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Daily Stare: Fun and Facts (15 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   14 Jan 2011   / 7345 views

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It just seems like yesterday that we were all moaning that it was Monday, now that it is Friday we can rejoice and begin to plan our weekends. Enjoy your weekend and these shots we gathered for you.



The G.M. Chevy Volt was named 2011 car of the year.


This rice is being winnowed at a market in Bavia, which is west of the western Indian city of Ahmedabad.

Work hard Play Hard

Two boys at play on a snowy street. Looks like they are having fun even when they take a dip off the end.

Mount Etna

This picture says it all just looking at it makes you realize the true power of nature.

Eye on You

This caparisoned elephant is at the annual temple festival in the southern city of Kochi. The festival includes a colorful procession of decorated elephants.

Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Iceland

This photo makes you wonder if you are upside down in a dream world. The sky is so dramatic with that fluff of clouds.


During a photo shoot a guy came across this Cuban tree frog in southern Florida, after a few shots he noticed the frog was still moving and was happy to help him out of his predicament.


A new commercially available solar-electric hybrid created by Venturi Automobiles is pictured here. The top surface is made up up solar panels and although based in Monaco, will being product in the headquarters of TechColumbus offices near the Ohio State Univeristy.

Open for Business?

Man paddles his way downtown to shop or surf on Hoogley Street in the suburb of West End in Brisbane, Australia. The store says Open, but the sign says stop!

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