Eyes on Stars: LiLo trouble, Hotness Alert and Others (13 pics)

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Tracy Morgan now has a new kidney

The 30 Rock star, Tracy Morgan, has been reported to have acquired a new kidney that given by a donor and his body is receiving it well.  And because of the kidney transplant for his diabetes, he will be out for a few episodes next year as he recovers from the operation. But it seems he is recovering well as he was seen watching a Knicks game last Friday night. Congratulations to the medical team and I hope Tracy gets well soon because I'll be missing him on 30 Rock.

Shania Twain is now engaged 

It has been confirmed: Shania Twain is now engaged to Nestle business executive Frederic Thiebaud. Their romance was a complicated one as both confided on each other when their former better halves betrayed them. See, Twain's former husband left her for Twain's former best friend Marie-Anne Thiebud. Wait...Thiebud? Yup you heard it right as Marie-Anne was Frederic's ex-wife. Because of the betrayals, Shania and Frederic looked out for each other and ended up being a couple. Now they're taking the level up by uniting as husband and wife. Maybe this time it is true love.

Lohan is in trouble again

Just when she'll be graduating from the Betty Ford rehab clinic, she gets into trouble again. When LiLo was moved to a secure place because of a stalker, it was reported she went partying at a bar but didn't touch any booze (like that's gonna happen). The female staff insisted that LiLo take an alcohol test and ended up having a fight and getting pushed as the actresses refused to take a test. The push might have been so hard that the staff was pressing charges on the actress. Oh LiLo, stop wreaking havoc now.

After a long time, Megan Fox appears still sexy

And she lives! After almost more than a month of not seeing the sexy actress, Megan Fox has made an appearance, all looking hotter than ever. She was first seen somewhere wearing a checked long sleeved polo, pants and a hat looking plain but still sexy. But it does not end there as she was next seen wearing a 2 piece black bikini---and just when you thought you wouldn't see anything in that checkered polo. She is still looking good and hot despite not being seen for a month...and I hope she stays that way.

Amanda Seyfried goes from sexy and hot to...cute

I have loved Amanda Seyfried since the Mamma Mia days, and at that time, she was already a bit sexy there and have gotten used to her long blond locks. But everything changes with this new look now as she is wearing a brunette bob. Now she looks like a little schoolgirl on her way to attend her classes. But she never loses her beauty as she is adorably cute now. I hope that hairdo stays longer because she looks way prettier this way for me.

Olivia Wilde shows her hotness in two TV shows 

Olivia Wilde must be the next hottest celebrity at present with her role as the leading lady in “Tron” alongside Sam Flynn. She had been guesting in two TV shows and she showed off her hotness that could knock all the boys down.  She showed up in Jimmy Kemmel in a short black dress, while she danced her booty in Ellen in a short blue chiffon dress. And wow, both dresses emphasized those gorgeous and long legs. All girls are dying to have those legs and boys are staring at them. Olivia Wilde sure spells hotness all over her.

LeAnn Rimes wears a Christmas outfit not suited for her

I don't know what the hell LeAnn Rimes is up to because suddenly she appears on public wearing a sexy Christmas outfit---which is actually not sexy for her. I don't even know if she is doing this so that people would forget the news that she slept with a married man with kids while she was still married. Whatever the reason, I don't find the pictures appealing or interesting (which she posted in Twitter). She's not hot for me anymore, and I still won't forget that news because that will forever stick on my mind.

Steve Landesberg passes away at 65

Actor Steve Landesberg passed away this morning at the age of 65 because of cancer. His rep told the media that he has been battling the cancer for quite awhile now and has finally succumbed to it. His family is deeply saddened by the loss as well as a loss of a great actor in Hollywood. He was known for his role as Dr. Rosenbaum in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” but is best known for his role as Det. Sgt. Arthur Dietrich in the TV series “Barney Miller” which ran from 1975 to 1982.

Chris Brown is done with domestic violence

No wonder the singer is lie-low the past month. Christ Brown has been completing his court-ordered domestic violence classes the past weeks, and now he has finished it. He presented his certification of completion online yesterday and said in his Twitter that he has learned a lot from the class and on his mistakes. “I have enough self respect and decency to be proud of accomplishing this DV class. Boyz run from [their] mistakes. Men learn from them!!!" Indeed, Chris Brown. Congrats and I hope you learned to respect women too.

Teen Mom's Amber Portwood regrets tattoo

Yes, she suddenly regretted tattooing her daughter, Leah's face on her torso in order to show the world how much she did not want to lose the custody of her child. But, as expected, she regrets that now as her stomach are all sore and painful due to the countless pricking. She thought it might be a good idea, according to a source, but now she knew she made a bad decision. Really bad. It took a long time for her to realize it, but I give her the credit of at least realizing it. Now, she'll be left with baby's face on her stomach for a lifetime.


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