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Daily Stare: Where Does the Time Go? (17 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   15 Feb 2011   / 5702 views

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The week started off in a rush and here we are at the end of Tuesday already and Weds. is coming to us quickly.



These two are fighting in mid-air for a piece of bread outside of Prague.

Unhand Me

This could have also been called unshackle me, NOT! This man is being separated from the rail lines. He is a greenpeace protestor and has locked his body to the railway tracks at a former reprocessing plant in Karlsruhe. There were 35 protestors against CASTOR transport that was scheduled to move 56 tons of nuclear waste from the reprocessing plant that was shut down.

You Dirty Rats

Larry seen here has just moved into Downing Street. He is a killer and he is on the track of several dirty rats who have been showing off in front of camera crews.

Optical Illusion

When you view this snap of starlings as they rise into the air into the shape of a mushroom cloud you can almost see a real cloud. These starlings are called murmurations when they are seen together in flocks.

Go Green

This couple tours Lima, Peru on a bicycle made for two. Now that is going green if I ever saw it.

Celebrate Annexation

This boy who is Druze wears a Syrian army uniform during a rally to mark the anniversary of the 1981 annexation of the Golan Plateau.

Eye See You

These dancers from the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in the United States show off Erickson Beamon Fall/Winter 2011 jewelry at the Milk Studios in NYC.

Egg You Kidding Me?

Really? I guess if a model wears it somewhere someone will buy it. This is from the 2011 Fall Fashions of Thom Browne.

Dresden March

The neo-nazi’s march each year on the anniversary of the Dresden bombing.

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