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Daily Stare: Wonders of the Eye (15 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   9 Feb 2011   / 10369 views

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Weds is here again and with it we have brought you some great snaps from diamonds to crusty ole wedding cake.

Wedding Day Craze!

Everyone is nuts with the wedding day craze. You can actually buy this moldy piece of wedding day cake from Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s nuptials.  

Rain and Puppy Tears

This black lab waits for its owners and with the rain slashing at the windows he looks as if he is crying.

Elephants on Parade

It isn’t everyday that you find elephants marching along the streets.

Bombing the Anthem

Christine Aquilera adds her own voice talent to those that have sung the anthem before and not done so well. Don’t feel badly Christine you aren’t the only one that has made a mistake during the singing of the anthem, but you are the newest.

Let it Rain

Most people try to keep the rain out, but in Singapore a new museum is being created to let the rain water in. The Singapore ArtScience Museum is designed by architect Moshe Safdie. It is the world’s first ArtScience museum and will hold 21 galleries. The rain collects and then creates a waterfall in the atrium.

Most Expensive I/Phone

This diamond encrusted I/Phone is a budget find for only 8 million dollars from Stuart Hughes.


A Cambodian Monk takes refuge inside an 11th century Preah Vihear temple.

China Becomes the World’s Biggest Energy Consumer

I think in this case it means energy hog. In this night time satellite image of the countries north-east you can see the illuminated cities of Beijing and Tianjin. The use of coal, oil, wind, and other sources of power have doubled in the past decade.

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