Eyes on Stars: Cradle Snatching, First Death of 2011, and More (16 pics)

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Macaulay Culkin and Mila Kunis break up!

After seven long years of being together, Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin have broken up and both are single now. There was no fuss about their break up, the same way that their relationship wasn't much publicized. Actually, even I was shocked not only because they broke up but because I was not even aware of their relationship. Well, I guess Mila is now very much available, especially now that she's nominated for an Oscar.  Plus, more men will come to her after watching the Black Swan and see her lesbian scene with Natalie Portman.  Since Portman is not available now, I'll go with Kunis.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez caught getting...romantic?!?

And here I thought they were hanging out before because they're just friends. But is this what friends do?! Get all so romantically close together in your swimming attire?! Justin's hand in Selena's booty?! And isn't this illegal?! Selena Gomez is 18 years old, and Justin Bieber is 16.  Even though he is already a teen pop star, he is still 16 and is still just a kid and look like a girl. I don't even know if Selena gets that, but this is really not right and very ridiculous. Oh Selena, better watch out for the Bieber fans out there because you might find yourself dead when you're at a vulnerable state. Just don't say we didn't warn you.

On Lindsay Lohan's Exit From Rehab

As of now, there have been reports that Lindsay Lohan is out of Betty Ford, as it was said that Dina Lohan has confirmed her release in E! Online. For now, she will be resting in LA as she plans to have a comeback by working on her own fashion line.  I am still not sure what will happen to her after the rehab that she had because I am having doubts if she will be a better person or not. After all, just before she got out, she had a trouble with a Betty Ford staff, which means she still has a violent streak within her. Let's just see what lies ahead of her.

Oprah launched her OWN TV Network

We won't hear the end of Oprah yet as we found out that she has launched her own network channel called OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network).  It will be a 24-hour lifestyle channel that is about empowerment, improvement, and positivism in life. It features shows and reality TV programs as well that DO NOT have cynicism and mean spirits, but rather more on activities on how people can improve themselves, especially those who have problems. This network may not be for everyone for now, but Oprah hopes it would do well in ratings because it has been her dream to empower people through a cable network channel.  Hmmm... maybe it would be nice to watch a reality TV show without the bickering and backstabbing once. OWN could have a potential, but it may take a long time to see the results.

Katy Perry without make-up

I say, why did Katy Perry even allow her husband to post this picture in Twitter?!? Now my likeness for her is slowly disappearing. Russel Brand had posted this picture for just a second, before he took it down, but by that second, more than a thousand people has saved the picture and disseminated it all over the Internet. I'm even asking...is this really Katy Perry, or just a look alike?! Sadly, this is how she looks without make-up and---take note---when she just woke up! Perry should reprimand her husband for this...it's a violation of privacy. Poor Katy...I wonder what she's thinking now? But hey, we all look nasty when we wake up, no wonder there, but it kinda ruins that sweet image of Katy Perry for me. What a shallow person I am…

Pete Postlethwaite: First death in 2011

It's such a sad way to start 2011 as Hollywood actor Pete Postlethwaite died at the age of 64 yesterday in a hospital at Central England. The cause of death might have been cancer because, according to his friend Andrew Richardson, Pete has been receiving some treatment for a cancer for some time now.  Postlethwaite's recent role was an evil florist in the Ben Affleck flick The Town. He also played roles in famous movies such as Inception, Clash of the Titans, The Omen, Aeon Flux, The Constant Gardener The Usual Suspects, In the Name of the Father and Alien 3. He left his wife and two children behind as he joins his Creator now. Rest in Peace Pete.

Writer Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer got married

One of the best writers of the year, Neil Gaiman marries his girlfriend, Dresden Dolls singer Amanda Palmer in a private wedding ceremony in an abandoned Scottish abbey last Sunday. The wedding is of goth theme and was officiated by Tori Amos, which was attended by close friends and family members from both sides. Despite being a small ceremony, it was very romantic according to the couple and was the best day of their lives. Congratulations to Neil and Amanda and best wishes to you both!

Kate Middleton's Uncle changed his ways for a wedding invitation

It looks like some people in Kate Middleton's lives are realizing that she will be part of a royal family now---and might not have a chance to see it. This is what Midddleton's uncle thought as he suddenly changed his troubled lifestyle just so he will have the chance to be invited to her niece's wedding. Gary Goldsmith became the black sheep of the family when he caught in some illegal activities such as smoking weed, getting together call girls, and doing some drug deals. Because of this, a source said that he was on the “tentative” guest list. Now he has changed his ways so he can see his niece walk down the aisle is what will be the wedding of the year in England. Yes Gary, keep it up.  Hopefully, you'll get your invitation and, hopefully too, the change will be permanent.

Drew Barrymore gets a new crib

Drew Barrymore has bought a lavishly new house in Montecito, California that spells “expensive” up front. Her new house is 11,026 square feet which is historical and Mediterranean. It has 6 bedrooms, 5  full bathrooms, and 3 half bathrooms that filled up the whole house, plus its furniture looked so Victorian  that it fits her personality so perfectly. Barrymore bought the house at a whopping $6,900,000. Wow! That's some price! Look like Barrymore is getting really cozy and comfortable in this house. I hope it does not get sold in the market sooner than I think, unlike some Hollywood stars we know who bought houses and then sold it after a few months or years.

Jennifer Love Hewitt in a Bikini

It looks like fatigue and age has gotten into Jennifer Love Hewitt as she was seen in a Hawaiian style bikini in Maui. She was spending New Year's Day with her boyfriend Alex Beh in a gathering of family and friends. Yes, she may look a bit cute in the bikini but we all know she is not as hot as she was in 90's. She still looks good here though, but we all know what she had gone through in the past years and it reflects on her body and her face has some wrinkles as well. The good thing about it is that she still managed to look great and not afraid to show her body to the public.


mmm 10 year s ago
RIP Pete :(
Tarzan 10 year s ago
i love selena gomez!!!
Sven 10 year s ago
For all that is good and holy, please take some English courses! Reading your nonsensical rambling makes me want to beat my face with a sword.
lolzz 10 year s ago
lol @ Sven
incognito562 10 year s ago
;) 10 year s ago
Mila Kunis was way too hot and talented for Culkin anyway.
GOODSTUFF4U 10 year s ago
Mila Kunis was way too hot

yeah - she is more than hot - next Lindsay Lohan
lolipop 10 year s ago
RIP Pete :(
disturbed 10 year s ago
Izigossip again! On today's agenda: people look imperfect without make-up applied, JB is a "hunk", people get old, people die, people break-up and some girl/gay, that seems to be a self-proclaimed oppinion former, shares these wonderful things with the rest of us in a lackluster, kiddy, Cosmopolitan-like manner.
wow 10 year s ago
damn im so shallow like some izi admin about katy perry, she looks awful but giving her a plus, she is doing silly face, her lips doesn show up, but with the no make up thing i think if she came to me with no make up walking like cat and horny/sexy face i think ill doit to her so bad as with make up. Finally we saw here "izi" lots of examples of makeup wonders so.
Zarya 9 year s ago
If I communiacted I could thank you enough for this, I'd be lying.
Cheap oem software 9 year s ago
BlX2oE A unique note..!



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