Eye on Stars: Golden Globe Winners, Golden Globe Fashion, Another First Look and More Hollywood News (10 pics)

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Golden Globe Winners

The Golden Globes Awards gave awards to the best of the best in movie and TV this weekend as it celebrated its 68th year. “The Social Network” ruled by taking four top awards including Best Drama and Best Director. As expected, Natalie Portman won for Best Dramatic Actress in “Black Swan”, while Colin Firth won Best Dramatic Actor in “The King’s Speech”. Christian Bale won for Best Dramatic Supporting Actor in “The Fighter”, while Paul Giamatti won for best actor in a musical or comedy in “Barney's Version”. When it came to TV, “Glee” nailed it by taking home the Best Comedy Series, Chris Colfer as winning Best Supporting Actor and Jane Lynch as Best Actress. “Toy Story 3” on the other hand, took home the Best Animated Feature Award. Despite some unexpected mean happenings, everyone agreed it was a good show.

Natalie Portman in a rose dress

Natalie Portman was noticed in the Golden Globe because of what she will wear now that she has a baby bump. She wore a Viktor and Rolf pink strapless gown that had a big red rose in front, paired with a diamond necklace, red bag and red high-heeled shoes. You think that baby bump was the center of attention? Nope. It was actually the red rose, which most fashion critics said were horrible despite her being so gorgeous. Others loved it saying it was lovely and showed how Portman really was that night: blooming. The rose was a distraction, but Portman herself looked so elegant and lovely, especially when she bagged the Best Dramatic Actress Award.

Anne Hathaway in Glee

In line with Glee’s win in the Golden Globe, Ryan Murphy just announced that another big star will be guest starring. Anne Hathaway will have a guest appearance in Glee months after announcing publicly that she is a fan of the series and wants to be part of it. She even created a script of her own character, which would be Kurt Hummel’s lesbian aunt who would help him deal about his sexuality. After talking about it, Murphy agreed doing her character in the series. Even the cast was surprised, but Chris Colfer (as Kurt) was so thrilled by the news. Well, we have more to look forward to with Glee.

Julia Stiles got broke and stranded in Cuba

Actress Julia Stiles got broke and stranded in Cuba last December when she volunteered for a humanitarian event. Cuba was a place where it was not easy to get access American banks and credit cards so she ended up getting broke for awhile. Her sister, who was in Cuba for college, helped her but only when the dorm safe where she kept her cash opened after a few days. She admitted being frugal and thought that she could use credit cards but now she has learned her lesson. Well, even Hollywood stars can experience being broke. At least Stiles learned her lesson well.

Another "Breaking Dawn" Photo out

Another movie being anticipated this year is “Breaking Dawn: Part 1” which will be on November 18, 2011. Fans went crazy when Summit Entertainment released the first still of the movie and it was rather…intimate. It showed Edward and Bella naked in bed in what looked like a sex scene after their wedding. This made fans more curious as to how the movie will be depicted when the book had a detailed sex scene, the gruesome childbirth of Bella Swan and bloody violence in it. Well, this was a great first look and we are sure Twihards out there are going crazy and jumping up and down with joy. Hoping for more intimate stills from the movie.

Owen Wilson is now a dad

Owen Wilson just announced that her girlfriend Jade Duell has given birth to a baby boy in Hawaii. No details yet as to the name of his son but sources said that he is very happy about the birth of his son and is thrilled to take on a new role---fatherhood. It was good that he had managed to keep everything a secret because just last Monday, he announced that he was already expecting his son anytime soon. Well, he sure keeps things private and we hope he would let it stay that way so that he can have good life. Congratulations Owen!

Kim Kardashian’s Bikini Twitter Pic

There are some things that have to be left un-posted and should not be shown to the public.  But this is not the case for Kim Kardashian, who tweeted her latest picture where she was dressed in a black bikini that almost leaves little to the imagination. This was met by a lot of criticisms as saying that she just uses her body to get rich and famous and that it was inappropriate for her to post it. While others were on her side saying she has a great body. For us though, she really has some guts to post the picture and she really has gone too far. As much as she was sexy here, we would feel better if she just kept it on her own.

Usher cancels Germany shows

Singers also get sick as well. Usher had cancelled his show in Germany because of sickness.  In fact, when he was on one of his shows before all were cancelled, he performed but ended up having lip-synched the songs and dancing poorly. But, fans booed him and after standing on stage for four minutes, he walked off and the crew announced that the show was cancelled because Usher was not feeling well. That’s sad. We hope Usher will get well soon so he can perform his songs and moves to his lovable fans.

Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson’s Dresses

After rumors of Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds dating and Scarlett Johansson getting upset about it, the two girls came in the Golden Globe with almost too similar dresses. Sandra Bullock sported a blush Jenny Packham gown, while Johansson wore a shimmery Elie Saab dress. Both were presenters of the show and had the same color and style. People were buzzing about it because up to this day, both Bullock and Reynolds have no comment about their relationship. Of all people, why did those two have the same color and style of dress? Are they both intending to catch Reynolds’ attention or outdoing each other? We don’t know but it sure kept a lot of people wondering.

Zoolander Sequel will happen

Ben Stiller fans out there! You will be happy to know that Zoolander will have a sequel, according to actor Ben Stiller. “Zoolander 2” will take place right after the prequel though which is about Derek and rival Hansel (will still be played by Owen Wilson) ten years after. Many things have changed after Zoolander 1 and that the two models are no longer relevant in the modeling industry. The sequel in the hands of the movie studio and the actors are just waiting on what they will do in it. Well, we hope it would still be as funny as the prequel and that the chemistry that both Stiller and Wilson share would still be at present


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