don't know if this will ever happen, but if it does, oh please pick the right actress so that it will do good in the box office.

Kevin Jonas and wife celebrates first anniversary! 

This is a very rare situation for someone who is always on tour and has a loud snoring enough to wake up a deep sleeper. Yes people, Kevin Jonas and his wife, Danielle celebrated their first year as a married couple in a suite at Cinderella's Castle At Disney World in Florida. This is actually an accomplishment in the world of Hollywood because people were thinking they wouldn't last. About the snoring, there were rumors that Kevin's snore was so loud that Danielle had to sleep in a separate room. They neither confirmed nor denied it, but the end part, they're still together! Yehey!

Johnny Depp is a Bieber fan 

Looks like the Bieber fever is reaching out even to the award-winning actors! Johnny Depp was spotted at the Justin Bieber’s concert that was held last December 18 in Miami. In this picture, he was seen with singer Avery backstage. Everything was revealed though when Bieber shouted on stage “Johnny Depp wants to hear 'Baby'” before singing the hit song in front of thousands of fans. OMG! Bieber fever is spreading even amongst the greatest of Hollywood actors. I don't know if I should be happy or puke. Despite that, it still doesn't change the fact that Johnny Depp is still one of the greatest Hollywood actors.

Who names their baby girl Locklyn??? 

Well, Vince Vaughn and his wife Kyla Weber did. Poor girl...I don't know what her childhood years will once some potential bullies out there will find out her name is great to make fun with. Locklyn Kyla Vaughn (man I'm laughing now) was born last Saturday morning in Chicago. The couple was so happy on the birth of their little girl that they could not see the wrong thing they have done for their child. I knew kids' names nowadays are getting longer and weirder by the day, but this is by far the most ridiculous name I have heard.

Victoria Beckham sheds tears as her husband receives award 

Posh Spice indeed loves her husband. She shed tears of happiness---real tears at that, mind you---as David Beckham received the Lifetime Achievement Award in BBC Sports last night in London. Together with her three kids, the Beckham family were seated at the front row and Victoria Beckham couldn't contain her happiness when the award was announced. It showed that she is so proud of her husband and loves him very much. There was also the time when she would look up to him whenever he mentions her name to thank her. She has always been there for her husband for a long time and they are inseparable.

Prince Harry's charm doesn't work on little girl 

Prince Harry has been such a charmer and all girls would melt and give in when seeing his smile. But, it looks like his charm is not working on every girl anymore as one little girl keeps ignoring his efforts on making her smile. In the Heart for Children awards in Britain, where Harry was awarded with the Golden Heart, a little girl seemed like a robot as she ignored the charming prince and yawned---yes you heard that right---yawned in front of him! No girl could ever do that to him. And when he tried charming her again by doing his "Why won't you love me" pouty-cute face, she suddenly turned away as if she had seen a big monster. NOOOOOO! Impossible, but true.


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;) 8 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Vaughn's wife is a hottie.
Katy Perry turns me on - I have been collecting her stuff

Anon 8 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Er, I don't get the Locklyn thing, anyone care to explain?
2Cool4Ice 8 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
victoria beckha is nice
disturbed 8 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
All very interesting. My day couldn't go on without knowing all this shit about some retards in high places. And the fact that Prince Harry is considered "a charmer" really made my day. I always felt sorry for him, thinking he looked like a pre-pubertal monkey.
Buttcheese 8 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
I don't understand the Locklyn thing, either. I've had friends named Loughlynn/Locklyn and I never thought of it as weird. At least from my experience, it isn't odd or anything. It's not a common name, but it's not weird at all.