Eye on Stars: Officially Divorced, Past Bullying, Princess Lessons and More Celebrity News (13 pics)

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Kelsey and Camille Grammer’s divorce is official

We’re sure Kelsey Grammar is jumping up and down in joy now, but not as happy as Camille because their divorce was declared official today! The Los Angeles Court judge has signed their divorce decree. Now Kelsey can marry his girlfriend Kayte Walsh, while Camille will have millions of dollars showered to her anytime. And plus the fact that her pension rights are protected from Walsh, thanks to Kelsey paying $2.3million. So, they both live happily ever after when it comes to their separate lives! We’re sure it’s all party for both of them…and this is not the last time we’re hearing them.

Jennifer Aniston banned Heidi Montag from movie premiere?

First of all, Jennifer Aniston may be going downhill a bit, but she wouldn’t stoop so low by banning Heidi Montag from the Just Go With It movie premiere. Why? Because Montag is not worth wasting Aniston’s time. Anyhow, Montag is claiming that Aniston banned her from the movie premiere and she’s really upset. “I can’t walk the red carpet because Jennifer Aniston decided I was ‘too polarizing…to have someone like Jennifer Aniston go out of her way to make things hard for me is really disheartening” Why is she making a big deal out of being just a cameo in the movie?! In the first place, we don’t even believe this story because we only see plastic in everything about Montag (literally and figuratively). 

Mila Kunis was bullied in school before

If you did a double take on the title, then we’re on the same page. That girl who had a lesbian make-out scene with Natalie Portman in “Black Swan” admitted she was made fun of before because of her physical features. Mila Kunis was the shortest in class and was big on almost everything in her face: eyes, ears lips. But, as we all know, she grew into her face and became the beautiful swan that we know now. We just couldn’t believe that we heard it straight from her, when now she is one of the sexiest women in Hollywood that men would love to stare at. Don’t worry Mila, nobody will be bullying you now. 

Rihanna softens Chris Brown’s restraining order

Looks like things between Rihanna and Chris Brown are softening up a bit. The female singer has allowed the restraining order on Brown to be dropped to level one. This meant that she and Brown can contact each other, as long as he didn’t harass her. This could be good news for Brown as, just last month, he requested that the restraining order be toned down because it’s hard to go to award shows without violating it. Could this be a sign of Rihanna and Brown getting together? Nope, probably not, but this could be a sign that they can be friends again, which we think, would be much better.

Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn are NOT dating

This has got to be the weirdest dating issue we have heard on Scarlett Johansson. First off, Sean Penn and Johansson are ages apart…and we don’t think that’s how Scarlett goes. And second, they don’t even look good together. Well, worry no more as reps from Scarlett have confirmed the two are definitely NOT dating. They are, however, friends and are talking about Scarlett’s trip to Haiti for charity work. Really the weirdest dating issue we have ever heard! No comment yet from Penn, but we’re sure he’s going to say it’s not true. So fans, be happy. We also think it’s much better that Scarlett just dated men more younger than Penn.

Vanessa Hudgens new daring (and sexy) look

Vanessa Hudgens is definitely leaving her “High School Musical” image behind because she’s getting tough and sexy now. Aside from kicking butts as a female inmate in “Sucker Punch”, she went all out daring and sexy in the newest issue of Details Magazine. Here, she is clad in seductive lingerie and is wet all over that makes men offer themselves as her rebound. Yes boys, she’s still single, and this is what single hot ladies look like. Hudgens reveals in this issue that she’s still friends with Zac Efron, as well as dish out on how she prepared for “Sucker Punch”. Nah, we don’t care about what she says. We’re already contented with looking at her pictures here. 

Kate Middleton will take princess lessons before wedding

Wow, we never thought marrying a future king could be this complicated! Kate Middleton will be receiving princess lessons before she gets married from one of UK’s top diplomats, Sir David Manning. Her lessons will include matters on foreign affairs and other protocols that are attached to being the wife of the future king. It’s here that Middleton will learn how to represent the Queen and her country in front of the people. Wow, we never knew becoming the future princess is a tough job. But at least Middleton is starting to act like one and the mentoring will help her become a bona fide princess. 

Fantasia lands the lead role on Mahalia Jackson biopic

Even though pregnancy news about Fantasia is false, landing the lead role on a Mahalia Jackson biopic is definitely true. The American Idol Season 3 winner will be appearing in a feature film adaptation of the 1993 book Got to Tell It: Mahalia Jackson, Queen of Gospel. The book tells about the life of the American gospel singer and civil rights activist who became part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This is a big role that Fantasia will be entering into and she is thrilled to have been picked for the lead role. Well, it’s really going to be big Fantasia, so you better NOT get knocked-up there first. 

Ne-Yo concerts postponed due to work

It’s either Ne-Yo’s working too hard or there’s something wrong with the money, because you just don’t postpone your concerts out of the blue. Ne-Yo has postponed his concert tours from late February to early March because he will concentrate on working on his fifth album. Reps are saying that the fifth album is going so well, he didn’t want the creative process to be interrupted. Hmmm…still makes us wonder if that’s the real reason. There are rumors that his concerts are having low ticket sales and could also be the reason for postponing the concerts. We really don’t know for sure, but it makes us really suspicious of things. 

Memento to return to theaters…for one night only

Christopher Nolan’s first major hit “Memento” will return to theaters for one-night only to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its release. The movie will return on February 17, 2011, Thursday at selected theaters from all over the US and Canada. “Memento” will be shown in high-definition and will feature a Q&A video of Nolan being interviewed by Guillermo Del Toro. This is rather exciting as “Memento” is one of our favorite Nolan flicks. We hope they show it too in other countries. 

jayfix 10 year s ago
I like your new feature, thank you.
incognito562 10 year s ago
nat 10 year s ago
Memento? Seriously? That movie was fucking annoying as all hell.
It wouldn't have been so bad if it didn't start with the ending, go about 5-10min into it, go back to the ending, repeat the 5-10min & play an additional 5-10min & repeat.
You'd have been better off going to the end of the movie & rewinding.
Romeowyn 10 year s ago
"Wow, we never knew becoming the future princess is a tough job." You're kidding me there ?!
(enter your name) 10 year s ago
Kelsey Grammer, what a role.model:

First marriage, a dance instructor.
After this had a daughter with a makeup stylist.
Second marriage, a stripper.
Third marriage, a former Playboy model.
Fourth marriage, stewardess 26 years younger.

Other interests:
Substance abuse,
Defamation Lawsuits.
Sex tapes Lawsuits.
Copyright Lawsuits.
Member of the Republican Party and has expressed an interest in someday running for United States Congress.

Vanessa Hudgens = FUGLY



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